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Alexis Amore on Jerry Buss and Other Sports Celebrities

Porn Valley- Alexis Amore was on the Sports swami show today for a phone interview. Amore was appearing somewhere in Massachusetts but we couldn’t make out the club.

Amore said she has a Latin series called Latin Amore. “Which was actually nominated on AVN. We didn’t win this time but there’s always next year. Most of my movies are Latin-based. Everything’s looking good and I’m not complaining.” Asked who she intends to book for her series, since stars like Daisy and Ann Marie are contracted to other companies, Amore said there’s always girls that come and go. That’s not even really a problem. There’s always a girl that will come in for a little bit. We always try to get girls that look Latin or we try to get male talent that looks Latin. We kind of mix it up a little bit.”

Swami noted that Amore along with Olivia O’Lovely and Cherokee seemed almost inseparable at AEE. Amore said Cherokee was an awesome girl. “I love her. She has a great heart. She’s actually one of my closest friends in the business.” Swami claims there were rumors of O’Lovely coming over to JKP. “I don’t know how those rumors started,” said Amore. “I have nothing to do with that. I have not heard that. I don’t know how that started.” Amore said they are looking for more talent as production has increased. “But I haven’t talked with my bosses so I can’t comment on that.”

Swami said he also heard the rumors that Amore was leaving JKP for either Vivid or Cherry Boxx. Amore said she was very close to everyone at JKP. “I’m not leaving JKP. I have got an offer from other companies. But I guess that’s only normal in this industry. We never know what’s going to happen in the future but for right now I’m happy where I’m at. I know that rumors always go around, but rumors don’t affect me. I’ve been in the business long enough to let them go and not pay attention to them. Whenever there’s rumors, I’m not affected by them. I really don’t pay attention. I mind my own business.”

Swami asked Amore if she and JKP parted ways who would she be interested in working for. “There’s so many of them,” Amore laughed. “I really don’t want to mention names. I don’t want to jinx myself in case there is a chance for another company. I’d have to go to a company that is the same level if not better than JKP.” Amore said for the time being she’d like to focus on doing features.

Amore: “I like my movies to be very hardcore and I’d like to portray that in my movies with JKP, but, at he same time I don’t know if I’ll be independent. If I do, it will be for a short period of time. Right now that’s not my focus. I’m kind of taking it one day at a time when it comes to that. I’m mainly focusing on all the bookings I have now and the contracts I have for either modeling or dancing, and I have to fulfill that.”

Swami noted that Amore is also with Las Vegas Novelties, a group that features Jewel De’Nyle, Serenity, Gauge, Aurora Snow, Ron Jeremy and Tawny Roberts. “It’s a collection of some of the young, promising and accomplished talent in the industry.” Amore said she loves the company and has been with them for almost two years. “We’re taking it pretty slowly. So far it’s been good. Serenity is great. Her husband is great. I love Jewel. We also have Sean Michaels and Michael Stefano. We have a big group of great talent. I’m very happy where I’m at with that.”

Swami put the question to Amore about racism in the industry and asked how much she faced when she tried to break in. “Most of the girls who are the big stars are blond haired, blue-eyed and have top-heavy assets. Here you are with a body to die for but you are a Latin and it’s almost a culture shock for most of the Midwestern fans out there.”

Amore believes that her case is a bit different. “I was in and out of the business for the first three and a half years,” she continued. “When I got in I had dark hair then I went to red hair and contacts.” Amore said there are Latin women who have blond hair and blue eyes which helps them. “But in my case this did not. I think that I look better with my dark hair color with my original looks without the contacts.”

Swami insinuated, no, he said there were rivalries among the girls at JKP. “How do you keep together and not have catfights almost every day of the week?” Amore said there were no catfights. “I think we’re all a little bit different which helps. Ashton Moore is beautiful. She looks like a Playboy Playmate. She does only girl-girl. Jenna Haze is tiny and cute and has natural breasts. We’re all different. I can sell like to a different market- big boobs.”

Amore hasn’t worked with Haven in a long time so she can’t speak for her. Amore was also very complimentary towards Cindy Crawford. “All of our girls have different assets. We all have our choice of partners. The good thing with JKP is that they let us express what we want.” Amore said she has no complaints when it comes to the girls and that she was particularly close with Ashton Moore. “I talk to her all the time.”

The last time Amore was on Swami’s show she talked about her abortion. Swami asked how much support she’s been getting from the fans regarding that. Amore said she didn’t want to talk about the issue any more. “I do want to thank my fans because I had a lot of support from them.” Asked how her family handles her being in the business, Amore said, generally, they’re very supportive although there are some family members who don’t approve.

“But they pretty much know what I’m about. They know that I’m not out doing drugs and alcohol and getting wasted on sets. It’s a job and it’s a job that I enjoy. It’s a job that I love and I look forward to being in this business for a long time.” Amore said she’s close to her mother, sister and brothers. “They’ve very supportive of me.”

Amore said her sister’s her assistant and that her mother has gone on the road with her for awhile. “I cannot ask for more. I’m very happy where I’m at right now.”

Swami linked Amore to sports figures Jerry Buss, Fernando Vargas and Oscar de la Hoya. Amore said the thing with Jerry Buss is that they hung out a few times together. “We didn’t get personal because I’m not attracted to older men like that. I like older men but my line on that goes to an extent. I will say nobody over 45, 50. I like him. He’s a sweet guy but that wasn’t my interest.”

As far as Oscar and Fernando go, Amore grants that they’re both young and good-looking but were fun for the time being. Amore said there was no truth to the rumor that de la Hoya proposed to her. “He went his way. I went my way.” Amore said she was not big on dating celebrities and trying to deal with press in the respective industries. “I don’t need the stress and the drama.”

Swami said he heard that Amore broke things off with Vargas when he got “a bit violent” in a club. Amore again stated she wasn’t big on “fucking” celebrities and that adult film stars appear to be choice targets for men on the prowl. “I don’t like my name being dragged around like that,” she said. Amore did say she and Vargas went to a club and that he wanted to bring girls back to the hotel. Amore claims she didn’t want to have part of that so her and her girlfriend got a different room. “He went and had his fun his way; I went to have my fun the other way.”

Amore basically said she didn’t want to have anything to do with men who can’t be respectful to women, much less porn stars.

Amore also has no plans for owning a company. “I’m very focused on my fans right now and meeting my fans on the road when I dance. And putting my name out there. it’s out there already but I want it to be even a hundred times stronger.”



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