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Alisandra Has Been Jerking Off to Arnold Schwarzenegger Since the Age of Eight

Porn Valley- When PrimeTimeUncensored, decides to go highbrow, it brings the K.C. Armstrong show out of the attic.

Armstrong’s program, a cornucopia of intellectual exchange, recreational sophistry and Budweiser-fueled thought paddy cake, never fails to bring inspired subject matter to the fore.

In another mental collision Tuesday night, Armstrong and his guests discussed Jews and anal sex. Armstrong, for some reason, pronounces it “annal” sex. And he was also going to have Troy, the Internet guru, on to show everyone how to download provocative pictures of Jonathan Lipnicki and Dakota Fanning. But time mercifully ran short.

One of Armstrong’s guests was Harry the security guard- a 6 foot five inch black man who’s been hired muscle for Vivid in the past. Harry also mentioned that he’s got a daughter who’s 5’11” and weighs 205 pounds.

“Your sperm is good- I want to shake your penis,” Armstrong tells him. K.C. also asks Harry if he hates Jews.

“We are the original Jews,” Harry reminds him. “From Ethiopia. We don’t hate Jews.”

Armstrong also brings on Alisandra- one of the performers in a movie titled Big Boobs 5. K.C. plays a clip featuring Jack Lawrence,, playing a gay pool cleaner who Alisandra, with her 38 triple D’s, attempts to seduce and turn straight.

Alisandra, no petite woman by any stretch, announces that her physical preference extends to the province of bodybuilders.

“I would do anything for a man who has pecs and shoulders,” she gushes. Alisandra, also states that she’s been jerking off to Arnold Schwarzenegger from the time she was eight years old. That said, K.C. imagines she must have had a real good time with the movie Conan The Barbarian. Alisandra doesn’t deny it.

“Have you ever been with an uncircumcised man?” K.C. also wants to know.

“I did a scene with an older man like that- I think he was a Jew,” muses Alisandra. Informed that it’s the other way around, Alisandra comments, “I thought it was Jews who didn’t circumcise.” Nevertheless, she reveals that her partner in question had been Rodney Moore. Her first time in front of a camera was another scene with Jack Lawrence.

“He came in my eye- he felt so bad,” Alisandra recalls.

Alisandra then describes how she used to be a nurse’s aide and that her job was to go in homes for the elderly and give old guys baths.

“I saw a lot of penises,” she laughs. K.C. asks the inevitable question and Alisandra said she was taught in a training class what to do if she should encounter an involuntary erection.

“They told us to flick it- that it would go back down,” she laughs.

“At least you’re giving them a hard on,” Armstrong concedes. “These guys are diasbled.” Asked what was the strangest thing she had to do in that line of work, Alisandra said it was removing false teeth to scrub them down. On another occasion she had to attend to a couple. The husband was a little old man and his wife was 400 pounds and bed ridden. Alisandra painted a picture of how the husband would assist her in turning the wife over.

“She’d take a soft, runny shit- it was bad,” says Alisandra. Noting that porn has really brought her into her own, sexually, Alisandra said she was looking “very, very hard” to have a relationship but expressed the age-old lament of how it’s harder to do so when you work in the business.

“The only time I get laid is on the set,” she sighs. “But I’m not real big into casual sex.” She also states that she’d be very open-minded if other people were brought into the relationship.

But Alisandra’s stock really went soaring through the roof when she revealed how much she was into anal sex.

“I’m all about it!” she announced, claiming that she was pushing her agent to book her for double anal scenes.

Armstrong imagined that most men don’t know how to fuck a woman in the ass and Alisandra didn’t dispute that. For her part, she enjoys it when her partner goes fast, hard and as deep as he can go.

“I can take a bigger cock in my ass than in my vagina,” she observes. “I can take it in my ass forever and squirt all over the place.” Armstrong was cuious if she came out of her ass or her vagina, and Alisandra explained the difference in sensations between the two.

“But you can only orgasm so long before you pass out.”

Her hottest anal scene to date was one she did with Mr. Marcus.

“It was unbelievable,” she said. “My ass was so much in spasm we had to stop. It would not relax.”

“So you really took that in your ass pipe,” observes Armstrong looking for an emotional core.

“He was as big as your beer can,” Alisandra replies.

Alisandra also described how the pre-anal process is a whole day in preparation. Adhering to the process, and for that reason, she has avoided “messy” scenes so far.

“I did two broads anally,” Armstrong tells her. “All of a sudden I start to smell something. There was shit all over my dick.” That’s why, said Alisandra, a woman has to prep beginning the night before.

“You can’t be afraid to use enemas.”

Armstrong suggested that with the liberal views she holds about sex, Alisandra should go to a burn shelter and fuck one of those guys there.


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