All out WAR breaks out on video of Heather Deep owning Monica Foster – Team Long vs Team Dumpster!

Monica Foster decided to use her alts or send her ugly, pasty fan bois over to the Heather Deep owns Foster video that was posted recently and we know they’re wimpy white boys that love abuse because black dudes, we hate to say it, aren’t that pussified. In fact, black dudes welcome prison and jail as it is a nice relief from living on the streets and in ghettos. Three meals a day, a warm bed and heath services, all courtesy of tax payers. This is why Foster only likes white men – the wimpy variety – because a black man would kick Foster around and whip her into shape and she doesn’t like that. She wants to kick her man around and she has found a fan base of white pussies that do her dirty work for her. On said video those pussies are Jack Lee and Gary Murtagh. Sorry, Sean Tompkins who has been kicked up and down for years by black women was not available. Maybe he got tired of being used.

Thankfully Matty Holder has moved on from the emotional and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of Monica Foster. None of the Mayers women have ever been able to keep a man because they are abusive to their men and at least one of them has turned a man GAY!

Foster’s fan bois simply repeat the same tired sex trafficking and underage lies that Foster has been repeating for years. Let’s remember that her fat mouth has gotten her $167,000+ in debt for her lies and living a lifestyle of isolation because she is afraid of being served and going further into legal debt or worse, jail. But the fan bois pay the facts no mind and continue repeating lies.

So how is it that Heather has been able to work on adult XXX web cams for years with no problems? How is she providing documents to the sites to be able to do so? This is one little FACT that Foster has NEVER been able to get around. When she writes something online, her “source” is information that she reaches around and pulls straight out of her ever widening ass.

As for Heather’s limited English, it may be limited but she is improving and is still bilingual which is more than MOST Americans can say. Foster speaks how many languages other than English?

When told that their hooker is potentially HIV+, none of the fan bois even argue. What other reason is there for a woman going years and years with no sex? When people contract HIV, many temporarily lose interest in sex and many fear being charged with a crime if they don’t disclose their status and infect their partner. Connect the dots, folks. How do you flunk out of porn? How do you flunk out of escorting? Put 1+1 together here.

Monica Foster

New rule going forward – Since Foster will continue lying and libeling Heather Deep and Donny Long, calling her underage and him a sex trafficker and pedophile, we will begin spreading the word that she is HIV+ and on meds. This would explain the sudden weight gain, loss in interest in sex, no boyfriend and no prospects as a sex worker.

As a matter of fact, why do you think she hates Dennis Hof? What better life could there be for a hooker than living in a brothel and getting top dollar for your services in a safe environment? She obviously moved to Nevada to be able to work in the brothels, failed because she is dirty and now she has it out for the brothel owners. Figure it out, folks. Foster = HIV+ and unemployable as a sex worker.




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