America Hates Black People; White Patients Receive Experimental Ebola Treatment First

I would like to ask you all a question. Why doesn’t America like black people?

Yes, I know we have a black president. Al Sharpton has his own TV show. Katt Williams has a new special coming up. Lebron James is going back to Cleveland. I know. I’m talking about the big picture. Why do you think that the United States of America doesn’t like black people?

I’m not talking about slavery or the shooting of Martin Luther King. Not talking about not giving them civil rights until the 60’s or firebombing churches or any of the atrocities committed in the history of this country. I’m talking about this Ebola virus. There are now over 1600 black people, specifically Africans, who are infected. Of that number almost 900 have died.

This Ebola crisis has been going on since March 24th. This virus is spreading through West Africa like wildfire. This disease is out of control according to the World Health Organization. It started in Guinea and has spread to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia. It is believed to have originated from consuming infected fruit bats. Since March 24th, Ebola has spread and nothing was really done about it until two white Americans contracted it. This incurable, mostly fatal disease has been on the World Health Organization’s radar since March, but when two Americans come down with it all of a sudden, out of the blue, there is a treatment. An experimental drug called ZMapp.

ZMapp wasn’t created in Sierra Leone or Liberia or Guinea. It was created in San Diego, California by MAPP Biopharmaceutical, Inc. and was developed by a company in Kentucky which used genetically modified tobacco plants. In 2012, they were testing this drug on monkeys and it was found to be effective.

Apparently, ZMapp had problems getting funded . A drug that showed promising results against the Ebola virus had problems getting enough money. The research showed that it could help those afflicted with this disease, but since Ebola was only indigenous to poor African countries, they basically said, “Fuck em. It costs too much and we can’t make any money from poor Africans. Africans have AIDS because they fuck too much, malaria because they don’t wear clothes and now Ebola because they eat bats, so fuck em.”

An experimental treatment for Ebola has been available since 2012. A coupla white Americans get Ebola and what happens? ZMapp! Kent Brantly, the infected America doctor who was close to death, took this experimental serum in Africa and within an hour he was able to breathe better and the rash on his body started to fade. The next day he was able to shower without help and was then flown to Atlanta. ZMapp performed a miracle on this doctor. The other American, a missionary woman named Nancy Writebol was also given the medicine and was flown to Atlanta on Tuesday for further treatment.

So again I ask : Why do we hate black people? I gotta imagine that with over 1600 Africans contracting Ebola and almost 900 dying since March that someone would’ve held up their hand and said, “Hey, we’ve got this experimental treatment. It’s only been tested on monkeys so far, but whaddya say we ship some of this stuff to West Africa and give it a shot? It hasn’t been tested on humans yet, but what better way to test it out than on people who really need it and don’t have anything to lose? Plus, they won’t be able to sue us if it doesn’t work.”

You would think that someone would’ve shipped out some vials of this stuff a year ago. It was proven effective on monkeys in 2012. Ebola was in Africa then, but since it wasn’t white Americans getting it, I guess it wasn’t that important. Let’s face it. The AIDS epidemic only became a crisis when Rock Hudson got it. Before then, nobody gave a shit because it mostly killed gays.

America hates black people. The minute two white Americans came down with Ebola, they shipped this ZMapp out to them and flew them back here pronto. For months and months, Africans were coming down with Ebola and dying by the hundreds. We had an experimental treatment that we didn’t pull out until two white Americans came down with the disease. If these two white Americans had never contracted Ebola, would we have ever heard of ZMapp? It never would have come out. Because this drug is working on these two white Americans, the government is now fast tracking funding for ZMapp to be available to all.

Again, it took two white Americans for the government to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to evacuate them from Africa and put them up in an Atlanta hospital and treat them with this new drug. The government said, “The cat’s out of the bag. People know about the treatment now. We though we had another good virus like AIDS that would wipe out the blacks like AIDS almost did with the fags. Goddamn white American do-gooders fucked up our whole plan, now we gotta bust out our super secret Ebola serum. Those motherfuckers.”

“Alright, back to the drawing board. We need another disease to get rid of those pesky blacks.”

There you go. We had an Ebola serum for two years. A super secret stash that had to be brought out because of two white people. Now the government has to give it to everybody. Even the blacks.

Why does America hate black people?

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