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An Interview with Steve Drake

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – Me being the new kid on the block and all, I decided to do a little “Getting to Know You” type of thing with our directors here at DVSX. Not having met any of them personally, but being fans of their work before I even became their publicist, I was, of course, personally interested in doing these interviews as well. So here’s the first in my little series.

I got on the phone with Steve Drake, the director of our two series’ Let Me Taste It, and Travel Sluts, to talk about wrapping his second volume of Let Me Taste It. (For brevity’s sake, SC is myself and SD is Steve.)

SC: So, how was the shoot overall?

SD: I enjoyed it. Although it was nice to come home and be able to communicate in English again.

SC: Oh? You weren’t speaking English? Where were you shooting?

SD: Well, I shot about half the scenes in Berlin while I was at the Venus Festival, and the other half here in the Los Angeles area.

SC: Oh, in Europe. So, how do you like shooting in Europe as opposed to here in the US?

SD: Well, what I love about European girls is that they’re new faces, and they’re not as overexposed as American girls can be. They’re also a lot more sexually deviant. One thing I will say about the guys in Europe is that they’re a lot more acrobatic as far as positions go.

SC: Seems like a good deal then.

SD: Yeah well, there are downsides, like everything in life. I mean, there is definitely a lack of being able to communicate. That makes my job more difficult.

SC: I bet. I mean, how DO you direct European girls? Do you just point and make motions?

SD: Sometimes I do! Usually, German girls speak English pretty well; they get it in school there. But Eastern European girls don’t speak ANY English.

SC: Were there any new or up and coming girls that you used that you’d like to talk about?

SD: Well, actually one girl that REALLY stood out was Petra. She was a really cute blonde, just adorable. And she had this tattoo on her pussy that was red flames. Just these red flames around her shaved pussy. I guess she was saying that her pussy was on fire or something. What was great about her though was that you would never think that she does porn, but she was into the DPs and the Double Anal scenes.

SC: Which brings me to my next question. Are there any scenes that are especially hot that we should look out for?

SD: Oh yeah, two in particular. One of them was with Corina Taylor and Chris Charming. That scene was very hot. The other one was with Keiko and Mark Ashley, it was a really smokin’ anal scene.

SC: I’ve noticed on a lot of our Behind the Scenes stuff oftentimes a lot of really funny or interesting things happen. Was there anything in particular that stood out for you?

SD: Well, not really, but sometimes I wish there were hidden cameras or maybe a second camera crew, because a lot of the best stuff that happens is when the camera isn’t rolling, you know?

SC: So, I’m curious about the title, Let Me Taste It. What’s that all about? I mean, where’d the concept come from?

SD: Well, actually, I shoot a lot of Pussy and Ass to Mouth scenes. My original series was Travel Sluts. I did the first volume in Big Bear, and then went to Palm Springs to do #2. But somehow in all the scenes I filmed there, a lot of the girls kept saying, “Let me taste it” and it was suggested that the title be changed to “Let Me Taste It”. At first I wondered if it would work, but after seeing a few of the scenes again, it made sense.

SC: So, overall, how do you like being a director for DVSX? How do you like the company?

SD: Well, let me just say that I’ve been talent in this business since ’84, and I’ve been shooting scenes since ’86. I’ve worked with a lot of different companies in that time. A year or so ago I hooked up with Alex Ladd, and he saw my work and liked it. Then when he formed the company, that was a great opportunity for me to direct for him. I think it was a really good idea on his part to bring in outside directors other than himself, because you can only shoot so much of your own stuff. It’s good for a company to bring in outside directors because it works for everyone. One thing I’ve seen since I’ve been with the company is that there really is true professionalism and caring about the quality of the product. DVSX seems to be really dedicated and determined to put out the best adult product out there, and in terms of sales, it’s really showing. Especially in Berlin at the Venus show. I mean, I was with Alex and as soon as we said the company name, everyone really had positive things to say about the company. I mean, in my opinion the company is really the hottest new company in the industry, and you can see that because the product is outselling other companies’ product that has been out longer. It’s got to be one of the top 5 gonzo porn companies in the world. Which makes me really happy to be a part of the company and I look forward to a long and successful relationship.

SC: Well, thank you for your time Steve, I really appreciate it!

SD: No problem at all, any time.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Steve too. Be sure to check out Steve’s Travel Sluts and Let Me Taste It Series’! Travel Sluts 2 will be released 12/16/03, and Let Me Taste It 2 is cumming to you in February 2004.


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