Anika Fox and Teanna Kai Give Views about Lap Dancing on Stern

Porn stars Anika Fox [pictured left] and Teanna Kai were among the strippers interviewed for the Howard Stern Show this morning concerning the proposed ban on L.A. lap dancing. Neither girl proved to have a grasp of the facts, according to Stern. Fox referred to it as the “six-inch” rule and Stern was convinced that what Kai said was just plain stupid.

Stern said that guys in general are too embarrassed to protest such a law because they would look like losers. The same law is trying to be passed in Connecticut, Stern reported. “That is bull; that is just ridiculous,” he said. “Who is making these regulations? If you have trouble with a strip club, don’t go to one. Unless you have a six-foot penis, this law’s a mess.”

Nick Mallice in Los Angeles interviewed several girls on tape about L.A.’s proposed ordinance which could go into affect, October. “What we found is kind of shocking,” said Stern setting up the interviews. “Strippers in L.A. are awfully dumb. I think our New York strippers are a little bit smarter… I hope.” Stern said he couldn’t even begin to figure out what Teanna Kai [pictured right] was trying to say. “She’s against lap dancing,” Stern concluded.

Kai, in a certain amount of accent, said she’s against lap dancing and strip clubs. “I just think there’s a lot of girls out there who could have a chance of getting a good education. If they don’t ban then lap dances, then all those girls depending on easy money, they’re just going to keep doing lap dances and stuff like that, they’re not going to go anywhere in the future you know and have kids and stuff, what are they going to do? You know? I go for it- a lap dance ban. [She laughs]

Mallice asked Kai how she could be against lap dances but be in support of the adult industry. “If lap dances are bad for the kids how can the adult industry not be bad for the kids?” he asked her. Kai said she was speaking for herself. “My expectation and my point of view is different from all those people out there. That’s a good question. I am an adult entertainer. I’m not trying to do this for the long term or anything. I’m trying to plan for the future. I’m going to retire pretty soon. [Kai is definitely going out with a bang.] So…” Mallice completed her statement by suggesting she doesn’t care. Kai said when she gives a show she’s on stage and no one touches her, anyway. “I’m not really close to guys. I don’t see any big harm about that.”

Stern expressed shock that Kai lent no support to the issue. Mallice also talked to identical twins, Trina and Tina. They give lap dances. The girls said the proposed ordinance was ridiculous, that lap dances are completely harmless. They said the guys aren’t allowed to touch the girls, anyway, so there’s no problem or harm with it. Asked what they thought might happen, the girls suspect that many of the dancers will resort to hooking and escorting.

“They got to make money somehow, right? That’s how girls make money. If they don’t give lap dances for money, what are they going to do?” The girls said if lap dancing is made illegal, all they’ll be able to rely on is the dollar tips thrown on stage. Mallice noted that the law would also prohibit the patrons from handing the tips directly to the girls.

“Guys want to give girls money,” concluded the twins. “It’s in their nature to give girls money. Spread the money around. Girls are here to make money. Guys are here to give away money because, obviously, they have a lot of money.” Interjecting, Stern said that’s why he loves strip clubs because he could listen to girls blathering away like that all night. “I’m fascinated…as long as they’re hot.”

Mallice went on to interview porn chick Anika Fox. Fox gave Mallice an interview and lap dance simultaneously. Mallice said it might be the last lap dance ever given in L.A. County. Fox said she didn’t know too much about the issue but thought it was good in a way. “But I think it’s going to be really upsetting for a lot of the guys. A normal lap dance has a lot of contact. So with the six-inch rule I wouldn’t even be able to touch you.” Asked what the girls might do as recourse, Fox said they’ll continue dancing with the “six-inch rule” but they won’t have as many clients. Mallice casually reminded her it was a six-foot rule. “Oh, I didn’t hear that,” said Fox.

Asked what she might say to the L.A. City council, Fox said she didn’t have too many views on the issue because she didn’t work in L.A. city. “It doesn’t affect me.”

Stern said it doesn’t affect her, yet. A caller-in said the six-foot law was in effect in Orlando. “I used to own a strip joint myself and they actually put me out of business. They put that law into order in 1998. That’s when they started it there. It’s still in effect and people are still fighting it…the club owners. It’s a horrible thing.”

Stern said he was thinking about going to Hartford and holding a rally.



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