Another From The Vault : Check Out This Clip From The Cellar

Oh man…

Check out the clip on the front page at the top of the videos. Look at those two young whippersnappers. And who is that babyfaced gentleman wearing black? Could that be Rob Black? Why, yes it is.

This is the opening scene from The Cellar, which was the first movie Rob made when we started Extreme Associates back in 1998. That was 15 years ago! Times flies. So much has happened since then.

The premise of The Cellar was Rob and I worked at a trippy pawn shop with weird characters like midgets wearing bird suits where we send unruly patrons to a back room where they experience some kind of twisted sexual encounter. It was similar to the first movie Rob made for Elegant Angel that got the ball rolling for him called Cellar Dwellers. He did a sequel to it a couple years later that won a bunch of AVN awards.

In this clip, military man Van Damage comes in barking orders and pushing us around. We promptly send him to the back where he becomes a boy scout to two dominatrixes.

We had a lot of fun doing this movie and I think it shows. The thing I like about seeing these old clips is it like going back in time and you remember all the things you were feeling back then. We had just left Elegant Angel after a hugely successful run there and had just started our new company. It was new and exciting and we also became very successful.

So check out this scene and have a chuckle at us two young bucks.

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