Another holiday alone for Monica Foster

Monica Foster

Monica Foster Alexandra Melody Mayers is employing her usual holiday strategy – sitting home alone but not before writing one final tweet about how she is “having a great family holiday.” Then she signs off for a day or so to make it look like she is away from the computer and enjoying family time instead of the reality of the situation – She spent the holiday holed up in whatever shithole she lives, eating cat food and masturbating on web cam for other lonely perverts. And don’t think we can’t check out her Streamate profile for proof that she was online Christmas Eve NIGHT! What a loser. Oh, and what is the point in her lying her age by nearly half a decade? Some cam girls do this. Looks strange when someone has been 34 years old for 5 years. She’s hitting the big 3-8 next week and she should just embrace it.

And get serious about her being with family – Joan is in Florida, Ivan is with his homosexual lover in Texas and Victoria is probably passed out in a gutter somewhere. Maybe this is why this family is so fucked up – because they are never together.

She’s also been writing some strange things lately directed at unnamed people but it sounds like she’s talking to herself. We believe the schizophrenia is taking over:

@alexandramayers If you don’t want to be talked about, then don’t do things that draw the type of attention to yourself that prompts people to talk about you
@alexandramayers Have a problem with the truth? Well, that’s probably due to the problems you have with yourself (which ain’t my problem at all).
Maybe she should take her own advice because what we wrote here today was 100% truthful. It’s embarrassing for her but nothing said here was remotely embellished in any way, shape or form. This is what happens when you burn your bridges in life. Get your life together this year and maybe next Christmas Eve you will be doing something a little more social than sitting in a Las Vegas apartment pleasuring yourself on web cam for complete strangers.

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