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Another Tiger Trollop Caught in Web of Lies?; Memoir is BS Says Publicist

from – Loredena Jolie claims to have had a sexual relationship with Tiger Woods while he was married, but her former publicist tells that it’s all lies – and she has proof on tape.

Teisha Dynell (also known as performer Miss $wiss), former publicist for Jolie, told that Jolie’s forthcoming ‘tell-all’ book The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion is far more fantasy than reality.

Dynell is exposing what she says is the truth about Jolie’s sizzling memoirs and intends to write her own book, The Queen Of Fenwick to set the record straight on her former client’s relationship with the golfing superstar.

And to back up her claims Dynell has released excerpts from taped interviews she did with Jolie earlier in the year while the pair were still working on her project together.

Dynell told “I don’t have any real sympathy for either Tiger Woods or Loredana Jolie.

“I wanted to release my own book after Woods and his wife got divorced because people will know that my account is more credible now.

“My book will tell the truth about Tiger and Jolie’s relationship as well as have other juicy tidbits about the lives of rich men and their mistresses.”

In the tape Tynell is heard asking Jolie:

“What was your position when you guys had sex?”

Jolie responds: “I used my green.” Under questioning she explains that she and Tiger never had sex.

Jolie says on tape: “I told you it was more an entertainment job, he just liked to have beautiful girls there to entertain him.”

Dynell’s account of events directly contradicts what Jolie has been saying about her encounters with serial cheater Woods.

She claimed in a recent interview with The New York Post – to plug her book – that the golfer was “largely endowed”, liked three-way sex with women, fantasized about men and was stuck in a marriage to an uncaring gold digger.

On the tape the woman who is said to be Jolie admits she never saw Tiger naked.

But in the book she is trying to publish she writes: “He liked to watch girl-on-girl, and the girls would occasionally join us,” Loredana Jolie dishes in The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion.

“I would make him fantasize,” writes the 27-year-old Bronx-born escort. “I would ask him what if I had another guy here with me while he was there with me. It kind of turned him on a little.”

Publicist and music artist Dynell claims that she only started to work with the glamour model and escort because she wanted to help her find a way out of the sex industry.

She says that the two women agreed that the proceeds of the book would go toward helping to build a shelter for women in a similar position in Florida.

But the more they worked on the project the less she believed the escort could substantiate her claims about being intimate with the famous golfer.

She told “After we met in January of this year we started working on the book shortly afterwards and the tape I posted was around March 2010.

“But the more we work together the less her accounts would add up. In addition I was getting her booked on The Howard Stern Show and in Vanity Fair magazine and other publications without ever getting paid.

“We had agreed to put money towards the shelter but her book would not have helped with that situation – I will donate 85% of proceeds from The Queen Of Fenwick to building the facility once my book is released in December.

“I consulted a lawyer about suing Loredana but have decided not to do that even although her people threatened to sue me if I ever spoke out.

“But I feel that the truth needs to get out there and I aim to do that.”

According to escort Jolie she hooked up 20 times with Tiger Woods (from 2006-2008) but accepted money only once to pay $15,000 worth of bills.

Dynell claims to have taped evidence that Loredana met Tiger Woods only three or four times during this two-year span.

In addition she believes that the escort got paid each and every time she saw the golfer and that she won’t reveal the actual amount for tax reasons.

Dynell’s book is due to be released on December 1.

Details of Teisha Dynell (Miss $wiss) new single Last Forever are on iTunes.

Jolie could not be reached for comment.


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