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Any Girl Dumb Enough To Be Conned By Tee Reel Or Scott Sparks Deserve What They Get

Let me explain something. I’ve said this before, but apparently it’s not sinking in with some of you.

We are an entertainment show. We’re not a stupid little porn news blog site. If there’s something that happens that entertains me or disturbs me and I want to talk about it or get involved with it, I do. I don’t have an agenda in porn. I’ve never had an agenda. As I’ve said before, I don’t have a dog in this fight.

When I started The Rob Black Show, it was strictly about getting myself over. Being the most talked about, the most read personality in the adult/mainstream business. To use the adult business to garner mainstream business. No different than James Deen, Sasha Grey or Ginger Lynn. All the people who have used the adult business to launch opportunities in mainstream.

Everything we did was to garner publicity. You’re never gonna make millions of dollars in the adult business and rub shoulders with legitimate Hollywood executives. If you’re in this business to get by and have access to young pussy and be a guy like David Christopher or Dave Cummings, more power to you.That was never my modus operandi. When I started this journey back in Rochester, it was never to be a director until I was 60 years old and have girls sit on my face. What kind of low rent sexual pervert wants to do that with their life? The same kind of person who goes to Brazil and lets an HIV positive transsexual with a T-cell count of about five pump AIDS jizz up their asshole, that’s who. That’s not for me.

So from the very moment of getting into the porn business, it was always about being something bigger. I used to tell my staff one of my goals was to own a professional football team. That’s a goal. My goal was never to have the biggest porn company in the world and have contract girls and the biggest website. We did all that. Who gives a shit? Anybody can do that. If you’re somewhat intelligent and have good business sense, achieving success in the porn business is easy. If you’re male talent and you have a cell phone, you can shoot girls sucking your cock and sell the footage and make enough to live. For many people, that’s a dream. That’s mindless bullshit. Anybody can do that.

From day one, it was how do we take porn revenue and convert it into substantial business ventures that have nothing to do with porn. That’s what we did. In 11 days, we will have been on the air for a year. Our concept was to be the website and the radio show that was the voice of the business. When anyone wants to know the truth of what’s really going on in the business, we are who they turn to. Other than that, we don’t give a fuck about any other bullshit. From when we started until now, we’ve evolved into something completely different. We used talk about porn for the whole show. When we started, we never talked about politics and my personal life. It was all porn.

We evolved, because that was all a schtick. Only a loser would want to talk about porn for five hours a day. Only a loser would report on press releases and take it seriously. Only a loser would want porn performers to come in and talk about their projects. Who gives a shit? Go listen to James “Liberace” Bartholet if you wanna hear about stupid porn stuff.

People in porn are all the same interchangeable people. If you see the ones who have been in it for years and years, they are all the same as they were when they got in the business. No ambition to do anything other than what they’ve been doing. If you’re a producer, you have the same routine year after year except with a new crop of talent. The same person they were ten years ago. A lot of the guys have the same look. They intend to do this until they’re 50, 60, 70 years old. They intend to be Dave Cummings. They intend to be Ron Jeremy. They intend to be working while they grip their dick to keep it hard until they die. Ron Jeremy would’ve died being the guy that you put in non sex roles because if you put him in sex roles his dick is a useless slab of meat.

Look at Bill Margold. This is a guy who never accomplished anything in the business, other than being a C grade actor back in the seventies. He manages a building, gets free rent, collects social security and all he does is tweet about me all day. That’s pathetic, man. And he’s not the only one. There are countless people like that. How is that successful?

I got an email that will give you an example of what I’m talking about. I’m not gonna talk shit about whoever sent me this email, but this kind of shit is so beneath me.

The email said:

“do a real interview and make mikesouth look like an idiot”

“Jason aka Tee Real is catching alot of
flak for running scams on girls with his pimp agency called
called Ideal Models. For some reason Mike South won’t dish the
real dirt on him. You should interview two girls that used
to be with Ideal Models to get the scoop on what really

“The first is Jenna Ivory”

Never heard of this girl.

“The second is Kierra Wild who escorts under various names”

Again, never heard of this girl.

I don’t give a fuck about Tee Reel. I don’t give a fuck about his agency. I don’t give a fuck about Jenna Ivory and I don’t give a fuck about Kierra Wild. I really don’t care. It’s stupid. The fact that someone is devoting space on their website to talking about Tee Reel and his scumbag agency is amazing to me. Why? Because if you’re gonna be talking about ridding the business of scumbag agents, Tee Reel is on the bottom of the list. If you’re gonna go after agents, you go after Mark Spiegler and Derek Hay. Tee Reel is nothing more than a scam artist, just like Chris at Foxxx Modeling or the guys at LAX Models. Nothing more than a low rent pimp.

And the girls. Jenna Ivory? When I talk about girls, good or bad, I talk about Jessica Drake, Katie Summers, Kelly Shibari, Lexi Belle, Chanel Preston, Bonnie Rotten. Name girls. Girls who, when people want to hear about porn news, know who the fuck they are.

If these two girls are that ignorant and stupid that they went with an agent like Tee Reel, then they deserve why they get. If they don’t know enough about the business to know what kind of a scumbag pimp Tee Reel is, what does that say about them? They don’t go with Derek Hay, they don’t go with Mark Spiegler or Sandy at OC Modeling. Those three are the kings of shit, but I’d rather be with the kings of shit than just straight up diarrhea.

These girls got into the business and out of all the piece of shit agents, they go with Tee Reel. What does that say about their judgement? The more of these low rent girls who go with these bottom feeder agents, the quicker they’re out of the business and there’s more work for girls with actual potential. I’ve never heard of either of these girls and I’ve already given them enough attention.

I got another email from a girl who said she read my post about Scott Sparks and went into this whole diatribe about why would I defend him when he takes advantage of girls. I emailed her back and told her I never heard of her and the girls she mentioned were low end girls and she needed to go back to school and get an education.

Did I hear of Nyomi Bankxxx being taken advantage of by Scott Sparks? Nope. Skin Diamond? Nope. Mike South says Scott Sparks preys on black girls. What black girls does he prey on? Ignorant stupid black girls? When Scott Sparks’ cunning charm and savvy can get over on Skin Diamond and Nyomi Banxxx, that’s when I’ll sign up to go after Scott Sparks.

Just like any girl who is dumb enough to fall for Tee Reel’s bullshit has got to be a low end scabby piece of shit. In this day and age, if you’re gonna be with a pimp and you have to be led around by a dude, you go with Derek Hay or Mark Spiegler. They are the quintessential top garbage pimps of the business. If you’re gonna go with somebody like Tee Reel, then you deserve what you get.

With all of the information available out there today and you go with an agent like Tee Reel, you are an ignorant motherfucker. If you’re a ghetto booty black girl that gets hooked up with Scott Sparks, then you’re ghetto ignorant black girl. I never heard of any of the top black talent dealing with Scott Sparks, only low level hookers. There you go. That’s the type of shit that gets taken advantage of by Scott Sparks and Tee Reel and that’s the type of people who associate with Mike South.

So whoever emailed me, no offense, but I’ve already spent way too much time on this topic. It insults my intelligence. We’re done.

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