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As Expected, AB 1576 Overwhelmingly Passes California Senate Labor Panel

Today was the big hearing on AB 1576 before the California State Senate and Labor Relation panel. As expected, it passed overwhelmingly with only one senator voting no. It now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee for further action. That hearing is scheduled to take place in August. To get a bill passed in California, it has to pass through a lot of hoops, from one committee to another. The process is immense.

The bill’s sponsor Isadore Hall spoke to the committee as well as AIDS Healthcare Foundation lobbyist Rand Martin and HIV positive performers Cameron Bay and Rod Daily. Long silent HIV-infected performer Sofia Delgado also came forward in favor of the bill.

The opposition? Lorelei Lee and Diane Duke.

AB 1576 never had a chance of not passing. All the committee had to do was look up Lorelei Lee and her association with, where beatings and torment are doled out to porn performers by members of the public who bid for the privilege in an auction, where the bidding begins in the neighborhood of 40K This is who is speaking to the California Senate on behalf of performer safety. Unbelievable.

Axel Braun recently had a production. Some of the details weren’t reported in the press because it damages the mantra of Free Speech Coalition and the anti-condom agenda. On this production he paid for everybody’s tests. You don’t hear it reported because it throws a monkey wrench into the establishment of FSC, Evil Angel and everybody fighting AB 1576. It throws a monkey wrench in all of their modus operandi because they’re not doing the same thing. They’re not doing what AB 1576 is going to require them to do.

If you shine a light on Axel Braun and Wicked Pictures, it throws the entire argument of condoms being bad for business, that studios can’t pay for performer tests, that condoms cause wounds on vaginas and dicks and everybody will get diseases because of rubbers right out the fucking window.

So you’re not gonna hear about Axel Braun’s recent production where he paid for tests on AVN, XBIZ, Mike South, Lukeisback, TheRealPornWikileaks, etc. because it flies in the face of what everybody else should be doing. When people talking about condoms destroying business, what about Axel Braun? What about Porno Dan? What about Wicked? They’re not making money?

I want to talk about another thing that defies logic. When our business talks about condoms and how it’s so difficult to have porn sex with them because they chafe and people like Lorelei Lee and Nina Hartley repeat this over and over, how is it that this issue never comes up in gay movies? From my understanding, a large percentage of gay movies are shot with condoms. How is it that Seth Gamble, who weighs all of 125 pounds soaking wet, having sex with Kagney Linn Karter wearing a condom is so dangerous and damaging to Seth’s penis and Kagney Linn’s vagina, but you can watch a Falcon movie of two 200-240 pound bodybuilders ramming each other up the ass with nary a complaint?

You also don’t hear complaints from Wicked, from Porno Dan, from Jessica Drake or Stormy Daniels. You only hear it from the people who are told this is what to say. They dismiss everything that Wicked and Axel Braun and everyone else who uses condoms. They pretend they don’t exist. Throw in the gay community who they really pretend doesn’t exist. If you think about it, a man’s ass isn’t meant to be penetrated. A woman’s vagina is not only meant to be penetrated, it can accommodate an 8 pound baby coming out of it. A penis wrapped in latex is gonna damage it? Two men ramming each other up the ass with a rubber on their dicks don’t seem to have a problem with chafing. I haven’t heard about gay movies not being done.

It’s insulting when our business perpetuates these lies. It’s insulting when the business dismisses the Wickeds, the Porno Dans, The Axel Brauns, the gay community. The best part is that the people who are the voice of the condom debate are the lowest of the low when it comes to performers. Alex Chance? When have you ever seen that slob in an Axel Braun movie?

But didn’t we see Anikka Albrite recently in an Axel movie? Which would require her to use a condom and Axel Braun paying for her test. Yet she’s running around saying condoms are bad and will drive business out of the state. You have people talking out of both sides of their mouth and they’re too stupid to realize it. Anikka Albrite got her test paid for and she used a condom on set. But she’s aligning herself with people who say producers shouldn’t pay for tests and condoms cause chafing. Did you accept your free test Anikka? Did you walk off of the Axel Braun set with a wounded vagina? Thank you.

Anikka Albrite is collecting a paycheck from a company that is doing everything she says can’t exist in California. The companies that she works for that don’t use condoms can’t afford to pay for her fucking test. But the companies that do use condoms can. How do you explain that? Doesn’t Anikka Albrite work for Elegant Angel, a no condom company? Did they pay for her test?

That’s why everybody hates to debate with me, because I shove it up your ass. Even the great Eli Cross can’t debate me on this subject. He’s always been a jerk off who has lived in the shadow of Axel Braun his entire career. Ask him what happened to his movie Cowboys and Engines. Eli Cross can’t debate me because he knows I’m right. The only thing he can do is respond with insults.

Casey Calvert’s Huffington Post article was written by Eli Cross. Eli Cross wrote that rambling drivel. Yet he makes his money from an all condom company. How’s that for being an asshole? Eli Cross is Axel Braun’s camera bitch and Axel works for Wicked who is an all condom company. Eli Cross will sit there and talk and tow the line about condoms being bad, yet he collects the majority of his income from an all condom company.

Eli Cross and Anikka Albrite are two assholes who make money from condom porn and go and campaign against using them. They say nobody can make a living and everybody will go out of business in they go condom, yet Eli Cross lives in a house that is paid for by a company that is all condom.

You people shouldn’t be involved in these conversations because you’re speaking out of both sides of your mouth. If you can’t speak the truth you shouldn’t speak at all.

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