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Ashley Blue-Crack Leaves Blisters on the Lips

Porn Valley- XRCO’s Female Performer of the Year Ashley Blue was a guest of Jason Sechrest, on his Young & The Curious Show, last Friday.

Before he got to Blue, Sechrest offered a capsulized re-telling of his Liza Minnelli story. Sechrest went to see her in concert last week and had front row seats. “It was a whole package deal,” said Sechrest who got one of the biggest suites in the resort where Minnelli’s concert was being held [Shelter Island in San Diego].

Sechrest said he knew he had a big room but not one that was across from Minnelli’s. “We’re gearing up for her concert and blasting the music so fucking loud from our windows.” Sechrest said when he left his room to get ice, as soon as he stepped out of his door, Minnelli stepped out of hers. “Because my door’s open she can hear the music blasting from my room.” The only thing that Sechrest could think of to say to Minnelli is here we are gearing up for your concert by listening to your music and there you are right in front of me.

Sechrest described Minnelli as not having a stitch of makeup on and was wearing a baggy black T-shirt. And when Sechrest complimented her again, Minnelli, according to Sechrest replied, “It’s good to know that somebody your age listens and can appreciate…” Minnelli excused herself to do a sound check. During the concert, Minnelli blew kisses of recognition to him.

As Sechrest brought Blue on to the mike, she talked non-stop prompting Sechrest to ask if she were stoned. “I don’t smoke weed,” said Blue. Blue began with a story about baby sitting a cat that had diarrhea all over her carpet. “I’ve been scrubbing cat diarrhea off my carpet for the last four hours. I’m tired. I’m not high.”

Blue, however, asked for a beer. Blue then noted that her former boyfriend Trent Tesoro put in an appearance at XRCO. Noting that Blue and Hannah Harper are pretty good friends, Sechrest asked how she felt about the fact that Harper hired Tesoro for a movie she was directing. “All I can say is good luck to her,” said Blue. “I hope it goes well for her.”

Blue remembered how she wiped her ass with her XRCO award. “Then I shoved it peoples’ faces.” Blue then talked about calling Harper and heard sobbing. Harper told her that shooting her first movie was so stressful. Addressing the Tesoro issue, Harper said she didn’t want to be a bad friend to Blue. “She hired him. He’s with their modeling agency,” Blue explained. Sechrest wanted to know when Tesoro came back from Crackville. “That’s what I want to know.”

According to Blue, Tesoro supposedly got himself cleaned up but wondered aloud if, that was the case, why the fuck would you want to come back to porn. Blue said she didn’t know anyone strong enough to do something like that. Sechrest said that was the Jason McCain story all over again.

Blue said she first didn’t answer the call to the stage to accept her award. “I was outside trying to find a lighter. I was drinking and running my mouth off as usual. I was looking for a smoke because I like to smoke when I get wasted so I can look really cool.” Sechrest asked if that was crack Blue was smoking.

“I don’t like the blisters it leaves on your lips,” Blue replied and said she had no idea what she won for and no one was giving her a clue. “They’re just looking at me, like you fucking bitch.” Blue said she was happy to have won the award but wanted Best New Starlet.

Blue said she’s working with a trainer and somehow has incorporated all of her drinking into her diet. “I only eat 400 calories a day so I can drink my face off at night.” Blue also said she was starting Santa Monica Community College this week. “I’m taking Spanish and Journalism.”

Sechrest wanted to talk about Blue’s relationship with Johnni Darko who wasn’t with her. Blue said he was shooting stills. Sechrest asked if they were of himself. “Other fucking stupid whores,” Blue answered. Blue said they’ll have been going together a year, September 18, and they were going to celebrate by attending the wedding of her porno-whore-friend.

“I keep forgetting her fucking stage name [Holly Stevens].” Blue explained that they introduced the couple. “Now they’re getting married on his birthday. I’m her maid of honor.” Asked how Darko’s big dick was treating her, Blue said great and that Darko’s dick is super long. “It’s as big as my head and when he puts it all the way in, it’s like, ow, that’s my belly button.” Blue noted that she and Darko are a completely monogamous couple off camera.


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