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Ashley Blue on Stern

Porn Valley- Ashley Blue certainly got her amount of exposure in recent weeks. Besides two appearances on KSEX, Blue was also on Howard Stern this morning on behalf of an “Extreme XXX Vacation” that will bring a guy with a hair-lip out to a porn shoot.

According to Stern it included four days and three nights in Los Angeles, two visits to a porno set and a private party with porn stars. The event is being staged by [877-999-8736] featuring, according to Stern, young, wet bitches who don’t even care if you squeeze their boobs.

Stern introduced Blue as a pretty hot chick who does a lot of anal. “She’s hardcore.”

But, first, Stern had his way with “Lispy Lynn” whose mush-mouthed enunciations makes Elephant Boy sound like Anthony Hopkins. Lynn said he has a cleft palate- which Stern thought could be fixed at birth. Lynn said he gets laid maybe once a year, when he pays for it. Lynn got laid off about ten weeks ago from his job making teeth. Asked where he meets the whores, Lynn said something that sounded El Polo Loco…”Polio adulti wonka wonka well.” Repeating it for emphasis, Stern said that’s where he goes for his young, wet bitches. Artie took Lynn to say Anguilla., however. Upon further questioning, Stern determined that Lynn lived with his mother. Asked how old he was, Lynn said, ficky-one. Lynn said he had something akin to a hole in the roof of his mouth and has trouble eating certain things to include cockhole. “Believe me, I don’t eat that either, pal,” Stern told him.

Stern asked Blue, 22, who’s been in the adult business about two years, if she was a young, wet bitch. “You’re really like into dirty stuff,” Stern confirmed. He said he couldn’t even tell people on the air what she does. “That’s how dirty it is.” Blue figures she’s been in over 150 movies.

Blue described what Lynn could win which was two days on a set of a porn shoot. “Come out on the set and watch us do it- anally,” she laughed. Blue said there’d be tons of young, wet bitches. “It’s 20 porn stars and 20 of the guys- we’ll throw a party at the end and we’re going to go on a strip club caravan and a shopping spree at Hustler Hollywood.” Blue said the private party was going to be on the last day. Asked if Lynn could get some hands-on with the young, wet bitches, Blue said, “I mean, if we’re all going to party, I guess.” Lynn was given ample opportunities to feel Blue up. “Could guys like Lynn get to bang any of you guys?” Stern wanted to know. “That’s not up to me,” Blue replied. “I don’t know…if you’re smooth. It’s not a guarantee.” Blue said she really loves sex and particularly loves giving oral.

“Someone told me you could stick your hand down your throat without throwing up,” Stern said. Blue demonstrated.

In order to win his prize, Lynn had to call a deli and was given three minutes in which to place his order. “If the order comes in correctly, you’re going on the trip for four days with young, wet bitches,” Stern told him.

Lynn had to order a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on lightly toasted pumpernickel bread with may on the side; a diet Sunkist soda; a bag of barbecue potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie. Lynn had his hardest time with the word “barbecue” which the lady taking the order thought him to say cottage cheese though it sounded more like he was saying butter cheese. The chocolate chip cookie also came out as cocka ship cookie. Adding to the humor, the deli guy who delivered the sandwich as ordered, talked practically worse than Lynn. As part of the tip he was given the opportunity to squeeze Blue’s ass.



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