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Ashley Blue Tells Who Has the Smelliest Balls

Porn Valley- Ashley Blue and her armpits were guests on Jason Sechrest’s Young & The Curious Show this past Friday night on KSEX, Gay porn star Jason Adonis was on the couch having been interviewed in the first half of the show. And when Sechrest complimented Blue’s armpits, Adonis said he didn’t know that armpits were hot.

Adonis was then saying something about his having a degree in Kinesiology. “Is that like kinetic energy?” Blue asked. “I don’t. know,” said Adonis. “Obviously you didn’t graduate did you?” Blue said she dropped out of college to do porno, thanking her former boyfriend Trent Tesoro for helping her further her education in “the orgies of Hollywood”. Jason said the last time Blue was on the show she talked about how much she hated Tesoro.

“I don’t really hate him,” explained Blue, accepting the humor of the situation now for what it was. Sechrest then asked Blue if her relationship with director Johnni Darko was over as well. Blue said she got really mad at Darko. “Can you imagine that?” Blue said she broke up with Darko several times. “We’re still talking,” she said. Blue said she also did one of those “bitch moves” and returned Darko his key and contact lens solution. “But I still live alone. I still have, like, my cat.” Asked if she had the need to get fucked, Blue said she’ll masturbate for an hour and a half on Spice Clips.

Commenting on what she does with Spice TV, Blue said she hosts a segment where callers jack off and she’ll talk to them about their weiners and their balls. “On Nightcalls Hotline, I’m the host with Ann Marie and Nautica. it’s really cool.” Asked if she was under contract to JM, Blue said she gave her website to them but doesn’t give a fuck if it’s up or not. “I don’t want it to be a paysite first of all,” she said. “I don’t think people should have to pay.” Blue said she also didn’t like the idea of posing for open pussy shots for the site.

Sechrest commented on how Blue had lost a lot of weight. Blue explained that she was the fat chick in school who hid doughnuts in her locker. Adonis having seen some of Blue’s movies didn’t think she was fat. Blue replied that she has a crappy body image. “Like that suburban white girl syndrome.” Jason thought it would be a hot if the industry did something on the order of Kirstie Alley’s new show but call it “Fat Porn Star”.

Blue said she just joined the YMCA in Hollywood and thinks it’s the best. “I have guest passes and they have day care, too, where you can put your fucking dog.” Sechrest asked Blue if she wished that straight male porn stars could look like Adonis.

“I’d have to smell his ass and balls,” said Blue. According to Blue, everything was about having a nice smelling ass. Sechrest said Adonis smells like he dipped his entire body in Calvin Klein cologne. Blue said she could tell some really gross smelly balls stories.

Sechrest wanted to know who had the smelliest balls in the business. Blue mentioned some guy named RB. “He’s like this bukkake guy. I don’t care if he’s listening. I don’t care if he watches. He’s like retarded and always has the stinkiest, hairiest balls. And he always wants me to lick them.” Blue said she pretends to RB that she doesn’t do that. And if the girl’s nasty, Blue’s story is that she won’t do lesbian scenes.

Adonis, who’s bi, said he tends to be disappointed when he meets female porn stars in person. Blue asked why. Adonis said because of the air brushing, that when you see the girl in person she doesn’t look the same. “But you look the same,” he told Blue. Blue said that’s because JM doesn’t airbrush her worth a shit. Adonis said that was his gripe with Falcon, that they would airbrush him into a cartoon. “Why are you airbrushing the shit out of me? I don’t want to look fake. That’s why I airbrush nothing on my website. Everything is just whatever you see.”

Sechrest said last time he saw Blue they went to the Tomcat Theater together. Blue remembered something about a 17 year-old “douche” who may have been on the show but she wasn’t sure. “He was like a loser, 17 or something,” said Blue. “And he was talking about how he gets these older guys. He was like a little fucking gay prostitute.” Sechrest threw out some names but Blue kept saying this was some dorky guy.

The conversation got on to the GayVN awards, and Blue was asking Adonis if agents on the gay side were scumbags. Adonis said they were but that he has his ways of dealing with the situation.


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