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Ashlynn Brooke, Tommy Gunn Visit KLSX; Romance in the Wind?- final

Los Angeles- New Sensations contract girl Ashlynn Brooke and Male Performer of the Year Tommy Gunn were guests Sunday afternoon on KLSX-FM 97.1’s “Two Media Whores,” hosted by E! Entertainment Television’s Dave Adelson and entertainment industry veteran Roy Trakin.

It was noted that Brooke just received her second award nomination, for Best New Starlet- this from Nightmoves for their 15th Annual Awards show. Brooke had also received a nomination at Adultcon earlier this year for Best Actress in the “self-pleasure” performance.

[The movie was Fucking Myself Number 3.] Someone described it as similar to The Bourne Ultimatum.

Brooke said she’d be 22 on Tuesday and has been in the business almost a year. Brooke, who hails from Oklahoma, had to admit that there were a lot of girls who look like her from that neck of the woods.

“When I moved from Oklahoma to Miami, I was expecting to see all these beautiful women. There was, but…” Brooke also said she was a diehard Sooners fan.

It was mentioned that a beautiful, innocent look was part of Brooke’s appeal.

“I’m innocent,” Brooke insisted. Brooke started watching porn at a very young age.

“We had the little tip in our DirectTv-thing where we could get all the movie channels and all the naughty channels,” she explained. “I watched all the time. I loved it. It wasn’t like I was a pervert. I watched it different from everyone else. It did turn me on. But it was, like, wow, that’s so cool, I want to be in there and do this and that. So I was married and divorced.”

Brooke was married at age 19 and divorced right after she turned 21. Getting married young is kind of the norm where she’s from, she notes.

“And I’m kind of a black sheep because I don’t have a kid yet,” said Brooke. “Thank God.” Brooke said she dumped her husband because he was verbally abusive.

“I left him.” When she first got into the business, he called her every name in the book, Brooke says.

“Now he’s a pretty good friend, we keep in touch. I like it that way because it makes me feel like I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Brooke says her grandparents do know about her being in porn.

“They raised me and we’ve been through a lot as a family,” she adds. “They support me and still love me. But my mom is my biggest fan, I swear. She’s like I saw this on Google yesterday.”

Brooke was asked what it was like when her mom watches her during oral or girl-on-girl.

“It’s really not weird to me,” answers Brooke. “In the business we’re in, we see so many things. I’m like, cool. And my mom’s, she’s like I can teach you a thing or two. I’m, like, oh no. Let’s stop there.”

Following her career from Oklahoma to Florida, Brooke was asked when she started doing nudes.

“When I was still married,” she states. “There’s a company that are kind of like the Donald Trump of Oklahoma. They’re best friends. They own every single body piercing and tattoo parlor in Oklahoma. They’re great. But they started this little magazine-thing. It didn’t go very well because in Oklahoma Triple-X is completely illegal. You can’t sell it, you can’t buy it.”

Brooke was religious growing up, although she didn’t go to church all the time. Asked if she was Baptist, Brooke said, “Just Christian.” Asked if she’e even been with a Jew, Brooke comments, “Probably.”

Gunn was described as one of the leaders in the adult film business, on camera and off.

During the course of the interview, Gunn suggested that there might be a romance blossoming between him and Brooke. Gunn noted that they’ve worked together on-screen. He was asked about off screen and their being lovers.

“I think we are becoming something more,” he commented. It was suggested that it must take a special girl to get him.

“It does,” Gunn laughed. The palpable chemistry was observed by Adelson.

“It’s porn love.”

A caller-in, Ron from New York, wanted to know why educated women such as Brooke needed talent agents.

“I can understand you need a bodyguard, a driver, you need somebody to keep you safe. But why somebody who just takes 20% of your money, tells you the job is here, the job is there?” Ron suggested a girl going to AVN or Erotica LA can do her own groundwork.

“It’s a good question,” replied Brooke. “A lot of the girls don’t know that starting out. So when you’re first started I think it’s important you have an agent. They can help you get started and get your foot in the door. For me I’m contracted now.”

Brooke said when she started out her agent in the beginning helped her a lot.

“He opened all the doors- he took me to all these companies, then I chose for myself. He didn’t tell me everything to do. He would say this opportunity was there and I got to choose on my own. I think it’s more of a starting out thing. You need someone to help you along.”

In the beginning Brooke said she’d get asked why does she get pimped out [by an agent].

“It’s nothing like that at all,” she said, defending agents.

It was noted that Gunn had been on the show before and that Gunn really took control of his career.

“This is a world where entrepreneurs really make a lot of money,” Adelson thought. Brooke was asked what it means to be a contracted player.

“I wanted the contract first and foremost because I need the time behind me to give me the exposure I need to plant my feet,” Brooke replied. “When you have a lot of people behind you you can show your variety. And one company can help you broaden your horizons.”

Adelson assumed without the contract, you’re a freelancer without the concerted push.

“That’s fine,” said Brooke. “But a contract for me was stability. It was longevity.”

Brooke said she went with New Sensations although she had a lot of offers on the table.

“I chose them becue they’re a great company,” she continued. “The owner when I first met him I was, like, yeah, I want to be with them. I wanted to be THE girl for awhile. We hadn’t had a contract girl with our company since Camen Luvana. She’s a total doll. So they pushed my name out. I am THEIR girl.

Asked if she might want to pursue other venues such as producing/directing, Brooke said she was too lazy to hold a camera.

“But I’d like to direct- I want to tell them what to do. I know what I want in my head. I just have to have someone bring it to life.”

With Gunn having his own company it was assumed that he was “making a load of money.”

“We’re trying,” he said. The discussion was going in the direction of being a name first so you could parlay it.

“You want to build some value in that,” Gunn agreed. Asked if he was advising Brooke on her “moves,” Gunn didn’t think he had to.

“I do what seems necessary but that doesn’t seem very often,” he said. “She has a good head on her shoulders and a godd team behind her.”

Gunn was asked if it was Brooke’s off-the-boat innocence that attracted him.

“Without trying so hard it just happens naturally,” he continued. “I don’t want to force anything. I just want to let it happen.”

Brooke, having been married, was asked if she wanted another relationship.

“I’ve been married once and I don’t think I ever want to do it again,” she answered. “That might change but I just want to be happy. I just want things to happen the way they’re supposed to happen. I don’ want to force anything. It’s good the way it is.”

A past interview of Brooke’s was referenced noting that her first scene was with Eric Everhard.

“That was my first scene as a New Sensations contract star,” explained Brooke. “My very first scene was with a guy named Preston. And he’s with Bang Bros.”

“It was a scene where you consumed something?” asked Adelson. Brooke laughed because she doesn’t do that any more.

“Not on camera.” Brooke further said the issue never comes up.

Vinny the screener brought up a conversation he had with Gunn a few weeks back where at industry parties, performers start doing one another.

“Tommy off the air outside was, like, you want to meet Jenna Jameson? I’ll take you to meet Jenna Jameson. We’ll get you past security. You want to come to an industry party? We’ve got an industry party at the end of the month. So I’m putting two and two together, if I went to some industry party and everybody started drinking, and everybody starts banging each other…they’d make me drop my pants and go do it in front of 20 people.”

Adelson said that was Vinny’s fantasy, to sleep with a porn star.

“It could happen,” mused Gunn. “As long as Vinny was with the right people, and he’d be with us.” Gunn mentioned that there’d be a party on the 15th.

Vinny said it was good as long as he didn’t get stuck in some fetish situation with a 300 pound chick.

Referring to the awards, Vinny wanted to know what it is that gets Brooke nominated over the other girls.

“I don’t know,” said Brooke. “There’s so many newcomers that are awesome and hot. It’s very humbling that people actually pay attention to what I do. I’m very passionate about what I do. I love it with all my heart and it’s the biggest thing in my life right now. I think that kind of shines through on camera. Maybe other girls are in it for different reasons.”

“Is off screen sex as satisfying for you as on screen sex? Vinny asked her.

“Absolutely,” replied Brooke. “Sometimes we’re put in situations where we don’t want to be there but we suck it up because it’s our job. It’s our job and we’re professionals.”

On the male performer’s part, Gunn said they’re not on set for their satisfation.

“We’re performing to the camera because, inevitably, we’re making a product that the consumer will buy,” he states. “So what you learn- you have this focus- and you learn the positions and how to open up so he camera can see the goods, if you will. A lot of guys come in and, next thing you know, they’re doing it for themselves. And the director’s got to say, hey pal, we got to see what you’re doing.”

Another caller-in asked Brooke why she got in porn at so young an age.

“I would have to say I was 15 years old when I watched a flick- I loved it,” she said. Asked if her breasts were real, she commented, “I paid for them.”

On another question, Brooke claimed that size didn’t matter.

“I like big,” she replied. “I like long ones and I like short ones. Really. Size matters to some degree but they’re all cool. I even like them cuved.”

Brooke was asked where she drew the line.

“I don’t prefer doing more than four people at a time,” Brooke replied. “I did this one scene that had six girls and four guys. That was pretty cool but I had to draw the line at some part because it gets too much. I don’t do anal but I want to really bad. It doesn’t work for me. I want to and I’ve tried and I’ve tried. I need someone who actually appreciates anal and they’e good at it.”

“Don’t despair, there’s time,” Adelson advised her.

A caller asked Brooke if those bang Bro. scenes were on the level.

“To some extent I got to tell you, it’s pretty real,” said Brooke. “They are genius over there. Some scenarios are real, kind of.” The caller clarified to ask if the pick up part was real.

“Some of them are real,” states Brooke. “But I’ve never done anything that was really real with them.”

Asked what she liked about the industry, Brooke said she’s met a lot of cool people.

“Everyone is so open-minded and I like traveling,” she added. “I get to travel a lot. Next week I’m going to be in five different states. I like doing promotions and getting to meet my fans. I love that. If it weren’t for them, where would we be?”


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