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Ashton Moore Addresses Jenna Haze Rumors

Did Ashton Moore saying anything last Friday to piss off JKP? You be the judge in the following interview with the Sports Swami in which the Swami reportedly got in the middle of some verbal brouhahas in which comments he made promoting the show suggested Moore might have. Moore’s a JKP contract girl and has been all over the Internet in the last few months as subject of a stream of interviews.

Moore said she had been on the road dancing a lot and wanted to meet all her commitments in order to enjoy the holidays. Moore who will be signing in Vegas next month at AEE was asked how much a show like that means to her. “That’s the cream of the crop for us,” she said. “That’s one of my favorite things. One of the best things about being in the adult entertainment business is getting to be in Vegas for a whole week and getting to see all my fans. That’s pretty much the payoff for everything we do. Everybody out there has been so positive and so excited to see us. They stand in line waiting for two hours to get autographs and meet us. It’s really the best time. That’s what we look forward to every year.”

Swami said he heard a rumor there was going to be a new JKP girl signed and asked Moore how much input she has in such hiring-firing decisions. Moore said such decisions were up to Bob Friedland. “Of course they always ask us about it,” replied Moore. “When you add a new girl to a group of already established girls there’s going to be conflicts. But once somebody gets into our group and we all get used to them, they become part of the family. For the most part, it’s a pretty big family. It’s pretty tight. Most of us girls get along and we do pretty well. Any time you have a huge group of girls there’s going to be drama, but we all get along.”

Moore was asked to lend an idea of what a typical day might be like at the AEE expo. “It’s fun crazy,” she said. “It’s pretty much a whole week with no sleep. I usually go out there early thanks to ClubJenna because they run my website. We got out in the beginning of the week for the whole Internext, and I usually do signings for Video Secrets or some other company. We usually stay with the ClubJenna group. We sign for a couple of hours each day and of course there’s all the private parties at night.” Moore said it’s basically a regimen of getting up 6 or 7 in the morning, doing hair and make up for an hour or two. Moore said once she’s on the floor and sees the lines of fans anticipating seeing her, she feels guilty about even taking a potty break.

“I try to sit there the whole time and do my signings. After the 8 hours is up and the show shuts down for the day, we’re back into hair and makeup and get touched up all over again. We’re told exactly a list of parties we’re all to attend. We make our stops and appearances and party all night until the wee hours of the morning. We try to catch one or two hours of beauty sleep an start all over again. Thank God for wonderful hair and makeup artists that make us look beautiful all day.”

Moore was asked how the career is affecting her relationship with her husband. She said it’s worked out very well for her. Moore lives in Arizona but because JKP has a schedule set up ahead of time, she drives to L.A. one week of every month. Moore said she also tries to dance at least twice a month. Lately she’s been on the road non-stop, according to her and she has a roadie accompany her.

“The man in my life pretty much takes care of the house and takes care of a lot of stuff for me.” That, plus the fact that she only does girls, also makes the marital situation easier, Moore said. “That keeps my personal life a little separate.” Moore said the girls-only stipulation was pretty much a mutually arrived at decision between her and her husband. Moore said in the past she did boy-girl scenes. “It was kind of hard on me and both of us. He said he’d stand behind me and whatever decision I made. Of course he was probably happier with the decision I made.”

Moore said she has an all-girl series, When the Boys Are Away the Girls Will Play which was nominated for best all-girl series. Moore said she also did one boy-girl movie, Erotic Focus, recently as a one-time gift to her fans. “I decided on that since everyone’s stuck with me and I know it’s hard to be a fan of a girl that only does girl-girl scenes.” Moore said she had Cash Markman write her a script especially for the scene which she does with her husband. “It’s a takeoff of One Hour Photo with Robin Williams.” Moore gets to play a psycho part. Moore said she wasn’t sure whether her fans would be happy with the fact that she worked with her husband. “But I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback.”

Swami said he heard rumors that Moore and Alexis Amore were going to leave the company and go to Vivid. Moore said that was a new one to her because she usually hears them and laughs. Besides Jenna Jameson, Moore said she didn’t know any of the girls at Vivid. “But it’s a wonderful company, though.”

Just recently Moore said she heard that Simone signed with Cherry Box, went to congratulate her and was told that wasn’t the case. “You can never believe what you read on the Internet,” she concluded. “Even if they say it’s a direct quote from somebody. You never know what’s true until you talk to somebody. It’s going to be gossip. With so many girls in the business there’s always going to be gossip and rumors.” Moore said she tries to defend herself when she can with things that aren’t true.

“I’m one of those types of people that wants everybody to like me. So when I read negative things and somebody’s saying something mean and they don’t even know me, it hurts my feelings.” Moore said she also feels very lucky that she’s working for JKP. “Jill works her butt of. She’s accomplished more than anybody in the whole business. She’s just a wonderful, wonderful person.” Moore was also very complimentary about Jameson. “She’s a wonderful girl and super nice.”

Swami also wanted to know about the alleged feud between her and Jenna Haze. For her part, Moore said she didn’t know how that got started. “I have no problems with Jenna Haze. I met her on a set before she ever signed with us and told Jill she really does hot scenes.” Moore said she was the first to suggest that Haze be signed. “She’s funny; she’s cute, and we get long really well. People are always trying to cause problems.”

Moore said when it comes to performing, she and Haze are opposites. “She looks really young and talks dirty and does anal. She’s more of the hardcore kind of girl. Where I’m the more softer, prettier. I guess that’s where the Vivid-thing come sin because everybody says I’m the Vivid-type girl which is a compliment to me.” Moore said the both of them put together makes for a pretty interesting scene. “We work together a lot and get along perfectly fine.” Swami said he also heard rumors that Moore hired an investigator to look into the matter. Moore explained that a Yahoo group had been started by someone she knew for Jill Kelly Productions as a positive way to keep info out there.

“We just wanted people out there to be able to talk to us, or chat to us when we log on and keep everyone updated.” Moore said it started out as a fun group but people began saying negative things. “Not everyone’s going to like me or Jenna. It happens with everybody.” Moore said nasty things were said about Haze and someone thought it was her saying it. “All sorts of stuff started happening and I didn’t know until Jill called me, what’s going on. Jill and I talked. Of course I grabbed Jenna and talked to her that it wasn’t me. I would never say anything like that about her. Not only does it make me look bad, it makes all of us look bad.” Moore said the air was cleared but the group got shut down. “Some people ruin good things but that’s pretty much what happened.”


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