Ass Kicking Threats Followed by Pledges of Homicide

PORN VALLEY, CA – I got a call today from Rob Spallone. “Hey Wankus, I got an interesting visit from one of your friends recently, Leo.” Spallone said. Knowing where this was going I asked, “oh yeah, what did he have to say?”
“He said, ya know your buddy Wankus? I’m gonna kick his fuckin’ ass. He put bad things about me on the computer,” Rob continued.

[To clarify, I didn’t put bad things about him on a computer, I displayed facts about his behavior on a lot of computers.]

I explained to Rob why Leo was so angry and he concurred that Leo had a bad case of sour grapes. “If you ever have any problems with this guy, let me know, I got your back,” Spallone concluded and hung up.

Let’s talk about Leo for a minute. Now that he’s making public threats that he can be legally charged for, he’s become more of a target for media scrutiny then before when he was only a small under-read blurb in a news story.

The history is, on scattered occasions, Leo would make his way to the KSEXradio studios, uninvited and without notice. In the past management had no problems with him coming by or anyone coming by for that matter, so long as they were behaved, didn’t get in the way and provided no distractions to the on-air staff.

Unfortunately, as the KSEX popularity grew, so did the number of people stopping by the studios uninvited, to a point where equipment was found missing, shows were interrupted, noise volumes hindered on-air performance, etc.

Leo wasn’t accused of any of these wrong doings, but as a rule, management decided that there will be NO MORE guests who are not scheduled to appear, hanging around the offices of KSEX, without prior approval. The KSEX staff was instructed to ask anyone to leave who is not on a nightly guest list. There was no singling out, the rule applied to anyone, including press or big name stars.

This all makes sense to you right? Seems awfully easy to comprehend in my opinion.

At one of the Karaoke parties, Leo was informed about the new policy. He was told he’s still welcome at KSEX but must first let us know he’s coming and if he’s a guest on a show, or the night allows, he will be admitted into the studio.

He jokingly said, “well I’m special, I don’t need to be on a list.”

Just to be clear, I said to him personally, “you may be special, but you still have to let us know.”

Clear as day, right?

A week ago Thursday, Leo and Billy Banks came to the studio uninvited. The staff at KSEX called me since I wasn’t there and asked, “what do we do?” Without hesitation I said, “throw ’em out. They were told of our policy and it’s not negotiable.”

They were asked to leave. From what I was told, Banks was very understanding and acted like a gentlemen. I was also told Leo stormed out like a little kid who lost his crayons.

The following Tuesday at Karaoke, Leo not only had issues with AriaXXX and Jack Spade, but he ignored me all night. When I tried to talk to him, he made short snappy comments and decided to shun me like I had morally scarred him for life.

The funny thing in this whole turn of events is, we’ve always liked Leo and Banks. This was not a personal act, only a safety act. Our offices are small, talent has been complaining because they can’t get into their creative zones with people just hanging out in the way, asking them questions, getting in their face, etc.

It’s a business for cryin’ out loud. While we have fun there, we can’t forget that this is what we do to make our niche’ in the industry, we have a large staff and do not have time for these kinds of silly distractions.

In regards to ‘kickin’ my ass,’ well, one more time that shows the immaturity level that is being displayed by this individual. [To Leo] I grew up in the streets of NYC. If that’s an action you really want to take, I hope you get me by surprise. I won’t be at Karaoke this week, but I’ll be there the next Tuesday, should you want to ensure a seat in the Burbank jail system.

Personally, I think you should let this go, and let it go quick. The blurb about you in a previous news story, wasn’t a dig, just the facts mixed into a re-cap of an evening. If Spallone’s allegations of your threat towards me are true, you’re callin’ attention to yourself and this behavior. The industry is now aware of your intentions and should something happen to me, take a wild guess where people are going to come looking? Your house.

You better hope someone else I pissed off over the years doesn’t decide that now’s the time to come get me because with the position you supposedly put yourself in–you’ll take the fall.


As I was about to post this story, KSEXradio Tech Guy “BooCocky” called with a message from male talent Billy Banks. I think it’s a shame that Billy got involved, I really always thought about him as a nice guy. Leo and Banks were partying at Pat Myne and Stormy’s party last night at Yankee Doodles and according to BooCocky, they kept bugging him about comments I made during my Wednesday night show on KSEX.

During that show I read the AdultFYI karaoke re-cap story and included the information about Banks and Leo stopping by uninvited. At some point in fun, under my breath, I said something to the effect of, “we just can’t have people coming down here uninvited on a nightly basis–and Banks comes by a lot hoping to get laid.” While the comment was more of a sarcastic dig, on some occasions, Banks did volunteer and perform as male talent with girls who stopped by for interviews, and on nights he wasn’t scheduled to attend, he just happened to be there.

Regardless, allegedly Banks told BooCocky, “You tell him I’m coming after him. [meaning me] You tell him I may just have to break my probation and bring my friend [BooCocky said he was referring to a gun] and we may just have a homicide on our hands here.”

Later in the evening, BooCocky said that Banks told him several times, “I’m comin’ by there tomorrow night [tonight, Friday]. Me and my friend, we’re coming by. You make sure you tell him.”

[To Billy] Okay Billy. If what BooCocky says is true, I have been told. Also notified of your intentions are about 50,000 other people who read this site. Looking forward to seeing you later.

Oh, and just one more thing, if you and your “friend” are not on the list, you both will not be allowed to come in.
After this story posted, an e-mail came in from Billy:

Hey! what’s up dude I sliped back into my past with the cuz shit!

hey if I was going to to kill you do you think I would have told Bukkake at a party the night before, man I know your are from NY but out here you don’t get warned. So as I will now say I don’t have a beef with you if I did I would not let people know, I am not worried worried about your 50,000 readers, that sounds to much like a writer Wank be original and you will be ok.

So lets squash this and call it a day, if I truly had a problem with you I would have dealt with it at Sardos’ on Tuesday, and as far as me trying to fuck your guest as you know I am male talent and I work all the time I don’t need your show to get pussy. I was there to show you some support and wish you well, hell It was you who said come over at anytime, you even wanted me to fill in for Flex on Mondays but hey maybe you are just a said little white boy who doesn’t know who has his back. I wish you well and again if I was going to do a 187 on you as I said before I would not have told Bukkake.

O.H. yeah! I came by your studios’ because your guest Slain Wayne wanted me to do a spoof for him but your girl Daisy must have some racial issuses’ she must deal with,it is after all 2003. I was not upset that I got kicked out on my birthday, I am upset that Kid Vegas whom you and your girl don’t like was able to stay at the station. Maybe you just kick out black people, but I don’t think so take it easy, and man I am real scared of the Burbank police.

Peace, Billy

I responded:

#1 – a credible witness told me you threatened to bring a gun to the station tonight and kill me over a sarcastic, jokingly comment I made. That alone is enough for me to not want to associate with anyone I considered a friend or not.

Further, you write an e-mail to explain yourself to me, one that started out okay, then fill it with racial innuendos and unnecessary jabs at my girlfriend.

First of all, I am the LAST person you can call a racist. I make slurs at every race in fun, including my own. I believe that picking on people’s stereotypes is fun as long as you don’t mean it to heart. But saying that me or Daisy have black issues is not only incorrect, it’s insulting.

I grew up in an urban society. I am a keyboard player and was groomed with Jazz and Funk. I played in bands where I was the only white guy all my life, including the legendary Platters, members of The Gap Band, The Time and Parliament Funkadelic.

In my personal life I date and have sexual relations with ALL races, mostly ethnic including many black/white relationships, formerly married to a hot Puerto Rican and one of my favorite desired fantasies revolve around some one on one time with Jada Pinket or Halley Barry.

At KSEX, I insisted on getting a black focus show “Ebony Nights” as well as an interracial show “Jungle Love” since I knew it was an important niche’ that would attract a larger diverse audience. Don’t pull a race card on me Billy, not only does it have nothing to do with the issues at hand, it’s not true.

Daisy didn’t ask you and Leo to leave last week because you’re black. Daisy asked you and Leo to leave because you were not on the list and she was only following my instructions when she called to ask me. Slain Wayne was a welcomed guest because we were told he was coming. If he decided on his own to invite you, you should be mad at him. I told you before, there is a confirmation list at KSEX now.

Although you may have been welcomed uninvited in the past, as were many others, we must confirm your presence now. The policy changed because of too many people just stopping by and getting in the way.

It’s NOT personal. We never had a problem with you and if you can re-write me with an apology for your comments to BooCocky about wanting to take me out, you’ll be welcome back to KSEX anytime…so long as it’s pre-confirmed.

Your Bruthah from another Muthah,





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