ATTENTION Judge Rob Bare Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 3C 200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155

Dear Rob Bare,

This is a open public letter to you which will also be emailed to you and posted on and . My name is Donny Long and I am someone who lives outside the USA and has had myself, and my family, attacked, libeled, defamed and stalked by Mrs, Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster. Mrs, Mayers is a bitter failure that is jealous of people that have not failed as she has and lives for her constant round the clock bitterness attacks on her twitter, youtube, pornnewstoday and many other websites and social media accounts she maintains. She loves to label people with children such as myself and Marc Randazza and his wife and others as Pedophiles, HIV ridden and all sorts of other lies and post these types of attacks and lies on her accounts and websites.

I have been following the Marc Randazza lawsuit for libel and defamation against Mrs. Mayers and would love to see somehow Mrs. Mayers removed from the internet along with all her attacks and libel. It is criminal what she is doing and she is also lying to the courts about her current state and living location and her address. This alone should be grounds to demand her to provide a valid living address or be jailed in contempt of court. Myself along with many other would like to serve and sue her but she hides and lies about her real address. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help resolve the issues regarding the libelous attacks provided by Mrs, Mayers.

Thanks, Donny Long

PS. I request others stalked and libeled by Mrs, Alexandra Mayer to contact or at least send a email to:

Rob Bare
Department XXXII
Main Line – (702) 671-3639
Law Clerk – (702) 671-3938
Fax No. – (702) 366-1416
Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 3C
200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155



  1. Foster is truly desperate in hopes to win in March, lol! Did you see how many blogs she’s been writing, especially today? This is the only way that she thinks that she can have an advantage in court in March. She’s an idiot and bored, lol!

    • She’s representing herself against high powered attorneys. She’s going to get absolutely ass raped to the tune of $500,000. This is like a Heavyweight fighter against a Lightweight amateur fighter. She is dead in the water. Win? She won’t win.

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