Attention Mindgeek! Meet the -not so secret- Mike South source

Shy Love

Mindgeek has had some sort of relationship with Shy Love for awhile now. And you know what she does in return? She feeds any information she finds about Mindgeek to Mike South, their #1 enemy.

All this time Mindgeek thought it was a rogue employee sharing information with Mike South, but little did they know it was Shy Love all along.

Look at the specific information he knew about you Mindgeek. Now think about information about your company she has had access to as a result of your relationship with them.





  1. I would suspect Mind Geek already knows this already and this is exactly why they pulled the plug on her two to three VR scenes per month although Shy Love would have everyone believe its a Three Million Dollar per year contract. Love how she runs around town threatening many that she can black list those she don’t like. Mindgeek was stupid for ever working with her in the first place.

    She has this idiot Mike South on speed dial.

  2. Shy Love’s In laws Lives in Dieman Holland. Found Sheelagh’s address on and it proved factual. She is moving around from one Air B&B location to the next dodging the US Department of the Treasury while she is traveling with an Israeli Pass Port as Sheelagh Liberoim.
    Been Receiving a ton of e mails and some phone calls from Bill collectors of Taxes and Student loan debts looking for her.

    Thank you Gene Ross and AdultFYI
    No one knows what a crooked tramp this whore is better than me. Glad I never had Kids with her. Shitty Parent now always out whoring and flashing her now old ass for anyone willing to spend the time or money rolling the dice on her undisclosed Hepatitis condition.
    Sheelagh also has Genital warts the type that is incurable and highly contagious during an out break and just prior to the flowering period of her condition.
    Be sure to inspect the insides of her infamous butthole and polluted Vaginal orifice both on the insides and outer extremities. Best to wear gloves, goggles, dental dams and double down on condoms as in a double wrap. This woman is an infectious disease host and carrier.
    Better to just run like everyone else has

  3. Why the hell would Mindgeek give Shy Love a contract to produce any content for them when she’s been feeding their #1 enemy information? How fucking stupid is Mindgeek?

  4. Shy Love will do the right thing and give Mike South the middle finger while He Mike South, Tom South, Michael Thomas Strother tries to blames Shy Love for everything.
    Shy Love is far from stupid and knows very well all this ends favorably by rolling over on shit head mush for brains failed never was Mike.

  5. Well, I seriously doubt that Mike South will throw Shy Love under the bus. She used him and now that he’s paying for it, she gave him the middle finger. Shy Love comes back to the US to make porn shoots like she did not too long ago with Briana Banks. She’ll be in Las Vegas for the 2017 AEE/AVN, she always attends, but I doubt that she’ll get served. I don’t think that Shy will get taken down, not anytime soon, she uses people to do her dirty work.

  6. Sheelagh Blumberg also known Sheelagh Liberboim. In Canoga Park California three girls on Shy Love’s web site now only one is on the site as of today were busted in a prostitution sting not too long ago. Two of the three females did jail time while another turned states evidence against the other two. This was a prostitution ring ran by Shy Love using the VIP Connect and LAX Models both unlicensed and not a bonded talent agency as a front for her supplemental income hooker activities.

    Shy Love will no doubt feel compelled to sounding off some lies to confused and distract attention from this with all her might. The response she will get will be undisputed evidence and proof.
    Let her open her fly trap mouth once more and this shady harlot will be poised in an failed attempt in disputing evidence of this while she further buries herself.
    Shy We know you are watching and reading this.

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