Bad news for Monica Foster: President Trump’s war on bloggers & fake news

The war on bloggers who post lies and libel has begun! Our First Lady has won a lawsuit against a blogger who libeled her in writing that she used to work as an escort. Sound familiar? Monica Foer is currently being sued for defaming Jennifer Randazza by stating that she used to be a prostitute and that she’s part of organized crime. So far, despite all the stupid shit that Foster has submitted to the court, she can’t win! In March of this year, the court will order her websites to be taken down and ban her from being able to write about the Randazza’s.

Foster keeps using the same bullshit excuse about people being a public figure, well Foster, our First Lady is the biggest public figure and she WON her lawsuit against a loser blogger who accused her of being an escort! Your bullshit excuses can’t save you. President Trump has declared war on cyber bullies and fake news and that’s all you are! After Randazza wins, you’ll be proven as an obsessive stalker who defames people, bullies people, etc.



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