Best M-I-A Starlet Award – Mary Kate Ashley

PORN VALLEY, CA – It’s very common watching a new girl come into the biz from out of town, only to be frustrated after a short period, enough to leave the business and go back to stripping, waitressing or her customer service job in middle-America. Frequently girls come to Los Angeles, feel like they’ve been taken advantage of, in many cases justifiably, and run home after learning a valuable lesson–this business is not for everyone.
It’s not very often, however, that male talent inspires your exit from the industry, trashes the industry and then vows to take care of you if you leave and never do porn again. This is the unfolding story alleged about Trent Tesoro and Mary Kate Ashley.

A former web cam girl and softcore actress, Ashley came to Porn Valley from the state of Washington about three weeks ago. She’s 4’9, adorable and after signing with Nasty Modeling, she was shooting scenes almost daily, all on big name movie company sets. According to adult star and Nasty Modeling production assistant, Katie Morgan, “she was already getting contract offers.”

Ashley appeared to be enjoying her work and new found career as were all those around her. AdultFYI is told she was timely, always chipper and ready to go. She did suffer from some health issues including hypoglycemia, periodic seizures and fatigued rather more quickly then the average person, but with her potentially promising future, people seemed patient when having to deal with those issues at times.

Supposedly, all things changed after Ashley joined at the hips in a recent scene with Trent Tesoro. Apparently the two hit it off, not only in the scene, but personally there was some interest in one another. Ashley was a houseguest Thursday evening at Tesoro’s pad and it all went downhill from there.

On Friday morning, Ashley was required to be on a set, ready to work a full day but was sent home by producers who claimed she looked like “hell.” AdultFYI is told that Mary looked strung out and no amount of time in the make up chair could’ve saved her appearance.

When Morgan was told of this, she told Ashley, “okay, no biggy, you have a few days off, relax, pull yourself together and then you’re shooting on Monday again. Plenty of time to be nice and fresh and ready to go.”

Mary stayed at Trent’s house all weekend. On Saturday, she was suppose to attend a Hustler party with Morgan, a respectful appearance since Hustler Magazine was interested in shooting a spread of her. Ashley was suppose to meet up with Morgan at about 7:00pm. No show. At 9:30pm, Morgan called and found out Mary and Trent just woke up and at the point didn’t want to attend the party. Katie felt it was a little disrespectful and frustrating, but in general, no big deal.

On Monday morning, Ashley was expected at Dick Nasty’s house at 8:00am so they could be on a set together by 9:00am. When Morgan tracked her down Ashley claimed that she wanted to take a cab to the set directly. Not being from around the Los Angeles area, Katie explained to Mary, “a cab from your house to Agura Hills will cost you $100.00. Just take the can to Dick’s house and we’ll all go together.”

Ashley agreed to those terms and supposedly made her way over. Call time comes and goes and Ashley still hadn’t made it to Nasty’s house. At 9:30am, Mary calls Katie and claims to have lost the directions. Katie confirms that Ashley is in a cab and on her way to Dick’s house, gives her directions and that is the last time Morgan heard from her until 7:00pm that night.

“We were freaking out all day,” Katie said, “we thought she was abducted by a cabbie. Then a friend of hers called to say she had a seizure and went to the hospital, but was fine. Then we were pissed. We called all the hospitals, we were trying to find her.”

After Ashley was found and determined to be okay, talks resumed on the coming shooting schedule. “We’re set for Tuesday shoots,” Morgan asked her, “all is good now?” Katie says Mary agreed and was ready to go for the rest of the week.

Monday at midnight, Dick is woken up by the phone. It’s Mary Kate Ashley. Nasty claims she called saying she wouldn’t work with Don Hollywood, the producer of the shoot she was scheduled to appear on Tuesday morning. Nasty explains to her that Hollywood isn’t talent in the movie, he’s the producer. This confused Dick because he claims she was well aware of this fact.

As the call progressed, Ashley started mumbling, whining and not making sense. In a tired stupor, Nasty told Mary, “you’re mumbling and whining.” This garnered a defensive and nearly psychotic response from the starlet who began screaming and cussing at him until she finally said, “fuck you” and hung up the phone.

Dick work up early this morning [Tuesday] to check on Ashley and make sure she was still arriving at her scene today. He phoned Trent’s house, where she was staying, no answer, Dick left a message. A short time later, Morgan called, no answer, Katie left a message. In Katie’s message on Trent’s machine she told Ashley, “You just can’t do this to people. Trent, you need to tell her how it works. If she blows people off like this and acts irresponsibly, she won’t get more work, from anyone.”

Finally the couple returned a call. They phoned Dick and he agreed to come over to Trent’s house and speak with them. When Dick arrived, Ashley came running outside, cussing at him, screaming things like he [Dick] was mean and evil. Comments Morgan says are so “unjustified.” Ashley supposedly screamed, “you’re making me work with people that are bad for my career.”

Finally having enough, Nasty told her, “go pick up your stuff from my house. You have today only to get it all out. Any remaining monies due you will be sent once the companies pay me and the checks clear.”

A short time later, Tesoro called Dick apologizing for the events that unfolded. Saying things like, “I don’t want to fight with you Dick.”

This hot and cold behavior may be part of the problem that caused an end to Tesoro’s former relationship with adult actress, Ashley Blue. One side of Tesoro wants to keep the peace and do what’s right, the other side seems to be working against porn.

In private conversations with Morgan, Ashley claimed Tesoro told her he wants her to quit porn. He’ll support her, she can live with him and she won’t have to be a part of this twisted business. Mary also says Trent expressed that everyone in the business is bad and he can be trusted to take care of her.

These opinions from a man who makes his living having sex on film. Yesterday he shot for Adam and Eve. Recently, he shot for people like New Sensations, Randy West and Jim Lane. In fact, he shoots often for Jim Lane. That’s funny…the set he allegedly advised Ashley to stay off of today…the one that was supposedly bad for her career, is a Jim Lane set.




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