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Bisexual Britni’s Like a Bad Rash Says Samantha Sterlyng in KSEX Interview

It was old home week at KSEX Friday night when Samantha Sterlyng one of the station’s original co-hos paid a return visit. The last time Sterlyng was in the studio she pissed on Ginger Lynn, according to Wankus. “She was like rolling around in a kiddie pool.” Sterlyng said she never pee’d on someone before who liked it like that. “It totally freaked me out.”

Wankus also touted Sterlyng as the best [radio] partner he’s ever had in his life in a non-sexual sense. Sterlyng, a controversial Internet figure, generated some more recently when a review on an escort site stated that Sterlyng liked cum. “Oh my God, that’s not a correct review,” Wankus corrected.

“I’m like a pitcher with a bad elbow- a porn star who doesn’t like cum,” Sterlyng, now sporting a nose ring, quipped. Co-ho Katie Morgan was quick to chime in with her distaste for it, also. Sterlyng observed that now she’s living in Maryland, she’s seen a lot of cute girls who seem to be anti-girl. Wankus also suspected that Maryland wasn’t exactly the cultural lair of nose piercings. Sterlyng said she got a wild hair up her ass the last time she was in L.A. and had it down then. “And I got my eyebrows tattooed so where I don’t have to draw them on anymore,” she added. Sterlyng was in town again to sign papers and make her divorce official.

One of the chat room habitues wanted Sterlyng to show her feet and Sterlyng said on the condition that he join a foot fetish website she was thinking of creating. Sterlyng said she was going to go crazy “with that shit.”

Unbeknownst to Sterlyng, she was ambushed with the appearance of Felicia Fox and Kiki D’Aire. Sterlyng had created a tempest in recent months when she insinuated that Kiki’s vaginal odors could knock a shit fly off a cow’s ass.

“What a lovely surprise,” Wankus said. “Surprise, my ass,” retaliated Sterlyng who said she could almost bet money that there was going to be a set-up. Sterlyng wanted to make it clear that her problem was never with Fox.

Sterlyng: “And it was never, ever with Kiki- I will clarify this and swear to this to my day. You know how I am when I say shit. I don’t mean it to be mean. I never even said Kiki’s name, even. I used the spelling of her last name. I never even said her name in the column. Never once.”

Asked if the issue was aired out, so to speak, Sterlyng said she realized that it was taken the wrong way. “I wrote her [Kiki] something saying I didn’t mean it the way it was implied. I was just in a foul mood when I wrote it and it was written the wrong way and taken totally out of proportion.” Wankus said there was rumors that Sterlyng didn’t go to the Tampa Show because of that issue. Sterlyng said she had serious bronchitis and let the show’s organizers know well–in-advance that she wasn’t going to be there. “I paid them for the fucked-up tickets and made it right.” Wankus said Mike South wrote that Sterlyng was avoiding the show because of Kiki. Sterlyng said The Sports Swami tried pulling the same shit.

Kiki added by saying that Swami wants to be a player and he’s not one. Sterlyng and Kiki both noted Swami’s penchant for pulling obscure sports names out of a hat and trying to link porn girls romantically to them.

Fox was asked about her recent bukkake and what was she thinking of by accepting to do it. “I got paid well,” Fox said. “They call us porn actresses for a reason.” Fox said she got yelled at several times because she had a towel beside her and tried to wipe her face. “As long as I can’t see it, I’m okay.” Morgan said you can smell it. Fox begged to differ. “Thirty guys you can’t smell it.” Fox aid all went well and she took it a lot easier than she thought she would. Sterlyng wanted to know if you get paid per guy or a lump sum. “What if some guys come twice. Do they pay you per pop?” Fox said there’s a flat fee because some guys don’t come. Fox said her rate was based on 20 guys and that she would have gotten more if more came.

It was noted that Jim Powers’ bukakkes involve between 70 to 90 guys. Sterlyng also wanted to know if that doesn’t make your hair hard [like in There’s Something About Mary]. Fox said, no, that it’s like the softest protein mass you’ve ever had in your life. “You wash that shit out and your hair’s so soft.” One of the char room listeners wanted to know if Kiki ever did a cum bong. Her answer was yes. “I did a bukkake for Powers like three or four years ago,” said Kiki. “I think the total load was 86.” Kiki said a majority of the guys miss the target anyway. “It looks a lot worse than it is.” Kiki said she got through the scene thanks to a bottle of vodka. Fox said she was looking for lots of liquor, too, but didn’t realize that she was in a dry county. “I had to do it completely sober.”

Sterlyng said she might consider doing a scene like that depending on the amount of drugs that induced her. “It’s a gag-reflex thing for me. If I could get over the gag reflex I think I’d be okay.”

At one point the chaotic exchanges among the girls couldn’t determine who was saying what, but there ensued a discussion about old folks homes, sponge baths, rancid bodily fluids and titty butter. “That’s way worse than come,” one of the girls noted about fat lady orifices.

On another issue, Wankus said Sterlyng never gave him the luxury of sexual participation. “I never wanted to see it, touch it,” she said. Wankus howver noted that Fox inhaled his semen one evening [literally] during the course of a blowjob when he came all over her face.

Sterlyng wanted to know what happened to the camel jockey, Boo-Cocky. Wankus wrote off the former KSEX intern drama by saying Boo-Cocky moved on to bigger and better things. “A bigger camel- I got ya,” Sterlyng responded.

It was also noted that Bisexual Britni has long dogged Sterlyng. “I’ve dodged her successfully for three years,” said Sterlyng. “This girl’s on me and I can’t shake her. She’s like a bad rash.” Wankus said to this day Bisexual Britni persists on the issue. Sterlyng recounted an instance during Extreme’s Porno Boot Camp how Britni wanted her to breathe extra hard on her. “It was amazing what this girl would be willing to go through. It feels like a Michael Jackson-thing to me to even look at her. She looks so young.” It was noted that Britni might be the only person out there whiter than Michael Jackson.



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