BREAKING: and….NEW! Donald Trump Becomes 45th President Of The United States, Liberal Heads Everywhere EXPLODE!

It’s OVER! Liberals that promised to move out of the U.S. if Donald Trump was elected – START PACKING YOUR SHIT!


We are particularly happy at how upset this will make the fat liberal dykes that came to our site recently and claimed that we hate women, writing hateful, angry message after message on our OPEN, UNCENSORED comment section. These angry, intolerant liberals came here, did a hit and run and took off as fast as they could to their liberal safe spaces where blocking and muting are allowed and where they could not read our responses to their shit. Well, look at you now.


We don’t think they’ll be back. They can bury their heads in the sand now or better yet, get the fuck out as promised. Go to Africa with the rest of the Black Lies Matter frauds and see if things are better for you there. We’ll see how long you last there when you wreck someone’s neighborhood or business with one of your silly protests.


Hopefully President Trump will start cracking some skulls when he takes office. Hopefully any and all of these Black Lies Matter pieces of shit will be tear gassed and then arrested if they ever pull their “peaceful protest” bullshit where they loot, destroy and rob small businesses and wreck neighborhoods and livelihoods. Game over, assholes.


It makes us overjoyed to witness the pain and suffering of entitled and arrogant homosexuals, millennials and stupid women everywhere. And don’t take it out of context again, we love women, just not women like YOU! Game over for you too, trannies and perverts. Doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get your jollies using the women’s restroom anymore. Hopefully this country will find its balls again and take it back from the homosexuals, perverts, trannies, freeloaders, career victims and the rest of the disgusting cretins that have run amok for nearly a decade. The jig is up.



Finally, we would like to offer help packing to the scumbag liberal celebrities that promised to move away if Trump was elected. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of here and don’t come back. Reading some comments on Twitter earlier, don’t even think about going to Canada or the UK or most first world countries because they don’t want you either. Start researching 3rd world countries, pick one and off you go.







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