Breaking Down The Cameron Bay Mystery; Was It Kink.Com in the Library with a Smoking Gun?

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“I’m hoping to talk to Cameron Bay,” Rob Black was saying.

“I have information, and I can help her. I can’t imagine that John Stagliano or anyone in this industry is doing anything for her.

“There’s no happy ending except change the business. When I break down Cameron’s timeline, it’s clearly obvious she only worked for Kink during that time span of testing.

“When you go through her timeline, she worked for Kink around the same time she got her last fresh test. Unless APHSS, they’re all lying, she had a fresh test. She then got wounded on set. Her breast became damaged.

“There is evidence on pictures we posted. She then went to the doctor where she got an exam. She was notified of “horrible news”

“’I have breast tissue damage and have to sit around for a couple of weeks.’

“She then proceeded to not work until she went back to the doctor for a Brazzers scene. The doctor said her breast was fine and the deep tissue damage was healing. The doctor cleared this girl to work, which, in turn, by all accounts, if she got her results, she tested Saturday before noon.

“The test came up dirty Monday. That timeline is all we got to go on. We can all dissect her personal life, but it’s all what your personal lives are. Hmmm.…Public Disgrace and her breast was busted by a spectator who got out of hand. Why would you in a million years think that if has a spectator out of hand, that a person with HIV could not infect a woman? [Think John Stagliano]

“You’re telling me that someone who punches her tit to wound her and they got HIV, she wouldn’t get it? In that timeline an investigator might say hmm…grounds to investigate. No one else has talked about scenes this girl has shot which then leads us to the private world.

“This girl is an experienced escort and hooker just like Alana Evans and Amber Lynn…the list goes on…I can’t imagine that any trained hooker would randomly let a John they did not know come inside of them.

“I can’t imagine that any experienced escort in our business would have sex with a stranger-John and let that guy come inside them. I don’t believe she did that. Or maybe she did a private in the business that she assumed was tested.

“Maybe a girl’s boyfriend that likes to have his girlfriend call a hooker friend and date-rape them. That’s the second class of privates.

“If that person is HIV and they infect Cameron Bay she’s no different than any other girl out there.

“The other scenario now is her boyfriend. When all this happened Mike South, Free Speech all wanted to tell you it was a couple who just got into the business; that dissolved into a performer and her boyfriend and that’s dissolved into criminal.

“Nobody wants to talk about a gay boyfriend. I don’t think that existed. We haven’t heard any more about this boyfriend. Let’s say the girl hung around with Wolf Hudson, Rod Dailey, Jeff Stryker. Wolf Hudson’s a Kink boy. Rod Dailey is a Kink boy.

“If this girl dated a crossover talent, he was not some flash in the pan rent a boy. And I can’t imagine a crossover guy is indiscriminately passing it along to unsuspecting porn performers. I don’t believe that bullshit which draws us back to Kink.

“If she had a crossover boyfriend that infected her with AIDS, you better get rid of Christian XXX, Seth Gamble, Ryan Driller, any of those guys who were doing gay things. You’re no different than Wolf Hudson.

“Danny Wylde sucks cock but when he was with Lily Labeau that made him cool and respectable, but he is what everybody bitches about. Rocco Reed was/is the biggest homosexual. He didn’t just one day decide he was gay. Chanelle Preston used to fuck him in his ass. Asa Akira and Rocco Reed would call Wolf Hudson- ‘Asa wants to see you suck my cock.’

“Spiegler girls were dating crossover guys but everyone attacks Cameron Bay because she hung out with a guy who was on the gay side.

“You have a business trying to tell you she’s an aberration; I’m telling you Cameron Bay has every base covered. You’re going to tell me she’s a criminal? Kayden Kross has a criminal beef – she tried to swindle a veteran out of his house. She did it in a classier way.

“Stormy Daniels got arrested for beating the shit out of Mike Moz. She did what OJ Simpson did. Susan Colvin has been convicted of a charge with a plea deal. We could go down the list. What girls have not had some fucked up shit going on with their lives? Trinity St. Clair is involved in a huge hooker shakedown scheme. We have a business that is hurling rocks, and it’s led by Steve Hirsch who’s the mayor of AIDS-town.

“I’m going to tell you Cameron Bay got HIV on Public Disgrace where people with HIV are allowed to get involved with talent in sexual situations. Can any rep from say unequivocally that every single person that put a finger, a digit other than a penis in a woman on a set has an HIV test? Peter Acworth the coke lord, Princess Donna, I guarantee none of them will come forth and call me a liar.

“You have a company stationed in San Francisco where even the population would tell you they have a higher rate of homosexuality and a higher rate of HIV transmissions.

“San Francisco is a hub of gay activism. There in San Francisco sits an armory that houses everybody. Cameron Bay’s last acting experience was on so, circumstantially, that makes it ground zero for HIV.

“All roads lead to unless we found out that Cameron Bay visited crack junkie heroin houses where they all share needles later followed by a tranny gangbang where she has intercoursed up her anus. Want to blame crossovers?

“That’s all you have at The gay side of – they use condoms- ain’t that something. Why do they use condoms and if they do, why doesn’t the straight side?

“Gays have AIDS they wear condoms. Down here in Porn Valley we don’t. Explain to me why half of wears condoms and the straight side doesn’t.

“But I forgot. pays everyone their rate. And when you’re into beating people, degrading them and wiping their face with their assholes, so to get pretty blonds and not some slob swinger wife, was invented.

“Spiegler will send Skin Diamond and when Brooklyn Lee worked, Brooklyn Lee. As long as is feeding Mark Spiegler and Derek Hay thousands of dollars, and as long as they keep having girls like Andy San Dimas, as long as there’s girls bamboozled and bullshitted, you will have promoting their brand of self human destruction.

“Plus they let in everyone off the street to poke and probe female talent.

“Unless I’m proven wrong, Cameron Bay caught this disease on a set. That armory is a public nuisance and assemblymen are getting into the picture. is a ground zero of an HIV crisis, and they must be destroyed. The San Francisco community can take their land back from an English sonofabitch who perpetuates death and destruction.

“He sits around like the guy from Boogie Nights firing off his guns; he won’t let the police enter his building. The only solution is get rid of all the talent or attack the problem and get rid of companies like

“Isadore Hall, Michael Weinstein you have the ammunition you need to rid that community of that eyesore of filth in the community which houses cocaine, illegal guns and a breeding ground for HIV. Explain why half the talent wears condoms and the other half doesn’t. How is it they can let derelict strangers off the street finger bang adult film stars. How does an industry let this happen?

“Greed and money and this is why you have to legalize to take the criminal elements out of it with licensing, testing and getting rid of the agents.


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