BREAKING: Monica Foster to attend AEE/AVN!

In SHOCKING news, has learned that HIV+ failed prostitute Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers will be attending the AEE show on a press credential and will attempt to pass out copies of her shitty new single. She spend a lot of money on these CDs even though no one buys CDs anymore and as no one in her family has musical talent. Her sister is well known for making a fool of herself and her father has no rhythm. Make sure to pick up your complimentary copy at the show.

To close out the weekend, Mayers will be trolling the red carpet at the AVN awards show and asking racially charged questions of ONLY the White and Asian performers. She will throw softball questions at the Black performers.

Since her man is out of office in a few days and since it does not look good for her in her court case in a few weeks, Mayers claims that she will be ‘traveling’ and will need to step away from social media for awhile. This is where she proves that all whores lie. Really what she is doing is leaving before she gets kicked off, which will happen in March. She’s trying to save face. We already have seen “big shot” Mike South get exposed as an unpopular fraud and liar and we suspect Christianx is a lying sack of shit as well with his “I was black balled from mainstream porn but somehow I make more now with my shitty low budget tranny and fatty sites than I did as a producer for one of the biggest porn sites online” schtick and we are watching Mayers slowly get exposed as a fraud as well. ALL. WHORES. LIE!

So stop by this weekend and say hello to Mayers in what will likely be her final appearance before she disappears from the spotlight forever.


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