BREAKING: Monica Foster to get back in the dating game! Here’s your chance boys!


The news is good for any middle aged men that are looking to score a porn star wife on the cheap. Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers has announced that she will get back in the dating game in 2017 and her standards have been dramatically lowered. All men between 39-50 that are interested in taking on a woman with huge baggage and a fresh $500,000 debt load should polish up their resumes and hit the gym for their chance to score this black beauty for cheap!

Ms. Foster’s ideal “man” is really between about 16-25 but she realizes now that that ship has sailed as she nears 40 and now that she has been outed as a potential predator of young men, her age requirement has been bumped up significantly. She does not need any additional heat on her at this time. We actually believe this little stunt is her way of taking some heat off of her as her court date looms but we’ll play along.

In addition to being more age friendly, Ms. Mayers apparently is no longer seeking successful men but specifically targets complete and total failures in life like Barry @NYCFUNK Nelson and Sean 10 half black bastard kids by 10 different women Tompkins full time porno stalker fanboi blogging loser. Criminals, drug addicts, thieves, murderers, rapists and deadbeats feel free to apply!

It is also great news that the happy new drug addicted and debt riddled aging couple will have children. When the kids graduate high school (Something their mother never did), if they get that far, Ms. Foster will be close to 60 while her “man” could be as old as 70+. Then the happy couple can sign the kid up for student loans and put the family in debt until the day they die! This sound like a great plan!

So with that out of the way, your resumes should be fired off to her ASAP. There will be a huge demand for this. Get your credentials sent in and hope for the best! We will be keeping tabs on this.


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