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Bree Olson Adds Dash of Mystery to Carmen Luvana Adam & Eve Drama

The question is posed on ADT: Is it true that Carmen Luvana has decided to quit porn?

> Carmen Luvana responds: The answer is no, i am still with adameve and have not quit.

i did read mike south post, but just because adameve might of told him that i am not signing again with them in 2008 “witch i doubt” does not mean a person is quitting.

I am glad they signed bree, she is sweet and she looks good. call it a replacement thats fine, but the truth of the matter is for the last 3 years adameve has been looking for at lease 3 more girls to sign, and they havent been able to as the one they have approach are not reliable or not to their standards. So bree being singed is just another adition to the adameve team.

> Mike South writes: Interesting…Cuz it wasn’t really Adam and Eve that spilled it to me, It was Bree. Then someone close to Adam and Eve confirmed it.

And the word on the street is that you are still doing appearances and such but not shooting anymore and that in January you will not renew your contract with them and will bow out of the biz to lead a “normal” life…whatever that is.

So what part/parts of that are not correct?

> Carmen Luvana responds: Well funny agagin because i dont even know bree, have talked to her for about 10 minutes in hawaii and like for one minute in the third degree shoot, so she does not know me or has spoken to me in order to make such a remark.

And maybe if i am not shooting anymore this year is because my deal is diffrent and i no longer have to shoot 8 movies like i always did but 5. but then again why would i have to explain my self on why my movies are done when i should not have to disclose and inform on my contract details just for the simple reason of what people speculate?

i adore you mike and have no probloms with you, it is obvious that if you hear a “rumor” you would want to post it, so i dont blame you, but of course i am always going to clarifie. and i have nothing to hide if i was done i would say it, i mean why the hell hide it……..
and maybe if i am not renewing my contract in 2008 “Witch i have not said i am or not)could it be because maybe i have other plans in this biz that does not nesesarlly mean i am leaving…

> Mike South writes: hey you know I love you too babes…I think you are the best contract girl in all of porn and you know that.

I support ya no matter what ya do and Bree did in fact spill the beans on that in an interview she did that is going to be posted very soon. Adam and Eve should know who the interview was with…aint my place to tell it.

> Carmen Luvana writes: Am I gonna see ya in Tampa or at Internext?

Defenetly in tampa 4 sure. so if bree is providing this info,then bree may be a litthe crazy then, because she does not have a 5 year deal.
miss ya, hope to see you soon.

> YogaDame adds: Might this rumor have started at Fleshbot? Gram Ponate posted it on July 17, three days before Mike South.

Anyhow, I’m glad Carmen’s not leaving. I really enjoyed O: The Power of Submission, including the anal scene with Evan.

> officialbreeolson writes: I don’t recall saying that Carmen was leaving….someone had told me this may be her last year by her choice of course but I am not certain on that and I certainly wouldn’t go around discussing it. If I mentioned something about it huge apology to Carmen. I must have been talking to someone in confidence or said something really short about it and it got blew out of proportion and then someone managed to blab about it on here.

Bree Olson

P.S. For future reference I will not mention you anymore Carmen unless it pertains to a scene, movie or your hot body and pretty face. But trust me when I say I am not going around trying to bash you or hurt you in anyway. If anything I want your autograph!

> Carmen Luvana responds: Sweetie i understand its ok, thats how things work if a person mentions to someone that she may not be signing with the same company next year emidietly, i am either quitting or pregnant…LOL

Pregnant me…ha ha, no i wish i knew i can be like teagan in that department where she had a baby and looks stunning and beutifull as ever, but unfortunetly i am puertorican and that dosent run in my blood,i dont think after a baby i would look nearly as good, so babys are not for me , not while i still have to show my body.

And thanks bree you are too sweet, i dont care if people talk and make rumors, its the nature of the business.

get use to it, i did.,,,wink….wink. As long as its all clarified then where all good.


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