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Bree Olson Talks about Her Adam & Eve Contract

Porn Valley- With the departure of Carmen Luvana, it was announced this week that Bree Olson is the new blonde in the Adam & Eve stable. Olson was interviewed by Rock where she talks about her contract.

According to Olson, she and the company had been working on the details of the contract for three or four months and took their time with it.

“My agent from Foxxx Modeling helped me through it,” she adds. “When a lot of girls hear the word ‘contract’ they jump right into it because they’re so excited. I had somebody by my side to take the time and look at all the details.”

From what Olson says, she got what she wanted out of it and is very happy with the results. Olson, a heavy smoker with a two pack a day habit, said that’s her biggest weakness and that her will power just isn’t there. Nevertheless, Olson states that she’s down to 10 cigarettes a day.

Olson gets into a discussion about her onscreen performances taking note of some message boards which suggest she might be faking it.

“I just wish they could see behind the scenes,” Olson comments. “If they have to cut during a scene to fix the lights, me and the talent are still going at it! We’re not stopping! I love it!”

Olson concedes that she’s a very vocal person when it comes to her performances.

“It turns me on and keeps me going to be like that,” she says. “I really do enjoy it.”

Olson, who’s been in the business about eight months, considered herself a pretty average girl growing up, quiet, kept to herself, got good grades in school and had a few close friends. Even now she says she doesn’t live the porn lifestyle, avoids the parties and still lives in Indiana.

“My biggest concern is sprinkling my lawn,” she says. Olson also credits porn for allowing her to become more of a people person.

Before she got into adult, Olson was in telemarketing and described it as a really boring job.

“I was sitting in a cubicle,” she went on to say. “I’d had some pretty crappy jobs previous to that. I was really excited to get that job but once I got there I knew it wasn’t the life for me.”

Olson was going to school at the same time and knew there had to be something better than that occupation. So she went on the Internet and Googled porn applications, while posting her pictures on a site.

“A girl called me and asked me to come to San Diego,” she explains. Concerned about her job, Olson was told to, forget it, that she’d make more money in LA. According to her, she dropped everything and took a huge chance, not knowing what to expect or what the business would be like.

“It really worked out for me,” she concludes.

Another consideration Olson had to make was the fact that she was finishing a semester in school. Then she took a semester off. The contract, she says, will allow her plenty of time to finish school and be in Indiana more often.

From the way Olson talks she had been repped by a smaller company before Foxxx Modeling.

“Everything was really unprofessional,” she said. After joining Foxxx she started getting great jobs and was able to get her face out there.

“When I came to Foxxx I thought I only wanted to do it for a few months and save up some money and get back on my feet,” says Olson. “People really liked me. I didn’t think anybody would recognize me. I thought I’d just be one of those nameless girls that’s in the industry for just a few months. It just worked out for me.”

Before she got into the business, Olson was an avid watcher of porn

“I watched porn all the time,” she says. “I just had no idea how it worked. I didn’t know it was so professional. I thought it was just a camera person and two people performing.”

Olson also remembers trying to watch softcore movies on Cinemax,, but because her parents hadn’t subscribed to the channel, she’d occasionally catch a glimpse of a picture to give her an idea of what was going on.

“If you’d flip the channel back and forth quick enough you could eventually make out a boob or two,” she laughs. “When you’re a teenager that’s all you need.”

Asked if porn empowered her as a woman, Olson states, “Some people think it’s so degrading. I know a lot of guys that I get attention from now that I never thought I would. I guess in that aspect. I’m a really submissive person so I don’t think like that. When you’re on set, though, everything revolves around the girl. She calls all the shots. When you’re watching a movie they’re not showing close-ups of the guy’s face. They’re showing the girl’s face. She’s the main attraction.”

Olson admits that before she got into the business she had the perception that porn was dirty and unprofessional.

“That’s not the case at all,” she now states. “Some of the people I’ve met in porn are the most professional, responsible people I’ve ever met. It’s just a regular business like anything else.”

Fow now Olson says she’s focusing on her contract, would like to work maybe five years, start a family, finish college and get a regular job.

“This isn’t something I want to do forever,” she says. “It’s great for the time being. I love it.”

Olson also looks at porn as a positive experience and one that she’s not ashamed of. it and not be ashamed.


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