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Brittany Andrews – Guys Will Spend $8Gs on Her Just to Go Shopping & She Never Went to High School

So who’s the dumbass?

from – Brittany Andrews, 36, Midtown East, Porn star, dominatrix, filmmaker and web entrepreneur

Q: Tell me about your career.
A: I was in the adult-entertainment industry for 16 years. I had a 5,000-square-foot studio in downtown L.A. and I produced, directed and starred in adult films. I had an Internet company with around 30 websites which I produced all of the content for. Then I retired and started to go to the New York Film Academy in Union Square and became a normal person for a while. I just did my big comeback film, a parody of Sex and the City where I played Samantha.

Q: How well does your job pay?
A: I do very well, I’m in a nice place, and I was able to save up money and live comfortably for a couple of years not working, but my revenue is generated from so many different things other then just being in front of the camera.

Q: I saw the Pay Miss Brittany website.
A: Yes, financial domination. The concept is you get fucking nothing bitch, just fucking pay me. The funny thing about Pay Miss Brittany is that I’ve never updated it and it still makes me money. Sometimes from that site a guy will say “I want to take you shopping,” take me to Saks Fifth Avenue and spend $8,000 on clothing in a day. It’s happened. What I want to have is my voice triggered by the pay button, so they’re going to want to hit it again just so they can hear me say something derogatory to them. The whole financial domination thing is pretty funny.

Q: How did you get into porn?
A: I started off as a stripper in Milwaukee, and got an opportunity to do feature dancing where you go to a different strip club every week and you’re the star for three or four nights. The girls who made the most feature dancing were in porn so it was a natural progression.

Q: Why did you decide to go into stripping in the first place?
A: I was looking for a job in the back of a newspaper and I was curious—it’s like when you’re young and call up one of those naughty 1-800 numbers—so I called up a strip club and left a message. I went and auditioned and I was there less than 15 minutes and I had $75 in my underwear. I was like, Dude! This is what I’m doing.

Q: How old were you then?
A: I was 18.

Q: So you had just finished high school?
A: I never went to high school.

Q: Why not?
A: I had a bit of a rough teenage-hood. I started working at a pretty young age, like 60 hours a week from the age of 15. But I have no regrets; by the time I had gotten into the adult business at 18, other individuals at that young age would have made not as good choices. I started producing from a really young age, so I own all of my content which I’m still licensing out to this day.

Q: Do you feel that people in the porn industry who aren’t making smart decisions are being exploited?
A: I think that there is a lot of exploitation within the business, and primarily it just comes from girls being really young. They haven’t sat down and decided “what am I comfortable with? What am I not comfortable with?” You have to plan and time things correctly so you have a long career. You don’t want to do everything in the beginning and have nothing else to give. I just did my first anal scene. You’ve got to keep things back, time it right and do PR around it.

Q: What’s the worst part of your job?
A: Picking up dirty condoms… [Laughs] Cleaning ass off of your strap-on. [Laughs] Maybe at times having to stand by and watch some of the exploitation that does happen and not being able to… The fact they don’t like women to use condoms, things like that. That’s why I’ve always been very politically active in the adult business.

Q: How long are you planning on performing?
A: An amazing thing has happened since I’ve become an old bitch: This whole MILF and cougar thing has become huge. I’ll stop when I feel like stopping, and that’s why I retired the last time. I guess it really depends on how long my ass stays in shape. [Laughs]

Q: Have you had work done?
A: I do my Botox of course, I’ve had my boobs done twice, and I’ve had a little liposuction done on my hips.

Q: Was it painful?
A: Everything has been fine, none of it was all that painful. I mean, I owned a frickin’ dungeon, how can I complain all that much?

Q: Do you have any long-term ambitions once this period of your career has ended?
A: You mean apart from having my own ready-to-wear and couture strap-on line? No, just kidding, actually that’s kind of true. [Laughs] I’ll just do what I’ve always been doing; I’m going to be shooting porn until I’m an old bitch.

Q: What does your mother think you do for a living?
A: My mother passed away last year, but my Mom was always extremely supportive. I’m sure that she would have preferred if I did something different, however as a good parent you’re supposed to want your child to be happy and I was very happy. My entire family was very supportive and I think that makes a huge difference. If you have to lie about what you do to your family, you harbor feelings that you’re doing something wrong and it psychologically messes with you, which can take you on a bad path.

Q: Do you find your job sexy?
A: I don’t think I find it all that sexy, I find it sexual. When you’ve been in the business so long, it’s all fun.

Q: What is your type?
A: Dating or fucking? Because it’s two different things completely. [Laughs]

Q: Let’s go with the dating, but there is an element of fucking to dating, right?
A: Yeah, but I believe in open relationships, so when I’m dating somebody, I’m still fucking the kind of people that I want to be fucking. [Laughs] I’m looking to date men who are like myself: well traveled, make a lot of money, cultured, maybe with eight years of college or something like that.

Q: Do you ever worry about the risk of contracting STDs?
A: Yes, of course, I’m a hard-core safe-sex person. I almost didn’t get my role in Sex and the City because I said I’m condoms-only. The director said I was the first actress to ever ask him to use a condom, but that’s my soapbox and I stand on it. I’ve gone through so many different AIDS scares and know so many people who’ve gotten this and that. I have sex with a condom, I’m tested every 28 days, and I don’t do facial come shots either. All the come goes on my boobies. It’s about as safe as it can possibly get.

Q: When you hear about people that are forced into the sex industry through human trafficking and poverty, what are you views on that?
A: I don’t think pornography is going to change anything that’s happening with prostitution. That sort of thing has been going on since the beginning of time. I don’t believe any children should be sex workers, obviously, and I’m involved in a lot of different sex-worker and activist groups. I have a huge problem with how easily children can access extreme, hard-core porn websites. I think that pornography has a social impact on what men expect out of regular women. They’re all supposed to be porn stars and be able to jump into different positions and have a cock in their ass. And in the last ten years, there’s been a lot of degradation on film and I think it’s unhealthy. I wish that porn would go back to when I first got into the business, where women were treated with respect—like goddesses—and not having their head thrown into a toilet while their ass is getting fucked. If girls watch this, they think they have to do this kind of stuff in order to be loved by their boyfriends. I know it’s hypocritical, because I love raping men in the ass, but who gives a fuck about men, I’m just talking about women. [Laughs] Men should all be abused and raped, that’s my opinion.

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