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California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s Father Killed In Home

There was some sad news last night. Our condolences go out to the Mike Gatto family.

In case you haven’t heard, the State Assemblyman’s father was murdered in an apparent home invasion robbery in Silver Lake.

This is the same Mike Gatto who is involved in the regulatory debate on condoms in porn.

I got the news at about six am this morning. Breaking news on KTLA that State Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s 78 year old father was found dead with a bullet wound in his stomach. He was found slumped over his desk in his office. Investigators on the scene said that the house appeared to be ransacked. They also stated that there hadn’t been a murder committed in Silver Lake in quite some time.

Again, our condolences go out to the Gatto family. The loss of a loved one is a horrible event and our hearts go out to them.

Now it may be too soon to comment on this, given the investigation hasn’t been completed, but as we’ve said we are not a news organization giving you info on the latest awards shows. We offer commentary on the latest events and this particular incident has some very peculiar factors.

Now as you know, Mike Gatto has been involved in some controversy. From allegations by AIDS Healthcare Foundation of kickbacks from the adult industry to incidents in the city of Bell involving excessive salaries. He isn’t exactly Jimmy Clean Hands.

There is also a weird coincidence that the day a special legislative session is rumored to be brought to Governor Jerry Brown about licensing adult performers is the day his father is murdered in the hipster enclave of Silver Lake. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this seems right out of a political playbook.

Ask people about Vince Foster and Whitewater. He was found dead of an apparent suicide that was said to be suspicious possibly involving the Clintons.

I know it sounds conspiratorial, but this is a guy who has been involved in situations with Ron Calderon and corruption and a murder of a family member just as the legislative session is set to convene has many suspicious coincidences.

The whole thing just doesn’t make sense. Somebody who ransacks a house in Sliver Lake is not someone who is committing murder. It just doesn’t sound like a home invasion to me.

Most home invasions, they don’t even carry guns. It’s true, I looked it up. Besides getting a breaking and entering rap, they’re also gonna do a murder? Plus they shoot the guy in the stomach. A 79 year old man. They couldn’t just beat him up?

You know what it sounds like to me? Like a couple of politicians who was afraid Mike Gatto was gonna spill the beans on them, and they said, “OK we gotta send a message to this Gatto.” Other guy says, “What do you wanna do? Kill his wife?”

“Fuck no!”
“Kill his kids?”
“No no no”
“What then?”
“I know he loves his dad. Guy’s 80 years old, he’s gonna die anyway.”
“OK kill the dad. We’ll do like a home invasion. Mess the place up so it looks like a ransacking.”

Too many bizarre coincidences. They’ll probably pin it on some Mexican immigrant. Or it will be one of those unsolved mysteries.

I tell ya, this has been one of the most bizarre weeks in the world. Started off with Bank of America mysteriously closing my account, to word of a special legislative session to implement licensing for adult performers, which we talked about, to this strange sad case of Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s father being randomly killed in a home invasion with a ransacking.

It’s just fucking weird.

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