Cal/OSHA and Isadore Hall Deliver Friday Double Whammy; Will Adult Industry Leave California?

I tell ya, last week was kind of a slow news week for porn. But not on The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI.

Here are some of the highlights.

We reported on the previous Friday night’s XBIZ Awards, which included an as expected pilled out Jenna Jameson and we addressed Brad Armstrong’s comments on stage after winning Best Film for Underworld. We predicted that Jenna Jameson would reunite with Brad Armstrong and his wife Jessica Drake would be sent packing. You can read the details here

Then we talked about the slobs who attended the XBIZ Awards and about how the business had declined from the era of when we actually cared about the quality of our productions and how our talent looked. That story is here

Jay Grdina aka Justin Sterling aka Teddy Fine aka Mrs. Jenna Jameson took issue with some comments made about him in the Jenna/Brad article. Jay thought it would be a good idea to email me and deliver the veiled threat of coming down to “see me soon.” Needless to say, I was amused by this taunt by a sissy faggot cunt like Jay Grdina and took him to task for it. My response to Mrs. Jameson is here Did I mention that Jay Grdina is the CEO of Dolce Bevuto LLC, a publicly traded company that produces NOHO Drink, a supposed hangover cure? The stock symbol is DRNK. Having the CEO of a publicly traded company issuing threats is never a good corporate image, so my advice would be to not purchase this stock, or if you have, dump it immediately.

We also praised Will Ryder’s parody work and talked about the distribution system of porn and how Frank Koretsky turned company owners into slaves. Those stories are here and here

Then, late Friday afternoon, the adult biz got a double whammy. and owner Peter Acworth were hit with a hefty fine by Cal/OSHA for workplace violations related to the Cameron Bay shoot in San Francisco, where it has been speculated that she performed with or possibly acquired HIV on a shoot called Public Disgrace. One thing that’s not in dispute is Cameron was taken to the emergency room with a severely injured breast after one of the untested participants got carried away and punched her tit. We then reported that Assemblyman Isadore Hall had introduced another bill to mandate condom use statewide in California. The bill is called AB1576.

Let’s talk about the first whammy involving the fines levied against The article posted Friday on reads as follows:

“’s Peter Acworth Vows to Appeal Cal/OSHA Fines”

“Adult film producer is firing back at Cal-OSHA after it announced fines against the company in excess of $78,000, Kink said in a release.”

“According to Kink, the majority of the citations are related to relatively minor issues, such as extension cord violations and paperwork, which it believes are due to its ongoing overhaul of the 100-year-old National Guard Armory where its shoots take place.  However, the largest fines are related to the company’s policy of allowing performers to choose whether or not to use a condom.”

“The fines are excessive and, we believe, politically motivated,” Founder Peter Acworth said. “The complaints which prompted the inspection were not made by actual employees, but by outside groups with a long history of opposition to adult film. We’ll be appealing the citations.” 

Oh. OK Petey. You’re gonna lose. But have fun, asshole.

“ says it considers itself “an ethical leader in the adult film business,” pointing to its Performer’s Bill of Rights that explicitly outlines the right to use condoms.” 

“Some of our most popular performers always work with condoms,” said Jessie Lee, talent manager at Kink. “But many prefer not to, for various reasons including that they can be uncomfortable and abrasive on a long shoot. We’ve always believed that performers should be able to make that decision themselves. The government should not be regulating what we do sexually.”

“Cal/OSHA launched the inspections after a two performers who had worked with Kink tested HIV positive. Kink denies that the performers, a couple, contracted the virus at Kink — or on any adult set — and instead says that subsequent testing established that the two had actually been exposed to it in their private lives.
Acworth has detailed his response to the Cal/OSHA citations in more detail on his blog.”

Awww Petey. It’s so sad. You must be so upset. Hey Petey, are you gonna fight it and appeal it like Treasure Island Media did? Is that what you’re gonna do? Fucking jerkoff.

Hey Petey, let me ask you this. What are you gonna appeal? A state judge in the Treasure Island Media case has already ruled that porn performers are employees and are therefore subject to workplace safety laws. Your moron talent manager Jessie Lee states, “The government should not be regulating what we do sexually.”

Our industry is hilarious. Why do we always think that we’re so important and that we’re above the law? More so than a women’s right to choose. It’s funny because people like Diane Duke talk about not having the government tell us what to do with our bodies and she comes from Planned Parenthood. Do you realize in Texas that they’ve essentially outlawed abortion? There are states all over constantly trying to restrict abortion even though a women’s right to choose was affirmed by the Supreme Court over 40 years ago. Yet, our industry thinks it can defy rulings by judges and ignore laws on the books for workplace safety and condoms. You have people who are trying to deny women their constitutionally protected right to abortion and our industry thinks we can do whatever the fuck we want and their should be no consequences for breaking the law.

This is why our industry is where it is. Because of fat, tattooed wretched slobs who are talent and junkies like Peter Acworth. Remember, this is the man who was busted for cocaine and discharging firearms at The Armory, where is housed. Petey’s a regular Tony Montana, except I imagine the only scars he has are the ones on his gaping shitter from having transsexuals plunder it unmercifully. But I digress.

This English cunt, who is not even an American citizen, is going to fight the charges. Why? Because he says they have a performer’s bill of rights which states that the performer has an “option” of whether or not to use a condom. Uh, Petey, no they don’t. They have an obligation to not be criminals and to follow the law. They have the right to be protected from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. They don’t have an “option.” It’s the fucking law, Petey.

It’s time for to be shut down and for Petey Acworth to get the fuck out of America. You don’t like our laws? Then LEAVE! That goes for everyone else who can’t obey the LAW in California. The industry likes to complain and threaten to take their billion of dollars of porn revenue and leave the state. Then DO IT!

Diane Duke says that the inspections have less to do with protecting performers and more to do with stoking public fear about adult films, for reasons that have more to do with morality than science. She says the opponents of adult film have created a climate of harassment that is driving a legal business out of California. So Diane Duke, get out of California. Have the “legal business” move out of California. Instead of all you porn jerkoffs threatening, fucking LEAVE! Do us all a favor. But you won’t. Because if you could’ve, you would’ve.

Diane Duke, why don’t you set up Free Speech Coalition in Vegas? Everybody in the porn business pack up and move to Las Vegas. Do you think the state gives a fuck? You provide nothing but a big pain in the ass. California did us a big favor back in 1988 with the Freeman decision that made porn legal in the state. And what did we do? Become exactly what the LA Vice department said we were. Pimps with cameras filming acts of prostitution. Pimps like John Stagliano did away with scripts and production value and invented “gonzo.” Took what made the Freeman decision possible, which is the notion that the performers were actors making films and therefore constitutionally protected, to trying to see how many graphic stunts we could use the anus for. Pimps like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler circumvented the law by having “actors” like Richard Nanula skirt prostitution laws by setting up a camera on a tripod, essentially using Freeman to justify an illegal act of prostitution.

This industry got a gift from California with the Freeman decision. But other states don’t offer that gift. In other states, what we do is still considered prostitution. But we want to say to the state that gave us this gift, “Fuck you! We don’t want to wear condoms. We don’t want to obey the law. We don’t want to follow health guidelines like sushi chefs have to.” Literally. There was a new law that passed in California where sushi chefs now have to wear rubber gloves to protect the public from potential contamination or disease. Some of the sushi chefs are grumbling about it because they feel they need to “feel” the fish and it limits their creativity. But guess what? They still have to do it. It’s the fucking LAW! But our industry thinks we can do what we want. Fuck the public at large. We’ll spread whatever disease we want, because if you don’t let us, we’ll leave.

You know what I’d like to know? Where was Free Speech Coalition when me, Max Hardcore and Ira Isaacs were being prosecuted and convicted of and jailed for exactly what you’re trying to say the government shouldn’t do, which is limit our sexual expression? You know what you said, that what we did was out of the norm and shouldn’t be protected. What’s normal about having sex with multiple strangers without a condom because they have a test that is invalidated the first time they have sex without a condom? Answer that question Diane Duke. Answer that question Peter Acworth.

Everybody threatening to move production out of California, do it. See how welcome you are in states that aren’t protected by the Freeman decision. Steve Hirsch, pack up everything out of that beautiful building on Cahuenga and shut it down and move to Vegas. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Petey Acworth, take your kinky empire of abuse back to England and see how welcome you are there. You can’t even possess the types of videos you make back there, asshole.

So that’s one bit of news we got Friday. The other was that pesky Isadore Hall was at it again.

From XBIZ:

“FSC: Isadore Hall Reintroduces Condom Legislation as AB 1576”

“Free Speech Coalition said Friday it had learned that new legislation that would mandate barrier protection for adult performers was introduced to the California Assembly by Assemblymember Isadore Hall (D – Compton).”

“The new bill is called AB 1576 and was introduced prior to the deadline for new bills to reach the assembly, according to FSC. This is the third time that Assemblymember Hall has attempted to push through mandatory barrier protection; in 2013, he sponsored both AB 332 and 640 in unsuccessful bids to legislate condom use in the adult production industry.”

“This measure will further drive production out of state and create severe hardships for ancillary businesses,” said FSC CEO Diane Duke…

No, you’re not moving Diane. I’ve already said to leave, but you won’t. You know and I know you are not going anywhere. Cut the bullshit.

She continues:

“Last year, we were able to defeat AB 332 and 640 by going to Sacramento to lobby. It made a big difference for legislators to see people show up to protest those bills. When we go there again, to fight AB 1576, we will really need the assistance of everyone in the industry—our livelihood in California is at stake.”

“The primary advocate for mandatory condom regulations is non-profit AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which has supported Hall’s campaigns to have the bills passed into law. This latest attempt to mandate barrier protection usage is the latest development in AHF’s nearly 10-year long campaign to force legislation on the adult industry, FSC said.”

All the fucking bill is saying is you gotta use rubbers. That’s it. No hazmat suits, no goggles, none of that bullshit you tried to scare the industry with. It says the public deserves to be protected from the disease spreading mongrels in the porn biz and those mongrels themselves need to be protected from each other. And this is coming off the heels of a recent decision by a judge in the Treasure Island Media case where she said that porn performers are employees and their employers have to abide by workplace safety laws. You think it’s a coincidence that this bill is being introduced now? Isadore Hall knows it’s a fucking slam dunk this time.

Everybody knew this was coming. I told you it would be coming after the first of the year. There is no way that any legislator now has any wiggle room to not pass this because a judge has already issued a landmark ruling that says porn performers are no different from any other California worker that needs to be protected. They couldn’t say porn workers have a right not to wear condoms any more that a construction worker has a right to not wear a helmet. It’s going to pass and you all fucking know it. For Diane Duke, Steve Hirsch or anyone else to think otherwise just makes them look more delusional and retarded that we already know them to be.

So everybody get used to it. Start wrapping those weiners. You do know that all they have to do is take a movie that’s produced now and see that they’re not wearing condoms and they can prosecute the producers for health violations. You do know that, don’t you?

Everybody who is shooting now, get ready. David Lord just wrapped two movies last week, 9 1/2 Weeks and Untamed Heart. Hey David. Did your actors wear condoms? If not, get ready. Jules Jordan, all those anal movies that you shoot in your house in LA county, do your actors wear condoms? If not, get ready.

Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, New Sensations, Puba, Brazzers, Dogfart, whoever is left out there still shooting without condoms. Get ready. You’re all going to be violated and you’re all getting fined.

Believe it.

If you don’t, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Ask Chris Christie what’s it’s called.

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