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Carmen Luvana Peppers the Airwaves

Carmen Luvana shows the industry how she feels about her rumored romances and pretty much told the same thing to the Sports Swami in no uncertain terms last Friday, peppering the airwaves with a barrage of f-words.

Asked about her Adam & Eve contract, Luvana said it was one of the biggest things that could have happened to her. “They’re one of the biggest companies and it was surprising that they gave me one,” she said. “That’s one of things I’m honored about.” Luvana said Adam & Eve is going after the Spanish market. “Every single movie I’m doing with them we’re either doing in English and Spanish or we’re trying to put some in Spanish in them.” Luvana said her Carmen Goes to College is one of her series out there. “A lot of people like the gonzo style. There’s something about those movies. They have a little bit of comedy in them. And they just came out really good.”

Luvana said her feature, Rawhide just came out a month or two ago and is one of the biggest features Adam & Eve has done. “It took eight days and they shot in HD. It’s just selling great. It’s really beautiful. It’s a beautiful couples film.” Luvana said she worked with Evan Stone in the movie and Swami asked if there were any off screen sparks. Luvana said she loves Stone, that he has a great personality, and that she loves his wife Jessica Drake. “And it was one of the best crews I’ve ever worked with,” Luvana added. “Everyone got along great. We spent 8 days filming that movie. But a romance? No. It was strictly professional. Besides that, we just got along great.”

Swami came up with another idiotic rumor that Luvana was dating boxer Felix Trinidad and some other Puerto Rican boxing sensation, the name of whom Swami slurred over. Rob Baker’s name was also added in that list. “I’m so tired of this shit- I’m telling you,” said Luvana who began hurling a string of epithets, most of which began with the letter F. Luvana was bleeped on a number of occasions but there were instances when she got them in under the radar. “This is hilarious. You know what it is? People, if they have nothing to talk about people who are doing good, they’re not f…’n happy. People always want to talk shit.”

Luvana said rumors have put her together with Baker and that they were married and had “fuckin’ babies. What the fuck?” Though it didn’t exactly sound that way, Luvana thought it funny. Luvana said she tries to avoid the obvious politics of the business, but when she attends signings she will never go alone. Luvana said she’s gone to such shows on occasions with Baker but also has attended with Brian Gross. “And nobody says shit. But because most of the time I’m with Rob, every where I go people think I’m married to him.” Luvana said it’s hard for her to trust someone, and Baker she trusts. “He’s been there for me and has gotten me where I am today. Because of that, I guess, people think that I’m either married to him or fucking him.” Swami groaned every time Luvana threw in one more fuck word.

“You’re at least the fifth person who’s mentioned this to me,” Luvana continued. “People directly ask me, hey are you dating Rob? I really got to laugh. This is funny. Rob brought me into this business and he’s the only person who’s been there for me when I needed somebody.” Luvana said she doesn’t really pay attention to the comments. “If I paid attention to everything people talk, I’ll drive myself insane. If they want to talk about it let them talk about it. I know it’s not true.”

Luvana then told Swami that she was indeed married to Felix Trinidad. Swami bought it and Luvana began laughing having proven her point. “See how you fucking people believe anything.” Luvana said she understands the rumors about Baker because she spends all her time with him. “But I have my reasons why.” Swami made a note about the censors and Luvana said it was probably the first time she used profanity in a radio interview.

Swami also tried to incite an non-existing rivalry between Luvana, Gauge, Aurora Snow and Ann Marie. Luvana said there was no such thing. “I get along great with all of them,” she said. “Luckily I haven’t had problems with anyone in the business. That’s because I try to stay away from the bull. I’m the easiest person to get along with but at the same time I watch myself. I know how people are and they always try to look for ways to put you down. I always stay away from that. I think the girls in the business are great. I don’t feel I have no competition. Everybody’s here for either one of two reasons: either make a lot of money or try to make a career and be somebody in this business.”

Swami asked Luvana how tough it was growing up in New York with not being able to speak English. She corrected him on that point. “I was born in Brooklyn and I left New York when I was six,” she said. I spent all my life in Puerto Rico until I was 18. My problem was when I got to L.A.. because after I was 18 I went to Miami for 2 years and everybody there spoke Spanish. My English I never forgot it because I always tried to practice it. It’s not perfect but I always try to keep up with it that way I won’t forget it. But when I came to L.A. it was so hard for me at the beginning.” Luvana thinks her English has gotten a lot better her last two years in town. Swami made a comment about Luvana’s non-Latin features calling her a blond with blue eyes. Luvana said the blue eyes come from contact lenses and that her hair is naturally dark brown. “If I didn’t open my mouth you would never know I’m from either New York or Puerto Rico,” she agreed. You’d think I was a white girl.”

Asked if she was molested growing up, Luvana said she probably did the molesting first and that she makes a big point of staying away from drugs or people involved with drugs. “I really hate when people are fucked up on drugs. I do not agree with it. I don’t do it. Hopefully I won’t for the rest of my life.”

Luvana said if there’s been any changes in her career it’s how her website operates. “Me and Adam & Eve manage it at the same time.” Luvana said she shoots a lot of content plus movie clips, diaries, galleries, webcam shows and interviews are added frequently. “It’s me but there’s also content from other people.” Luvana said some of her future plans include feature dancing but she doesn’t see herself directing any time in the near future.


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