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Cassandra Lear, the Dragon Lady

Porn Valley- In an industry that often acts like it’s under hypnosis, an adult movie that relied heavily on it has some interesting behind-the-scenes chatter. And most of it seems to involve Cassandra Lear in Come Under My Spell a movie shot several years ago by Arrow Productions,

The movie’s hook was that Rob Seven, a stage hypnotist who also stars in the feature, allegedly put the women in the cast under for-real-spells behind camera, while he played the star-crossed Sir Lancelot on-camera who finds himself in modern day Las Vegas. Kind of like a screwy A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court with some monkey business thrown in.

Arrow’s Ray Pistol remembers getting a lukewarm rating from AVN because the reviewer, Wayne Hentai, thought Seven was faking the hypnosis.

“Rob Seven walked Cassandra Lear right into the guy’s office,” Pistol recalls. “He dropped her on the floor right in front of his eyes and told her that he was Brad Pitt, and she crawled all over him. He [Hentai] was a believer. After that he was ready to re-write that review to a higher A level than had even been seen before.”

The movie was supposed to have had a sequel. But you may have to go under some kind of spell to pass the time waiting for it. We asked Pistol if there was a chance of that happening.

“Not yet,” says Pistol lending a tone of voice to suggest that there could be a follow-up but who knows.

“We had a couple of technical problems with various and sundry people,” Pistol states. “But we’ve shot most of the scenes. Anita Cannibal did her first anal scene and last anal scene for that matter And Stevie Secrets did her first boy-girl in it. It’s interesting because Stevie Secrets is a lesbian. We told her [under hypnosis] that she was hot for boys. That was an interesting thing. I asked her how she felt about it and she said it was pretty good! Though it didn’t change her over.”

According to Pistol, to complete Part 2, he needs to get together with Seven and re-work the script a bit.

“We have three scenes and we need two more.”

With a couple of years lapsed, Pistol was asked if he could pull it off.

“We had various and sundry people get into situations, most especially Rob,” Pistol says.

Behind the scenes, Cassandra Lear and Seven had become an item. Except in Lear’s case she was much into playing games ala Bonnie Lee Blakely the woman Robert Blake is alleged to have killed. And both women shared something in common. They sought out very powerful, very rich guys on the ‘Net.

In Lear’s case she found one sugar daddy who was good for at least half a mil, according to Pistol.

“She had his kid, yet she was boyfriend-girlfriend with Robert Seven,” Pistol laughs. “That kind of threw the movie off schedule for awhile. There were political ramifications where a high political Las Vegas figure called my office to see what I could do. Lear’s sugar daddy was high powered. Put it this way. He’s a multi-millionaire who was pardoned by Clinton. It wasn’t that we didn’t have the money to shoot. There was some major complications. It was incredible and unbelievable. I’m having high powered attorneys calling me; high powered public officials calling me.”

Pistol, though, is quick to state that Lear’s no bimbo even though the resume is vaguely familiar.

“But she really isn’t,” he says. “She has this way with men. She was on Jenny Jones with the deal that she gets men on the Internet to give her great sums of money. She took a lie detector test and passed it saying that she got over $100,000 from a man. And Cassandra wasn’t even working scams. She was like Blanche [DuBois] in Streetcar Named Desire. I need and these guys would give. I need a car and the next thing she’d be riding around in a Mercedes. I saw her get a Mercedes and a Lincoln Navigator and a house that had to cost somewhere around a half million dollars fully furnished, very tastefully and very expensively. And she also got a boob job out of the deal.”

Under the circumstances cited, Come Under My Spell qualifies as a collector’s item, you might think. Pistol says it was also Lear’s last movie with all the attendant drama inspired by unrequited love.

“Cassandra was married to another guy in Idaho and she and Rob couldn’t get married,” Pistol points out. “They were trying but she had a prior marriage.”

As for the high powered figure who bought her stuff, Pistol said he took the kid which was a cute little girl.

“They had a kid,” Pistol states. “The kid’s now living on the west side of Las Vegas in a mansion with a silver spoon in her mouth. And he probably still gives Cassandra money from time to time. He broke up his marriage over Cassandra. And there was some talk of his marrying Cassandra and she wound up marrying neither Rob Seven nor the millionaire, but a school teacher. Lord help the Las Vegas Independent School District. It is an incredible story. It’s a made-for-TV movie. It’s about a girl from a small town in Idaho, and everybody wound up living happily ever after – with somebody else.”

Adding bizarre elements to the equation, according to Pistol, Rob Seven first thought the little girl was his but only found out who the real father was through court-ordered DNA testing.

“The court ordered Cassandra not to even see Rob Seven. He was not allowed around the child because he was an [alleged] bad influence. Actually he loved the kid and paid more attention to her than anybody else. You could see that he loved the kid. The kid probably had $10,000 worth of toys. They had one room there that was just for the toys. This kid went from rich to absurdly rich.”

Pistol recalls meeting Lear through Mad Jack. “She showed up on my doorstep wanting to do porn movies and wanting to meet me. That’s my recollection.”

Besides her predilection for scavenging rich men, it was also noted that Lear had also gotten herself involved on a prostitution rap. “It was a false charge,” Pistol explains. “She doesn’t pick up her johns in hotels; she works off the Internet. It was not her modus operandi.”

Remembering the case, Pistol said Lear and her friends were entrapped. “They got a bad judge,” Pistol recalls. “The deal was they didn’t charge her with prostitution. They charged her with being an accessory to prostitution. It was meant to nail people who drive limos for prostitutes, or cabbies who give tips has to how to get laid. That was how the deal had always been used in the past.

“They didn’t have prostitution on her,” Pistol goes on to say. “What these guys [undercover cops] were saying is we want to make a porn movie. Cassandra and her friends were quoting them prices to perform in a porn movie. But they weren’t taking them [the cops] seriously. Basically she was chatting with these guys and not paying too much attention to them nor hearing them that well in a noisy bar. She was along the ride with her friends. But next thing she knew they were escorting her out of the bar. She didn’t go to anybody’s room and she didn’t take money. But they got a bad judge and the charge stuck any way. The deal was if she didn’t get any more offenses against her for a year, they would drop the charges. And they did.”

Pistol agreed that it’s a great story, and he left out interesting permutations to it as it is.

“It’s a very thick fucking novel.”


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