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Catching Up with Richelle Ryan

Here’s a couple of interesting Richelle Ryan factoids. With the kind of ass she’s got, Ryan’s never done anal. Hard to believe that butt hasn’t been breached and inseminated on film, but true.

“I still think I have a great ass,” Ryan laughs.

But the piece of information that’s really trivia-worthy is the fact that Ryan [she’s repped by Gold Star Modeling] plays the same female character in two different porn versions of a Tiger Woods parody.

I caught up with Ryan who’s back in the business after taking time off to get married- a decision she now could have done without. Not one to be held down by social constraints, apparently, Ryan said fuck it to the nuptials and returned to porn last December.

“Back to the jizz biz!”laughs Ryan who left a year and a half ago to get married.

“I didn’t work out- you can’t turn a ‘ho into a housewife,” she rationalizes.

“But during that time off I ended up getting my boobs done!”

Ryan who’s now a 34-F thinks she’s just not the marrying type. Ryan met her now ex husband through a mutual friend who owns a security company.

“He said, I want you to meet my cousin. I think you two will really get along. As soon as we met, it was instant. I was working in the industry when he proposed to me, I thought, oh boy. I can’t be married and do porn.”

She was right in one sense. The marriage was over in five months. You wouldn’t think it, yet Ryan says that’s the longest relationship she’s had to date and this was also her first boyfriend of note.

“I had boyfriends at 18 and 19,” she adds. “But I don’t think those count.”

“Did they get anywhere with you?” Ryan is asked.

“Yes,” she replies.

“Then in their mind it counts,” I told her. “Because now they’re bragging about having banged a porn star.”

Ryan describes herself as a “wild child” who never followed the rules, and still is. Her first sexual encounter came at the age of 16.

“All my friends lost their virginity, so I was so anxious,” she recalls.

“Oh my God, I needed to do it. But I was disappointed like is that it? My boyfriend called all of his friends and told them he popped my cherry, like he got a huge prize out of it!”

“I think part of me is still so young,” Ryan further reflects on the failure of the marriage.

“I’m turning 25 in July.”

In hindsight Ryan now knows she didn’t leave the industry for the right reasons.

“I shouldn’t have given it up because I was getting married. I was having too much fun doing adult work. People don’t realize that we have the best jobs in the world. You hang out with cool people that are wild, crazy and fun. And then there’s so many other opportunities involved.”

Ryan mentions an MTV show she got to do because she was a porn star and that people still recognize her because of it.

Ryan was also well aware of the fact that she had been building recognition and momentum for herself before calling it quits the first time. She had also co-hosted a show on the old KSEX with Flower Tucci, called Tushy Talk.

“It was so much fun- I love that girl, I absolutely adore her,” states Ryan who has a website, which just launched a couple of weeks ago.

“And we’re waiting to link my Twitter page to it. I’m addicted to that. I guess it’s like the new porn craze.”

Ryan’s first scene back was in December for Naughty America. She worked with Christian.

“It felt great to be back,” she says. “I missed all my friends and just being in the industry. We have the best jobs, ever.”

Ryan is also well aware of the current financial upheaval in the business.

“It’s changed a lot,” she concedes. “I did my first scene July, 2006 on my birthday and it was phenomenal the amount of money you could make. But I think if you’re smart and do wise things with your money and not limit yourself to porn you’ll be okay.”

That said, Ryan announces that she’ll be going on the road feature dancing, so the boob augmentation seems to make a lot of sense from her perspective.

“I’m going to be a fun little act to see!” she announces. “I’m going to be in Mobile, Alabama, Club Diva, April 21st to the 24th.”

In her revitalization process, Ryan says she wants to work for Jules Jordan and do more scenes with Naughty America.

“And we’re going to see who gives me the best offer to do my first anal scene,” she adds.

“I’ve never done one, swear to God! I want to. I really want to.”

Ryan also wants Christian to have the honors.

“He’s such a phenomenal performer, and I think he’s so underrated. He needs more credit like Male Performer of the Year. He is beyond great. He knows how to position a girl and how she looks best. I’ve worked with him maybe twenty times and never had a bad scene. They were all just fucking phenomenal.”

Ryan got into the business because she was really fascinated with the whole idea.

“I was dancing at the time and watching a lot of porn at home in my personal life,” she continues.

“I was trying to be like the girls in the videos. One of my friends said you’re super hot and need to go out to LA. So I packed up my stuff and moved out there.”

Her first time on screen was with Joey Ray for

“I was nervous when I got on set, like oh my God, I do not know how to squirt,” laughs Ryan in the retelling.

“I thought, why did my agent book me for this? They’re, like, oh no it’s okay. We’ll fake it with a douche bottle and a bunch of water.”

“Axel Braun will show you how to squirt,” I inform Ryan.

As far as Tiger Woods goes, Ryan said had she been one of the girls, she doubts whether she’d have kissed and told. Though she did one better by being in two of the Tiger porn parodies- Tyler’s Got Wood for Adam & Eve and one for Nectar titled Tiger’s Got Wood. Oh so confusing.

Jonny Slim played Tiger in the Nectar version. Noting that her scene with Slim is getting a lot of buzz, Ryan feels it ought to be nominated for the Urban X Awards.

“He did this crazy sex position where everyone on set was like, holy shit,” laughs Ryan. “I don’t even know how to describe it. His ass is in my face and he’s fucking me like that.”

“That movie did amazing sales,” she continues.

“I was the waitress from New York. The Perkins waitress [Mindy Lawton]. I thought that was hilarious. We had a ball on set and Jonny’s great. He’s the closest match for Tiger from the porn industry, except he has more tattoos.”

Then in the Adam & Eve version, Ryan plays the same waitress character which probably saved on the pancakes budget.

“They really spent a lot of time on both movies making sure they picked the ideal characters,” says Ryan.

“In the Adam & Eve movie I had a scene with Tyler Wood and Andy Anderson. That was a lot of fun.”


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