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Catching Up with Vicky Vette; The Argument for Owning Your Own Content

It’s been about six years since I last chatted with Vicky Vette.

Since then she’s decided to be her own boss, stop shooting for other companies and is now making the Internet work for her. Vicky heads The Vette Nation Network, an exponentially growing network of porn performer websites run by The Vickster.

Vette has been town to attend the Freeones event which was this past Saturday, and she’ll be at Adultcon next weekend.

“We’ve been really busy with eight girls and two more coming on,” she says. “It’s a little bit insane.”

Though Vette discontinued shooting for other companies about three years ago she says her fan base has only grown what with all her networking.

“Now we own everything we shoot and in the long run it’s more financially viable. [Vette shoots twice a week for her site and goes live twice a week for members.]

“I also want to keep my content exclusive,” she continues.

“You just end up competing against yourself. You shoot so many scenes for Brazzers that they end up having an official site for you. I know so many girls right now who are so pissed off that Brazzers is releasing the ‘official’ site of so-and-so. I guess there’s nothing they can do about it- they shot the scenes, they got paid the money; they signed over the rights. But I don’t think they [Brazzers] should be calling it an official site because the girl has zero involvement. Except that’s the way it’s going in our industry right now.”

Vette says members of her website came up with The Vette Nation name.

“We have Sunny Lane, Shandafay- she’s an absolute nut [meaning in a good way], Michelle Lay, Sara Jay, Britney Brooks, Sasha Sparks, Deauxma, and then we have Bobbi Eden coming aboard- I’m working on her site.”

“It’s been really tough for solo girl sites,” Vette adds. “I’d call a girl and ask if she’d shoot content. She’d tell me she was closing her site because she can’t compete with Naughty America and Brazzers. ‘For $24.95 they’d get 20 sites- how am I supposed to compete against that?’ So we decided to get everyone together and between us all we’d be competitive and in the same ballpark. It’s really working. You join one site you get all of them.”

Vette also mentions that she’s proud of her girls’ showing in the Freeones contest.

“There were 200 girls, a 3-month long contest and we still had four girls in the Top 20, and then we still had two girls in the Top Ten. I came in second; Bree Olson came in first. Apparently it was pretty close and I’m excited about that. We also came for Adultcon- Sara Jay and I will be there. Shandafay is coming in from Canada and we have a new girl, Kay Stevens. She’s coming in from Canada.”

Vette says she likes doing Adultcon because it’s very personal and up close. Vette’s also quick to point out that she’s no computer guru by any means, that her sites are considered ‘amateur’.

“If you look at every review site, they always say the content is amazing, but the site design is really amateur. That’s where we always lose points.”

You think it would be more about the girls, and Vette feels the same.

“The way it’s going I find that all the ‘corporate’ sites out there all kinda look the same,” states Vette.

“Every time we get a review we always lose points on site design. They want all the bells and whistles, and I just think make it simple so a guy from Japan who doesn’t speak English can figure out where to go on the site and how to get what he wants out of that.”

With all the other stuff keeping her busy, Vette no longer goes on the dance circuit but figures she might return at some point.

“But even that’s not what it used to be, and I can’t be aware from the computer that long,” she says.

“We hired one person already to help us and we need to hire someone else full time. It’s getting to the point that there’s not enough hours in the day. It’s only my husband and I running it and another person who does marketing. Otherwise, we can’t expand.”

Vette’s take on the business is that it’s still good, and there’s a lot of money to be made out there.

“It’s just changing and you got to go with it,” she feels.

“You can’t keep doing the same thing and trying to get the same results. Those things don’t work any more.

“The Free porn is killing us,” she goes on to say.

“Rapidshare is killing us. We watermark all of our content, every one of our videos- we put at the beginning, ‘This is exclusive content to ; if you’re watching this anywhere else other than then it’s been stolen.’”

“We have some other plans in the works,” she adds. “But we’re not quite ready to talk about that yet. One, I don’t want to jinx it; and two, I don’t want anyone copying me!!”

Regarding Rapidshare, Vette says she’s been speaking to an attorney so you can take what you will with that statement.

“Maybe we’ll get somewhere and make headway for the entire industry,” she adds.

“They keep downloading my content and give it out for free. They always say it’s not us, we have no control over it but they upload whatever they want. It’s just not they’re giving it out for free, they’re actually selling memberships to Rapidshare. So they’re profiting off of our work, our copyrighted material. And somebody needs to do something about that. No one’s done anything about that and I don’t understand how we just stand by and let this happen.”

“The generation that’s growing up right now we’re teaching them that it’s stupid if you pay for porn. That’s the attitude nowadays with kids between 18 to 25. You don’t pay for porn- it’s ridiculous. We’re eating ourselves. Somebody has to take the first step.”

That being the case, Vette finds that her demographic is older people.

On another subject, Vette says the first time she had sex was at the age of 14. Her boyfriend of the time was 18 and refused to have sex with her because of her age and the statutory implications.

“He was a really good guy,” she recalls.

“I used to drive that poor guy crazy. I’d get on top of him and rub all over him. He’d have to take cold showers. I had a girlfriend at the time who had just had sex for the first time and said I could borrow her boyfriend if I wanted to. I said, wow, that’s amazing. Thank you. So we set it all up and I had sex with him. It wasn’t all that great. We drank a bunch and smoked. It was not that big of a deal. When it’s done I said let’s have another beer.”

Vette used to run a computer wholesale company in Montreal and had about 50 employees who now write to her.

“That’s funny,” she laughs. “They say, ‘We always knew…'”

According to Vette the question most commonly asked by fans of her is if they can have sex. Proof that a porn fan can get, indeed, lucky, Vette wound up marrying a member of her website.

“Right now here’s my only male talent- we call him the Peter North of the South. [Because of the ejaculatory arc.]

“It’s pretty amazing,” says Vette who had to cut the interview short to take a female performer to the airport.


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