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Charity Bangs Told You Don’t Like the New Testing Prices? Quit

“This morning I got an email from one of my people in the trenches,” Robert Black was saying on his Thursday afternoon show.

“She forwarded me a young girl’s [Charity Bangs] conversation with Mr. Pete. The tweets proceeded to go something like this.

“Mr. Pete: I don’t mind testing every two weeks but the new pricing is unfair. We need to speak up.

“Charity bangs replied. Hahaha. Get ready for people to tell you if you don’t like it you can quit. I spoke up days ago and got hell for it.”

“Charity Bangs, I love this girl,” said Black.

“My question would be- I’d like to hear from Charity Bangs herself and have a real conversation with her. She’s got spunk and pizzazz, and I think this girl could be a great community organizer. Charity Bangs was told to get her shine box. I’d like to know from her who were the people that gave her shit and told her to quit?

“Here’s my question, and this will tell me if she’s got the heart or is just pretending. This question is going to tell me and everybody if you got the heart to be a leader. I want to know who said that to you. Were they real industry names who told you that, and I’d love for you to tell me who they are.

“If they’re not industry people and just retard twitter yahoos, you are giving the appearance of having a voice and pretending to have a voice. If legitimate people in the business told you that, I would love to know who.

“I’ll take a smart water bottle and insert that into their rectum. Whoever would tell you that- if they’re in the business- would never have the balls to say that in public. They are gutless punks who I will make a fuck puppet out of.

“Do you realize someone is actually saying this to a performer? What people don’t understand in our business is the people who make these comments all come from companies that take care of them, be it health insurance, six figure salaries. They are the 1% with the rich man’s attitude. The other 99% are working their asses off for shit money.”

Black said it’s the 1% taking the attitude that if you don’t like it, lump it.

“The reality is, you shouldn’t be paying for your test. But you have Christian Mann stating in his bullshit jerk off letter there’s companies that won’t shoot you unless you go through PASS. And you have people like Mr. Marcus that infects talent and swears that TTS hid his tests for him. Then we have testing that you can receive from the county for free or AHF for free.

“Then you have a girl who’s saying aren’t these costs getting a little crazy and everybody shits on her. That is the elitist 1% thought attitude that exists in our business. You have people telling other human beings they have to deprive themselves of basic fundamentals that everyone should enjoy.

The other day Rod Daily spoke out that Free Speech was rebating him a measly $18 for testing.

“I’d like to know how many of the talent gets all of the money back to carry the company line of Free Speech,” Black wondered.

“All these questions come up, but Charity Bangs wants to know about the testing procedure, ‘oh fuck me, sorry for asking’.

“All you people need to check your shit, that the minute talent questions price it’s not about selling your Gucci bags,” Black continued.

“And those remarks come from do-nothing performers who have two-year contracts at Digital Playground. These girls who lecture you about economics are little cunts who make so much money it’s pathetic. Any girl who tells you she’s not an escort is full of shit. Maybe they don’t solicit it, but they have a doctor-lawyer sugar daddy or two.”

Black harkened to Kayden Kross who was dishing out similar advice on one of her blogs recently.

“She got lucky because she fucked that one perfect studio owner that put her in that spot,” said Black.

“Those motherfuckers are the ones who talk the biggest shit. Stoya, these people all have contracts, and are all the biggest talkers. Hey, girl, plan. Really? You got girls who are struggling to pay bills dealing with fat sweaty disgusting 48-year old Arab fucking guys calling them a piece of shit and fucking them without a rubber because they’re paying $5,000 and have some contact through an Asian make up artist.

“I can’t imagine a 15 year-old girl in high school is day dreaming about that. That really is an awesome life. I’m not real sure what 19 year old girl has visions of that and wants to get into the porn industry because she’s seen all these glamorous things about the industry and read up about the Free Speech Coalition and the great work LA Direct Models do.

“In three works she’s doing Jim Camp glory hole movies and lives in Derek Hay’s model house where she fucks him half the day. Then she’s told that Princess Donna and Victor will beat the shit out of her for $2,000. These are the things that transpire in a life of pornography. These are things 80% of the business does and the other 20% lie about.

“As girls get intertwined in this shit, they don’t care about the girl that’s coming up and take it all as a hazing ritual. That is a bitter bitch who has been duped in her life and the philosophy is fuck the next girl.”


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