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Chat with Selena Silver

Porn Valley- I had a chat Monday night with Selena Silver, who worked for Skeeter Kerkove,, earlier in the day. Silver’s dyed her hair blond, noting that she had to do something different for the New Year. “I was thinking well, why not. I’ve been brunette my whole life.”

Silver who went for the change December 23, said she loves it. “I’m going to see if blonds really do have more fun. There’s something extra hot about blonds.” Asked if she experienced a change in her personality as well, Silver says definitely. “I’m more gregarious and out there. Now I have to go through my wardrobe and re-evaluate all my colors and all the hair products and eye makeup and things that girls have.”

Silvers shot her Monday scene with Alberto Rey and newcomer Pascal St. James. “He’s French- he’s fairly new,” explains Silver. “Alberto was kind of translating a little bit for him. He speaks seven different languages so he can kind of mediate.”

“You wouldn’t expect some hulking guy like that to speak seven languages,” I observe.

“I was very impressed, actually,” laughs Silver. “They have this new kind of d.p. move that they did together that I have to say I’ve never seen before. Basically they were lying on their backs on the floor with their balls almost touching with one leg over the other. Then I crouch down over both of them. I crouch over in a reverse cowgirl type of position. I moved up and do and they just laid there.”

“It sounds like these guys have done this before,” I say.

“I think so,” replies Silver. “Or they had seen it done once in Europe, and Skeeter’s always up for something new.”Silver said she’s worked with Skeeter in the past, last time maybe a year ago. “Now I’m doing this one which is going to be titled All the Way with A which is coming out through No Boundaries Entertainment. On Wednesday, I believe, that is for Metro. He has me in a scene with Audrey Hollander and I will be doing something I have never, ever done in my life. Which is I don’t know even if I’m allowed to say!”

Silver said she had a 7:30 AM call time. “It should be awesome,” says Silver. “She [Hollander] is just insane. She’s a really sweet girl and I’ve reviewed a few of her shows. I’m so impressed. She has an appetite for that way out there kind of sex.”

Other than that, Silver tells me she’s been pretty busy this month. “I’m shooting four movies just this week alone and I’m signing for Smash Pictures at AEE. I got a few nominations for awards and that’s pretty cool.” Silver notes that she also featured a chat on her site last week with Keri Sable and Eva Angelina. “It was great fun,” she says. “Neither of those girls have computer access at the moment so there were a lot of people asking them all sorts of questions. I think both of them are going to go a long way.”

I wanted to ask Silver about the KSEX Games brouhaha from earlier in the year and she didn’t want to go there. “I’m just going to leave that!” she laughs.

So I asked what Skeeter was like to work with. “Skeeter’s amazing,” says Silver. “He is, I have to say, one of the most organized directors I’ve ever worked with. Just the fact that he shoots one film in an entire day when most people are doing one scene is a testament to that.”

Silver notes that she’s still reviewing movies for ADT. “Watching my porn every week.”

“Have you gotten tired of it by now?” I ask.

“I’m always interested,” she said. “It’s a good way to keep your finger on the industry and who’s coming in and what they’re doing. You get a good feel for it. It’s my homework, really.” From her observations, Silver says Keri Sable is a performer to watch. “I think she’s basically going to be the next Jenna. She’s just got it all. She does a nice scene. She’s beautiful. She’s intelligent. She knows what she wants and she’s going to get it.”

As far as male performers go, Silver’s of the opinion that there’s a lull for guys at the moment. “The top guys are all done up with different companies and so there’s not really a whole bunch of freelance male talent floating around. Alberto Rey is very good. A lot of those European guys are really good. They’ve got the stamina and know how to make it look sexy and how to make the girl feel sexy. I did a shoot awhile ago for Seymore Butts where he was looking for his next male stud. All three guys just had a terrible time of it. They thought they could do it. They beat out a whole bunch of guys to get to the point where they did this scene with Venus and myself. Pretty much the scene ended up with just Venus and myself doing a girl-girl because none of these guys could get hard. People underestimate what it is to be a guy and perform in this business.”

But as far as she’s concerned, Silver prefers to remain in non-contract status. “You have more control over what you want to do.”


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