Cheap, Lowballing Fuck @ChristianXXX1 Owned, Forced Into Damage Control Mode On Twitter!

The notoriously cheap and greedy Christianxxx was called on his abusive tactics recently which set off a Twitter flame war between the tranny fucker and @MaxExposurePics. Christian is forced to do damage control in these situations because he doesn’t want it to get out that he’s a cheap, lowballing, penny pinching Jew scumbag but folks, for years this penny pinching Jew has blogged about his cheapness, penny pinching and bragged about his financial portfolio to the porn world when no one ever asked or cared what his financial picture is. Just stick to putting your dick in men’s asses, “Chief,” and let financial advisors discuss stocks, savings and retirement issues. As for your portfolio, “Cool story bro,” but sadly for you, no one gives a fuck.


The battle began after this tweet was sent to the tranny fucker:


@christianxxx1@JessicaFappit You’re lowballing her because you’re just cheap, and she knows her value. So I applaud her for that

And it was on…

@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics you have absolutely 0 idea what I have offered her so you are just speaking out of your ass

@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics then she’s lying to you chief. Remember the FLOP #1

@MaxExposurePics  @christianxxx1 So now she’s a liar. Smh

In Christian’s fantasy land, a guy that puts his dick in the asses of boys half his age and that would not even be old enough to drink if they were in the U.S., makes him “superior.” Keep in mind his father was a doctor. The doctor’s son follows that act by putting his dick in young kids for a living. This is not what Frank Henry Wians worked hard for and had in mind for his sons as they were growing up.

Frank H. Wians

 ‏@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Keep your keyboard warrior streak going though, you’re making my morning slightly more entertaining
@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics oh I would say it to your face but let’s be honest you won’t ever be anywhere I will be.

And of course, Christian uses his requisite “Say it to my face, bro” that none of his flame wars would be complete without. Didn’t this bald pussy run out of a night club in Hollywood one time when Donny Long made him piss his pants? Oh, and Christian is about the last guy that would ever hit someone. If he assaults someone or seriously injures someone (And let’s face it, he’s some old man that really isn’t capable of much at this point) he can wave bye bye to a comfortable retirement and start practicing his Walmart greeting skills when his victim sues the pants off him and wins and wrecks his finances. And good luck to him rebuilding his savings at that point with porn being very different now than it was when he first started.

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 So you’re a con man and a psychic? You don’t know where anyone will be. Maybe you’ll be living in a gutter soon. Udk

Christian XXX@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics you are a nobody trying to get on my radar by being a fucking troll idiot. Congrats! #dummy

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 I wouldn’t care if you were brand new to the industry. You are not humble, you are arrogant. I don’t respect that at all.

 ‏@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics again like I care about what you fucking think. You are a pimple on the ass of Porno – get over yourself

Christian was run right out of the business and must work for himself, his girlfriend, or in 3rd world countries where many of his scene partners get turned away due to having AIDS. This guy is a bottom feeding scumbag just hanging on at this point. If you compare his career to that of an NBA player, he was once a starter and now – He is hanging on to his dwindling career by playing in the European league.

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Apparently you keep tweeting me, so you do care somewhat


 ‏@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Really? I dont see verbal smackdown coming from anywhere.
 ‏@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics of course not. That’s because you are a dummy. We’ve been over this chief – you gotta keep up!

Then a punch to the gut sends tranny fucker into Al Bundy mode where he bragged about his past. In his case, his career highlight was his magical Naughty America run that ended years ago and, by the way, was a gig he only got due to being best friends with the head dyke in charge, not because of any special skills he had. He was also eventually fired from that gig even though he won’t admit it.

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 You aren’t anybody special. You aren’t on any top production sites, and you have to take advantage of MTF’s to live. Sad
@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics are u serious? I was the main producer for Naughty america for 3 years. Man you are dumb

Max then points out the obvious:

 ‏@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Keyword is “was”.

Then another tranny fucker lie:

@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics yes dummy bc I left them to start my own sites and make all the money instead of making other people money. Good lord

Little revisionist history by the big bald fucker. If you recall, he was fired from NA, he didn’t just “leave” on his own. He also claimed to have been making $300,000 with that gig so he wouldn’t have just walked out to start the little piece of shit sites that he has now. Also, you will recall that he failed many times at making his own sites and was about to quit the business when his girlfriend saved his ass by “showing him how to run an XXX site.”

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Those sites are yours???? My god are they are terrible. You left a top rated site to make your 3rd rate one. Congrats
@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics coming from u that’s a compliment. Look in the mirror buddy. Being a broke loser isn’t a good look for you but keep trying
 ‏@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Lol. But you’re the AVN Award winner. How can someone like that fall so far from grace? Probably because you’re an ass
 ‏@christianxxx1  @MaxExposurePics fall from grace? Dude I just told you I make all the money now. You really dont listen or read very well
 ‏@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 By the looks of your site I dont think its very much
@christianxxx1  @MaxExposurePics but remember you don’t know anything about making money – we’ve covered this
@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 Yet thats your own assumption
@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics no that’s just a fact – you’re a bottom feeder – embrace it
@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 You expect me to listen to you of all people? I appreciate the motivation though
@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics you clearly need it looking at your site lol

Content broker” lol – A new job title created by the tranny fucker and for tranny fucker ONLY as there is probably no one in the business that calls themselves that. Is that a fancy title for – I work for my girlfriend and make appointments and phone calls for her and get her coffee? Lmao, bitch.

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 They’re still shit quality so…

@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics now we are going in a circle. You don’t know quality – you are a bottom feeder nobody

@MaxExposurePics @christianxxx1 I know quality when I see it.

@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics who are you? I know everyone in the biz in the world and I’ve never fucking heard of you. Ever

@christianxxx1 @MaxExposurePics of course not – if you listened to successful people like me you wouldn’t be where you are now dummy

See folks, this is a guy that failed in the real world and had to do gay porn, then straight porn and now back to gay porn to make money and also for his enjoyment as he is addicted to transsexuals and would have to become a sex tourist and pay to feed his addiction if he wasn’t in the business. He also needed his girlfriend’s help to stay in the business. He called Rob Black and Tom Byron “Losers” because they are porn “Lifers,” and yet he is now a lifer that has vowed to do porn until age 65. What did Black or Byron ever do to him? Again, this ugly bald fairy, wrinkles and all plans to fuck 18 year old transsexuals when he’s a 65 year old grandpa.  And again, his father was a doctor, his mother was a nurse and his brother owns a bar. His college teammates are all more successful than he is. He’s a failure in the world by anyone’s measure.


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