Children of Crossover Faggots and Faghags

What will happen to children of Crossover Faggots and Faghags? Monica Foster and the Tranny son of latent Homosexual and hidden Trannylover Nacho Vidal are good examples of two individual cases of children that were born to a Faggot father and a Faghag mother.

The same will probably happen to children of Manuel Ferrara and Dana Vespoli respectively Kayden Cross.

The male children of Ferrara will become gay or transsexual and his female child will become to a Faghag Whore at the worst case and at best case they will end up like the two adult sons of Sex-addicted Bisexual Crossover Faggot Rocco Siffredi who confessed that he neglected his luckily straight sons.

Another bad case is Faghag Whore Asa Akira that is married to Sean Moroney who is her former High School Boyfriend that now is her Cuckold and sucks the cum of every single Faggot she fucks out of her pussy and impregnated her.

Imagine what would happen if the child of Cuckold Moroney and Faghag Asa Akira comes into puberty founds the Porn Movies of its mother?

Or the sons of Ferrara and Vespoli who will find a Porn Movie where their mother gets fucked by Trannies?

This children will all get bullied at school.

Gay-for-pay-Crossover Faggot Criss Strokes wants children too and if he finds a Faghag that marries him and who wants to have children with him his children would also get bullied because of their Faggot father.

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