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Chloe To Start Working Again in March

Porn Valley- Chloe on her KSEX show, Tuesday night announced that she would be shooting porn again some time in March. Chloe, who had taken an extended layoff, had been recuperating from back surgery and said she was in the process of working out to get back in shape for the cameras.

“I know my upper body still looks okay but I need a little bit of work.” When she was at AEE doing the KSEX interviews, Chloe said she dressed in such a way not to show the cellulite on her legs. “I wore tights and short skirts but I made sure everything was packed in nicely. And I wore a girdle underneath my dress just in case,” she laughed.

Her guests for the evening were Brian and Best New Starlet winner, Cytherea,, Brian noting that Cytherea’s production company was shooting Meet The Fuckers and had wanted Chloe to be a part of it. But Chloe said she was uncomfortable with the way she currently looks. Brian said she gets the excuse only one time. Chloe also explained it was a matter of getting her head into the zone and getting back to work. “You take a year and a half off and you just get fuckin’ lazy,” she explained.

Chloe also mentioned that she had been reading the list of Best New Starlet candidates and Cytherea’s was the only one she knew. In a funny aside, Brian, who couldn’t be at the awards show but still dressed for the occasion “like a dork,” went out and bought Sirius radio under the impression that the award show was going to be broadcast that evening. [Variety had it wrong in its report- it was broadcast on the delay the following week.]

“It turns out we’re looking everywhere for Sirius.” Even funnier, Brian said in Cytherea’s acceptance speech, she thanked everyone but him. “But she didn’t even know her name,” he conceded. Chloe could see how that could happen noting that when she had to make acceptance speeches she’d draw blanks as well. “You’re so blown away and you really don’t have much prepared.”

Brian noted that Cytherea, if she won the big one, had her mother listed to thank for her support. He also cited the controversies that inevitably follow that gesture. For instance, Howard Stern, on his radio show last week, made fun of that. Chloe said same thing happened to her.

“But if you win best blow job you obviously don’t thank your mother,” Brian added. Chloe said the year she won best actress she thanked her mother who was in the audience. “Mom and dad expect to hear their fucking names if they’re in the audience. You’re thanking them for being supportive.” Brian was also of the opinion that girls in the industry who have their parents’ support are better off emotionally and tend to be more successful. Chloe was in total agreement. “You’re not thanking them because you know how to take it up the ass.”

Brian said even though Stern made fun of Cytherea, her accomplishment was advertised on his website, “It was on the front page of his website.” Chloe said she had been invited a number of times to go on Stern, especially when she could have used the publicity. “But I always turned him down because I was kind of afraid that he would drag something out that I wasn’t comfortable talking about. I just didn’t want him to treat me like a dumb shit. Everybody told me he’s not going to treat you like a dumb shit because you’re not dumb.”

Chloe mentioned that she got sunburned while scuba diving over the weekend and Brian ran with the ball, offering the suggestion that unless couples are positive about their relationship, they should not got to Hawaii together. “Hawaii will reveal in about eight fucking seconds if you guys are truly a couple or not. It’s so romantic and so perfect that if you’re relationship isn’t, you’ll know it immediately.”

To which Chloe said she and her significant other were in Hawaii last November when things between them were still going hot and heavy. “It was the most incredible trip. It was a magical trip. We went to Acapulco in May and it was even more of a magical trip. Aruba this past November sucked shit. The relationship was iffy and we were fighting. It was just a crappy little desert island. It was bad. The trip that I just took to Hawaii, I took alone. And I had a fucking great time. Everybody out there needs some personal space. If you’re in a relationship, marriage, whatever, you’ve got to have your own time.”

Chloe used the trip to get her head on straight. “In that time I realized I do want to get back into the industry full time. I do want to start directing again. I also want to start dancing again. I want to be Chloe again for a couple of years.”

On the subject of orgasms of which Cytherea could relate, Chloe was of the belief they are what put her on the map.

It was noted that the tell was Chloe’s eyes rolling in her head and her guttural sounds.. “Especially when it’s in my ass,” Chloe noted. “You can’t fake a good anal. It’s in your ass you make a different noise.”

Cytherea noted that anal girls tend to cry over their anal orgasms, whereas she cries not to have it in her ass. “It’s very uncomfortable.” Chloe told her she needs to distinguish between uncomfortable and hurt. “It feels like taking a shit backwards.” Chloe advised assuming the doggie position or the spoon. “What happens is the cock goes into your ass and hits your G-spot so there’s no way not to have an orgasm.”

Chloe said the only time she’s squirted is when it’s been in her ass. “I’m just cumming so heavily out of my pussy from having it in my ass.”

Brian suggested having Chloe come over and serve as an anal guide. Cytherea said while she wants to do anal, she’d also like to know what the anal orgasms are all about. Chloe explained that it was stronger, more animalistic and guttural. “The noises you’ll make you’ll even be surprised. You don’t give a shit. Even if the atom bomb fell on your back you’re in that place. The biggest advice I can give to you is get inflatable butt plugs. Get your butt used to having something in it.” When she was in anal training, Chloe could remember shopping or doing laundry with a butt plug up her ass.

“I would fold laundry, right?” said Chloe. “I would have a butt plug in and I’d crawl over to the dryer, pull out a towel. I folded it. I’d crawl back across the room with the towel. I’d pump once on to the plug, crawl back to the dryer, take out the next article of clothing, crawl back across and pump once. If there were 20 items in the dryer, you can imagine that by number 16 I was rolling on the floor having fucking orgasms. Make it as fun for yourself as possible.”

Brian mentioned that he had done a scene together with Cytherea and Avy Lee Roth. Chloe remembered a time when she was walking into a club and David Lee Roth was walking out. “I looked up. I didn’t know David Lee Roth but I used to masturbate to him. I looked up and I’m like, hey, Dave. And he’s, like, hey, Chloe. He comes up to me and says I’ve stolen some of your moves. I’m like, really?”

Despite the place closing, Chloe said she and Roth talked about an hour. “The thing with Dave is that he talks so much and so quick. Which is funny because I talk a lot and quick, too. But every seven or eight minutes he’s, like, am I boring you?” Chloe said for being an ex-groupie, Roth could sit under glass as far as she was concerned. “I think David Lee Roth would be a fucking gas in bed.”

On another musical note, Brian mentioned that for Cytherea’s birthday party he hired Warrant to play. Chloe said she did the entire band one night. “When I was young enough to probably have gotten them all in trouble. When I was with Warrant it was the original Warrant. There are two members that were in the band that are not in the band now. I have been in this city so fucking long that I actually know Crue. When I used to hang out with Crue, I was 12 or 13.”


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