Christian Wians doesn’t know shit about boxing

Can this FAGGOT not talk about boxing which is something he knows NOTHING about? Fury COMPLETELY OUTCLASSED Wilder and Wilder was STILL gifted a draw. How badly do you have to be outclassed where 2 knockdowns only earn you a draw? Fury can rely on his boxing skills in the rematch while Wilder has to HOPE for a lucky punch to land. Good luck with that, FAGGOT.

Tyson Fury the traveler from NE England who is the 2nd best heavyweight boxer has 5 children who are named –
Prince Tyson Luke
Prince Adonis Amaziah
haha #iloveit #WTF #whatnojemmas

Replying to @christianxxx1
2nd best? Have a word with yourself

Usyk!? He hasn’t even fought in the heavyweight decision yet! And the fact you’d put Wilder ahead of Fury is crazy.
They’re joint number 1 at the very least. Wilder lucky to claim a draw in their fight even, and that was purely
cos he knocked Fury down twice. He’d have lost if no


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