Christy Canyon: I Bent Over and Something Made Its Way Down There

We had a nice chat with Christy Canyon Monday evening and featured some of that chat. Here’s more of what Christy had to say after she told us she was planning on having a baby. Canyon has been on a book tour, Lights, Camera, Sex.

Gene: I think you hold the record for retirements and comebacks. We will see another one?

Canyon: Noooooooooooooo. I’ve done it. I’ve come back so many times. I think if I came back for the fourth time, fans will say get out of here! You’ve retired enough.

Gene: What’s been the reception to your book

Canyon: A very good reception! I’m going into my second print, possibly in about six weeks. It’s been out for five months. The book covers everything. It jumps. It’s not like all childhood, then all porno and all later. It’s a very different writing style. If you’re a Christy Canyon fan or even the adult business, you’ll like it. There’s stories about Ginger Lynn, Traci Lords, Peter North, Ron Jeremy- the first guy I ever had sex on film with- it’s got a little bit of everything. It’s not a victim book. It’s not woe-is-me. There are parts that are kind of touching in my life but it doesn’t concentrate on that. I loathe victims and hate bellyachers. I can’t stand that.

Gene: What are your impressions of the Traci Lords book. Ginger Lynn had a few things to say about that.

Canyon: I read her book. Somebody gave me a free copy. God forbid I bought one. I think her book could have been fabulous except that she was lying throughout the whole thing. I think her book could have been so great. I think she had a great story but she’s so fucking worried about her image for her straight career which she’s never going to have.

Gene: She really sanitized things.

Canyon: I think there were 30 pages on adult. And you know, bitch? I was there. I know the truth. One thing I have to say in Jim South’s defense as the agent.

Gene: You mean Tim North. [Lords applied an alias to South citing legal reasons.]

Canyon: What a joke. I always liked the man. He never once offered me a sip of champagne let alone- she said coke- that he offered her cocaine. I have to say that man didn’t even offer me pot. That man is so clean-cut. He was just doing his job. I’ve never seen him drink- beer, wine. I personally have no problems with him. But I have to give him credit where credit is due. To me he was always professional. It was my choice whether I wanted to stay or go. I just think her book could have been good but she never takes responsibility for her own life. And that’s her downfall. She ends with her real acting? Give me a break. She’s a total one-trick pony. I totally disagree with her.

Gene: What are your impressions of the Ginger Lynn-Ron Jeremy story?

Canyon: I really like Ron. He’s a great guy. I really don’t talk to him much, though. When I was single after I got divorced in 1999, he set me up with two guys who were fabulous. Two of the greatest guys I ever dated. They’re both directors, actually, in the straight world.

Gene: Name names.

Canyon: Adam Rifkin and John Frankenheimer, bless his heart who’s six feet under now! And I’m also gearing up for Book 2 which I’ve started to write and I’m going to write more about them. But, to me, Ron is a great guy though I don’t deal with him much or have any business dealings with him.

Gene: So you have enough for a second volume.

Canyon: My first book stops in the early Nineties where I’m about to go on the road. I had just gone to Vivid Video.

Gene: You gave us a cliffhanger.

Canyon: I did. I did. I’m no dumb cookie. The book is like 300 pages and the book would have been Gone With the Wind-sized if I had just kept on going. But there’s so much.

Gene: Did this all come back to you in a flash. Or did you have to strain for details or is it all so firmly etched in your mind?

Canyon: I think a combination. A lot of things I wrote about are just things I’ll never forget. Like why I quit the first time at 19.

Gene: Why did you?

Canyon: I was exhausted. It was the boom of the video age. I was so tired. I was dating a guy, a producer in the business. We were fighting all the time. It was one of those really fucked stages of my life. Then I go to this photographer’s studio to shoot. I’m bent over a chair, buck-ass naked and he tried to finger me. I snapped. That was the straw that broke my back. I am done. I had to get my head together.

Gene: It took a finger.

Canyon: Something made it’s way down there. Like I said I felt something. It was either a finger or a tongue. To this day I don’t know. But it wasn’t his dick. His pants weren’t down. But I just freaked out and jumped in my car. Got my money, of course. And then I just never showed up for Hal Freeman’s video the next day. That was the end until 1989 when I came back.

Gene: What was it that brought you back?

Canyon: It was a combination of stuff. I was still friends with Tina Marie. And I was working for my dad. Things were happening in his office. His ex-wife was coming to work there and I didn’t really get along with her. But I never quit because I hated the business. I was tired. I was burned out. So I thought maybe I’ll cash in on my name. Ginger had started this thing right when I quit. It was this whole royalty-thing. So I went with VE which is not even VE anymore. I thought I’d do it differently this time. I got a contract. So I went back. I spent a year with VE then my friendship with Tina ended. I thought it was time to go to Vivid, now. It was the best thing I ever did. I love Vivid. I haven’t been there since 1996 but yet am still friends with everybody. I’m there once a week. They run my websites and I drop stuff off. I’m so thankful that I was with them because I think that really helped me leave the business with a great feeling towards the business.



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