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Cindy Crawford To Be Taken Off Flake List

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — Friday night on can probably be considered a historic evening, as Jill Kelly Productions [JKP] girls not only agreed to appear on the station, but showed up early and provided fun and entertaining interviews for the fans.
The night began with some uncertainty, but definitely finished with a bang as JKP babes Jenna Haze, Alexis Amore’ and Cindy Crawford appeared on two different KSEX shows. Haze and a call in from Amore’ on The Young and the Curious with Jason Sechrest and Crawford on The Wanker Show with Wankus and Katie Morgan, an appearance Crawford vowed never to make again.

An hour before Sechrest’s show, Haze supposedly called the host to cancel, citing personal issues with a boyfriend. To that the popular PR guy and bi-sexual show host phoned Jill Kelly personally saying, “I really don’t think you’re going to want one of your girls missing a come back appearance on KSEX. Wankus will have a field day with that.”

Kelly stepped up to the plate immediately and contacted Crawford who agreed to cover for Haze at a moments notice. About ten minutes later, Haze called back and told Jason that she had pulled herself together and will make the appearance. Sechrest explained that he had filled the slot with Crawford and asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing the lime light. Haze declined, asking to only appear solo. Jason called back Cindy and cancelled, pledging to reschedule her at a later date.

In the interim, Wankus had Keiko of scheduled to appear on his show and also received a last minute cancellation since she was on set, still shooting. After finding out from Jason that Crawford was interested in coming back to KSEX, Wankus called her and booked her on his show, under the stipulation from Cindy that, “you’re not mean to me.”

Wankus agreed and listening to the show, the fans would have never known there were hostilities between the two parties involved–all went well.

Crawford is set to be taken off of the famed KSEXradio Flake List and is welcome back anytime, as well is Haze and Amore’ who has been in multiple times despite the disagreement between companies.

The real fun will come when Kelly agrees to appear. Wankus has made it employee law at KSEX that she must do his show first, where he plans to debate all the formerly negative issues.


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