Come On, Rob Black, Tell Us What You Really Think of Mike South

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Of course the mainstream press doesn’t realize that we have idiots on porn watch.

But Rob Black Thursday night made sure everyone in porn know about Slim Pickens’ horrific blunder earlier in the day. Black was speaking after it had been reported that Cameron Bay tested conclusively and was HIV positive.

“I said it earlier – this woman Cameron Bay is positive for HIV,” Black stated, noting that confusion reigned supreme when Bay began discussing her discussion with the use of the word “antibodies”.

“Positive for antibodies is language that John Stagliano has conveniently tried to introduce in this dialogue. ‘I’m not HIV positive- I’m just positive for antibodies.’

“You had Mark Sphincter [Schechter] the spokesman for LATATA telling everybody she was positive for antibodies but it didn’t mean she was HIV positive –‘ how dare you- me and Cameron are very upset.’

“And here we are- the news came a little bit ago where it was finally confirmed that Cameron Bay is HIV positive. I don’t think anybody’s shocked to hear about it. In this day and age an HIV positive is not a ‘real thing.’ That was the spin everyone wanted to tell you.

“I think it was the lesser site [Mike South’s], the mouth pierce of the business, that started this journey. Mike South tells everybody you want real news, you come to him and there will be more as it develops.

“Mike South is a man who is known for getting his facts correct – like in that Samantha Saint hooker story, he came on with this huge conspiracy theory that Xander Corvus was involved in a 50 man gangbang, and that’s why Diane Duke called for the moratorium and South knew something was up because Corvus worked with Cameron Bay and was also in the gangbang. [Which Corvus wasn’t.]

Black noted that it was Brooklyn Lee who actually corrected South on his website.

“The authority of the business- he was flat out wrong. Mike South’s facts were so correct that he named Xander Corvus as the #3 mope in the gangbang, the same Xander Corvus who was the lead in Axel Braun’s critically acclaimed Spiderman. This authority lives in Bumfuck Wichita Mississippi. This is the incredibly inept reporter and spokesman for LATATA.”

Black also found it odd that hasn’t bothered to update its site with information about the current HIV scare.

“Explain to me while Mike South is the voice of the business, how is it that someone is so stupid that he would point out Xander Corvus was in a gangbang and never bothered to take down the fact that he’s ignorant and stupid.

“Mike South if you were involved with the business you would know that Xander Corvus will not do DP’s or two guys and a girl. Xander Corvus would cut his wrists and bleed out before he’d be caught in a Jim Lane 50 Man anal creampie Gangbang.

“Mike South, you are a turd in this business that needs to be flushed down the toilet. You are a worthless hillbilly cocksucker, and I hope you die of cancer. You have done nothing but spread likes about Rob Black and the industry, and you are spreading lies about the people trying to clean this business up.

“Mike South you are too fucking stupid to see through the fact that I refer to myself as president of the business to inject a little levity.”

[South had derided Black calling him “psychotic” for making that comment not realizing there’s such a thing called sense of humor and irony.]

“Mike South, you are beyond psychotic,” Black added.

“Mike South is so out of touch that he declares Mope #3 as Xander Corvus- finally it’s all coming together, super sleuth Woodward & Bernstein who has all the answers.

“Why would this guy for $150 do that, you stupid sonofabitch, but you wouldn’t know it because you sit in a cabin in West Louisiana with Tim Case and 78 year-old Felicia Fox licking your balls.

“Mike South is supposed to be the voice of the business. You are a dirty lying cocksucker, and you deserve to have someone come over and punch you in your hillbilly face. To say that Xander Corvus is Mope #3 is fucking disgusting. Mike South is an irresponsible scumbag cocksucker.

“He [South] is a liar just like LATATA is a liar. Now you got a guy who’s in the national spotlight [Corvus] and you’re telling everyone he’s mope #3.

“If this doesn’t shake the foundation you’re on, and to hear girls saying ‘condoms are a good idea but they won’t solve anything’ [which is what Tara Lynn Foxx tweeted the other day] – you girls need to be water boarded and exiled to Kenya. You have no righh to be in the USA and Porn valley.

“We have exposed Mike South once and for all as a malicious cocksucker who will stop at nothing to serve his own self interest. And when she says he’s a fact checker and waited days to get his facts correct- like Asa Akira- but I guess the facts clouded his mind when he identified Mope #3 as Xander Corvus. If that’s what you want representing you, you need to die and be used as pot hole filler.”


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