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Content at Issue: Sandy Bunz Awarded Judgment from Filmco for $5250

Sandy Bunz reports: I had my day in court yesterday and the owner of Filmco [Mike Chalfin] showed up. The judge heard the arguments and awarded a judgment in favor of the plaintiff [Bunz] for $5250.00 . The owner of Filmco stormed out of the courtroom. I am pleased by the result.

Here’s the back story:

Bunz emailed me the fact awhile ago that he was taking Filmco to court. Here’s what he said at the time.

Bunz: I listened to director Charlie Biggs a couple of years, with Biggs telling me that Mike Chalfin,owner of Filmco and Bacchus, was an upstanding individual in the porn community.

Biggs claimed that Mike Chalfin was good to his word and always paid his bills on time. Biggs recommended that selling video content to Mike Chalfin was fine to do as ”Mike is a person of integrity and honor”.

On May 24, 2010 I agreed to meet with Chalfin. I had some adult content and model releases to sell him.

I provided the complete content and releases as agreed upon in the written contract and even had my graphic artist load an external hard drive
with all the images and content he had on his Macintosh. Mike told me he was low on dough and paid me approximately one third of the balance in the form of a check that cashed.

He said he would gladly pay the remaining two thirds in sixty days and that I was to come by for a check then.

About three weeks after the written contract was signed, Charlie Biggs told me that Mike had a problem with the content. I called Mike and he told me that was not savvy with photoshop and the external hard drive was of no use to him.

On July 23, 2010 I went to Mike Chalfin’s office expecting to be paid the outstanding balance for the content. Mike said he was unable to use an external harddive because of his lack of education to do so and that he was not able to match the actresses faces with the release forms.

He claimed that he owed no more money to me, so I went to the courthouse and I am suing him and his corporation for breech of contract.

August 25 2010 I had a producer’s assistant call me from Judge Alex’s TV show. They wanted me to appear against Chalfin and Filmco on TV. I was guaranteed to be paid by the TV show regardless what Alex ruling is.

I said O.K. I will do it. Then the Chalfin calls me and say’s he got a call from the producer’s assistant whom he did not call back, but he wants me to drop the suit and sue Charlie Biggs instead. I said why should I sue Charlie Biggs being he is a party of the contract? .

I find it odd behavior that Mike Chalfin does not want to have his day in court. I am perfectly O.K. with showing America that I am proud to be a pornographer and that Chalfin should pay his bills on time as he agreed to in writing.

Is Chalfin one of those people in porn that is guilt ridden by being in porn and is embarrassed to be seen on TV representing his profession?

Gene, you have heard me say before that the only people that belong in porn are those who are proud of the entertainment we provide to the world and those who want to hide from the stigma of porn should go sell cars.


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