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Continuance in Kross Case: The Kayden Kross Card Reading

There’s a continuance in the Kayden Kross case until December 9. But this isn’t surprising because in a reading I did on her several weeks ago, it was pretty clear that there’d be legal delays.

The last time I did a tarot reading on my site was when Jenna Jameson was on Howard Stern announcing that she was getting married. So I whipped out the cards. I had to know. Stern, for the record, warned her of disaster, as if this took tea leaves to figure that one out. The Tarot pretty much saw the same thing. The advice to Jameson was don’t. But she did.

Jameson’s marriage ended in a predictable divorce, except the reading I did went on to say there would be a lot of financial flim flammery going on behind the scenes of ClubJenna. I suspect we’ll never know to what degree, but you can be pretty sure something Jameson wasn’t aware of was going on.

Then, for obvious reasons, I had to do a quick read on Kayden Kross which involved both Tarot and regular playing cards. And it got very weird with some of the answers.

The question I next put to the cards was how do I know any of this would be true. Kind of like, give me a sign from the ether.

The Tarot came up with the Death card saying that literal death in Kross’ line of work was the indication. Which didn’t make sense at the moment, until word came the following day that Anastasia Blue had died, then, later, that Missy had died; that David Wasserman had died and also Ron Sullivan. Four porn deaths in one week is pretty heavy stuff.

With the Death card in play, indications also are that Kross makes a very important change before the end of the Fall season. And there are some very big surprises yet in store for her. With the new endeavors card showing, my suspicions are that she’ll leave the business. And if I also use the Death card as the signifier of the Scorpio period, that decision may come between October 21 and November 21. Kross, perhaps in another occupation, will have something to do with a summer resort.

What the cards also tell me is that aspects of her present work would not go as planned, and there are ongoing messages relating to trouble. I believe Digital Playground is looking to sign her. But I don’t believe this will happen given the other circumstances just referred to.

As stated, Kross’ arraignment on counts of real estate felony showed a postponement, but a definite reason to believe that legal matters, in any event, didn’t look very promising. Although I don’t see financial penalties or jail in the picture as yet.

[The Ten of swords crossed with the Justice card is not a good sign which also indicates backstabbing, double dealing and betrayal.]

However we won’t know anything for awhile on the legal front. Many attorney visits are indicated, and that’s pretty obvious. Kross’ name will be in the papers, but that as yet hasn’t happened. Callers of the unwelcome variety are also in the prospect. Are these stalkers? Possibly. But they look like very bad people.

There’s also a knight in shining armor in this scenario, but he falls off his horse and doesn’t seem to be too eager to get back on it. If this Knight in shining armor is also the “associate” I see in Kross’ reading, Kross and this person will be having major words and it could get ugly.

The cards also warn against STD’s, etc. and said Kross could be particularly vulnerable in that area if not careful. Love relationships? Forget it for awhile. It’s not happening although Kross seems to have a particular person on her mind. There’s also another person in this scenario- an older woman- who has eyes on Kross in a physical sense. Kind of creepy.


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