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Porn Valley- While on a Mitch Spinelli shoot for his Demolition Video line, I had the opportunity of a lively chat with Chanel Chavez. Chavez is with Naughty Modeling, One of the topics of discussion is the fact that Chavez keeps a baseball bat at the ready. She doesn’t play baseball.

CC: I’ve been in the business about a year.

Gene: That almost makes you a veteran these days. How did you get your start.

CC: I came in when I was 18. I was working in telemarketing part time. I was looking for something part time.

Gene: Telemarketing. Are you the one calling and I’m slamming the phone on you?

CC: It was more in-bound calls. They’d call me to order stuff. Like products on TV. Viagra, stuff like that and male enhancers. Breast enhancers.

Gene: A whole variety of sexually related products as it were.

CC: Some of them were regular every day products. From there I saw the ad and went to the agency.

Gene: This was World Modeling.

CC: Yes. I went there and they told me what it was. I said no I would never do porn. And here I am today. LOL.

Gene: From that point to where you said I’ll never do porn to the point where you changed your mind was how long?

CC: The next week! LOL

Gene: What made you change your mind.

CC: I think it was just how they sent me to someone- first they just said it was stills. It was very easy. It was stills but there was some penetration. I thought, well, I already did this. Fuck it. Might as well. It’s not that bad.

Gene: What was your first scene like on camera?

CC: I really don’t remember much. I went straight to anal. That was my first scene.

Gene: Can you recall what was going through your mind?

CC: No, I don’t. I don’t remember who the guy was.

Gene: A true porn star. You don’t remember your first scene; you don’t remember the guy. That means you’ve been working a lot.

CC: What a remember of the scene is that I watched it afterwards.

Gene: Before that did you do anal in your private life?

CC: Once or twice before that. Now I do it all the time.

Gene: First time you tried it what was it like.

CC: It was okay. I don’t mind it. It’s a different kind of orgasm. It’s good.

Gene: What kind of kid where you like growing up?

CC: Pretty much out of control.

Gene: Always getting in trouble?

CC: ALWAYS. But it was fun. It wasn’t like bad trouble.

Gene: Give me an example of trouble-trouble. Did you parents have to come down and bail you out of jail kind of trouble?

CC: A couple of times. LOL. Yes they did. And just recently.

Gene: Care to elaborate?

CC: I had two warrants out for my arrest. I never fixed them. I guess the cops finally found me and arrested me. One was for a DUI. The second was for assault and battery.

Gene: You are a porn star. That’s great. Was the assault and battery on a boyfriend?

CC: No. It was actually my fault. Because I hit the car that was in front of me and I hit the lady, too.

Gene: You hit the lady after you hit the car?

CC: Yes. I was driving. I tapped her car. She shoved out of it making a scene and I grabbed my bat.

Gene: The bat which was on the seat next to you?

CC: Yeah.

Gene: You drive around with a baseball bat?

CC: I actually do. I have one right now in my car.

Gene: It sounds to me like you’ve had past experiences.

CC: Yes, you never know.

Gene: Are you a drama queen?

CC: I’m not a drama queen! To some extent I think every girl is dramatic and porn girls are overly dramatic. I’m as dramatic as the next.

Gene: Continue with the car saga.

CC: I was with this woman, I’m sorry. She kept going crazy. I’m patient but I’m bipolar. It kind of triggered I don’t know. I have no excuse. I got the bat and hit her!

Gene: Did you kneecap her?

CC: I like hit her car a couple of times then she tried kicking me. Yeah, I hit her. Her legs and hit her once in the head. Then I got in my car and left.

Gene: They eventually grabbed you?

CC: I didn’t know that she had enough time to write down my license plate number.

Gene: How soon was it afterwards?

CC: It was like five months afterwards.

Gene: What made you decide to go to Naughty Modeling?

CC: I work for Anabolic a lot. I was working with them and Tim happened to be there. I’ve been with him ever since. I like them. They’re kind of like a real agency. World Modeling, I don’t bad mouth them but you’re booked. It’s not like they sit around all day to find something.

Gene: Tim’s aggressive and finds you work.

CC: They do all the work and I just show up.

Gene: When was the first time you had sex.

CC: I was 16. I had a boyfriend. I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I liked him a lot but I was only with him for six months.

Gene: You’re making a face like if you had a second shot…

CC: It would never have been him! LOL For damn sure. Just looking back and thinking about it- why? He wasn’t even that great looking. Or anything good. It wasn’t like a memorable experience. It was like, oh, that’s the person I had sex with.

Gene: Are you into girls?

CC: I’m past that now. When I was in high school I experimented a lot with the girls there. But I got over eating pussy and what not. It was phase I went through. I thought I was a lesbian. I went through that with my parents.

Gene: What makes you think you might think you’re a lesbian.

CC: I don’t know. I was in high school. I was stupid. I didn’t like any boys.

Gene: But in the business are you gay for pay?

CC: I’m not gay for pay. Sometimes I’ll do it. Depends on the girl.



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