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Conversations with Diana Doll- 10/23/08

With all the Zack and Miri movie hype, Diana Doll tells me that she and Mick Blue also did a mainstream comedy in Austria a few years ago about a guy who makes a porno movie. The title’s in German, and it premiered over there October 16. But I don’t think it’s one we’ll see over here any time soon.

Though she doesn’t speak German, Doll had to learn her lines phonetically.

“It was hard for me, but I got it,” she says. Doll, of course, plays a porn star, as does Blue.

“Monica Sweetheart was also in the movie,” continues Doll.

“She played Mick’s wife. And in the movie she’s jealous and we’re fighting. They said it doesn’t look real, that you really need to fight. So we did, but she knew it was all in fun.”

As accents go, Doll, who is with at times apologizes for hers during the course of the interview. But she doesn’t need to.

To the casual listener, she sounds like a woman of international mystery and foreign intrigue. Maybe one who wears veils, smokes Turkish cigarettes and smuggles contraband in her anus. In due course, Doll lets on that she doesn’t do anal because of a couple of bad experiences she had on camera in the past. So there goes that idea about the anus smuggling.

Doll, who’s from Slovakia and speaks several languages, has been in the business almost five years. She settled in Los Angles about a year ago after travelling back and forth between here and Europe.

Doll said it’s hard for her being over here because most of her friends live in Europe.

“I just have to get used to it,” she sighs, noting that the size of the city presents its own problems plus the fact that you need a car to get anywhere.

“Otherwise it’s not so bad,” Doll adds. “It’s sunny and not cold like Europe.”

Before she got into the adult business, Doll was a graphics designer.

“I was also interested in painting pictures,” she adds.

Doll was 27 when she made the switch to erotic performing.

“It was kind of funny because I always wanted to be a fashion model,” she relates.

“But I’m not too tall. I always liked to take pictures, though, and I wanted to see myself in magazines. One girl [a makeup artist] met me in a shopping center, and she asked me if I wanted to be in magazines posing for photographers. I said why not. I can try and I was happy that she asked me. But she was lying to me because it was porn and she didn’t tell me the truth.”

Of course Doll had to take a trip to Hungary to find all this out. Luckily it was on someone else’s dime.

“The producer explained that it wasn’t pictures but the movies,” she says. “I said ‘no vay’ I cannot do that. But he was nice and said I could stay a couple of days and watch how they shoot. He said if you like it you can try. If not you can go.”

Later the girl, who’s now her best friend, apologized to Doll for not being entirely candid.

“But they paid for my trip and I said it was okay,” Doll continues.

Then it took her about a month to think things ever, so Doll decided to give it a try.

“I discovered that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be,” continues Doll.

“When you see the movies on TV everything looks different. So I was surprised, wow. And it was fun. I liked it.”

The travelling, though, was the one thing Doll wasn’t crazy about when she started working over there.

“Truthfully, I can say I like working here a lot more,” she says, recalling European productions that would go around the clock.

“I didn’t have time to sleep and it was a lot different. When I came here I thought it was really easy and nice, and people were more organized. I’d come on the set and they knew exactly what they wanted. It didn’t take forever.”

An agent from the Czech Republic first introduced Doll to American producers and she began working for companies Like Zero Tolerance, Red Light and Digital Playground. She was scared because she spoke no English in the beginning but does so very well, now. So in the beginning, communications was a problem but the agent helped her along.

“I’d have to ask him what this word meant or that one. And he tried to explain.”

Because she was shy, Doll said that was another problem she had to overcome.

Doll was 18 when she first had sex and said that’s probably because she tends to be shy. Which she ascribes to insecurity.

“But in front of the camera I’m not like that at all,” she laughs. “I like the camera only I can’t tell you why.”

“Anyway the guy was ten years older,” she continues. “We met in a parking lot of a disco. We were talking. Then we met for a couple of months. Came the day when I said okay I’m going to try. I just remember that when everything was done I was, like, I thought it would be something different. It felt kind of weird, nothing special. But as I got older and older and had more experience, it got better.”

Doll’s father is no longer around, and her mother doesn’t know she’s in the business.

“But people in my country know about it,” she explains. “And they tried to tell her. But my mother thinks that they’re just making it up or making trouble. She did ask me one time and I told her no. I didn’t want to make her feel bad.”

The last time Doll was home was in July and she hopes to go back around Christmas time.

For now, Doll’s been working on her website but has had server problems which has kept her from launching.

“The website’s been ready, and hopefully we’ll have it ready soon,” she says.

“Making it was a lot of fun. Actually I should have had that website a long time ago, but I couldn’t find someone to do a good site. Being a graphics designer, I’ve seen some websites that I didn’t like. I was more picky. Finally I found some guy in Hungary. He did a really cool website.

“Now we’re just waiting for some problems to be taken care of. Once my server’s on, all my content will be up. And I want to do stuff I don’t do in movies. For example, anal.”

Doll acknowledges that this is rare for a female Eurporean performer to be saying something like this.

Why is this, she’s asked.

“Because I don’t trust the guys,” she laughs. “I’ve had experience. I did a couple of scenes long ago and had really bad experiences. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And I don’t want to have stress. But maybe for my website so I can give people something they’ve been waiting for.”

According to Doll, she gets the anal question put to her a lot by fans.

Other things they want to know include why she doesn’t have a website and that question will be satisfied within days.

“I guess they thought maybe I was lazy or flakey,” she laughs.

Male fans, of course, ask about getting together with her, as in sexually.

“That’s probably a question all the girls get,” Doll states, describing those particular inquiries as “gentle”.

“Some gentlemen have said, hey, Dianna, I want to do a scene with you. I ask if they’re actors. No. So I ask a scene or sex? But they try to ask nice. And fans, when I don’t answer, get angry. They go why didn’t you answer, what are you doing?”

“Sounds like stalkers,” I suggest.

Still and all, Doll says she feels bad if she doesn’t respond to them.

“I feel bad and try to answer. It’s funny.”

Doll also mentions a music video which she did with male performer Marco Banderas.

“I didn’t know he was a singer, and we shot it for him over two days. It was really cool and we have a music clip out. People can see the video on MySpace.”

Otherwise, Doll worked with Banderas long ago but not recently. Her favorite male performer to work with is Mick Blue. They met in Las Vegas, the first time.

“Then we met two years later, and he booked me for a shoot,” she recalls.

“It’s really easy to work with him and he’s a nice guy.”

Asked if they’re a romantic couple, Doll hedges with a titter, “I cannot say exactly- I don’t know.”

Even though the business has slowed down, Doll keeps pretty busy.

“When I changed agencies and went with L.A. Direct Models, I have to say I’m really happy,” she replies.

“They have been keeping me really busy and I work almost every day.”

When she’s not in front of the camera, Doll’s on the computer. Being the graphic designer she is, she likes playing with Photoshop. Otherwise she enjoys the movies.

“Or sometimes I’ll go to parties but not too often,” she adds.

Doll, who did it in Europe, says she’d also like to start feature dancing.


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