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Conversations with Gia Givanna- 10/12/06

Porn Valley- Gia Givanna, who’s with Gold Star Modeling, is currently on the mend. She had this posing accident the other day where her labia ring got hooked on to something. And if your guess is, it got torn off, you’d be correct. Givanna’s now nursing her cookie.

Givanna comes from Pittsburgh.

“I come from the same little town as Sierra Sinn comes from,” she says. “Me and her are really good friends- we used to dance together before we both got into porn.” Givanna mentions that she and Sinn used to dance at the same strip club.

“I had known her for years and she’s been out here for a little over a year and half,” Givanna continues. “She up and left. Me and her hadn’t been talking the time when she left. But I made sure that I kept up with her and wished her all the best. Back home there’s a lot of jealousy and people running their mouths and stuff. I was fine with her doing her thing and I knew that I was going to be right behind her. She pretty much gave me the motivation to do this, and I discovered that this is something that I want to do and am meant to do.”

Givanna and I chat about the fact that actress Siena Miller has been referring to the steel town as Shitsburgh.

“It is what it is, but in all reality Pittsburgh is a great city,” says Givanna. “It’s a beautiful city- it’s great but you get so far along, you got to break loose.” Which she evidently did. Givanna, almost on the spur, packed up her suitcases, personal belongs and hopped on a plane to LA.

“I live here now,” she says, noting that leaving Pittsburgh was the best thing for her.

“My mother’s back there so that’s pretty much what I’m sad for,” Givanna goes on to say. At the same time Givanna said she likes it in LA and has dreams for herself.

“I hope I make it,” she says. Givanna came out here the beginning of April. Before that, she arrived in Miami and did her first scene in March for the Internet.

“Okay, I can do this, be a porn star and hop on a plane,” she said to herself.

“My very first scene was for Bang Bros.- it was Mr. Camel Toe,” she says. “I was nervous as hell. If you watch the trailer on it you can tell. But it turned out to be great. I did about three scenes there. Then when I got here in LA I did my first scene for Jim Powers. If anybody’s been on his sets, then you know. They made me feel very comfortable.” According to Givanna she worked with Jay Lassiter.

“He is amazing- that scene is when I realized I was a squirter. It was pretty cool. And Jim Powers goes we didn’t know you were a squirter.” Apparently neither did Givanna.

“I was like, what’s that? What did I just do? What happened? I’m 24 years old and I just had the best orgasm of my life!”When Givanna first arrived in LA she came with another porn who ended up going back home to Cleveland.

“That was a big mess- she quit in so many words- but I was on my ass. I came out here with a $1,000 and two suitcases, and no nothing,” Givanna continues. “I came to Hollywood to be a star- it’s been rough.”

Givanna didn’t contact Sierra Sinn until maybe two and half months ago.

“I finally got a hold of her- she had seen me on a set when I first got out here. She was, I’m glad you’re out here. We can hang out. I knew that I could go to Sierra and Sierra would tell me all the right people to see and all that stuff. But I wanted to learn the hard way and jump through some hoops.”

Givanna mentions that signing with Gold Star was probably the best thing she could have done for herself. That’s when she talks about the accident she had.

“I have a bandaid on my little box,” she laughs. “One of my piercings got ripped out on me.” She’s saying it so casually but I’m the one that’s wincing.

“I’m in the middle of healing but it’s okay,” she continues. “I’m taking good care of her and she’s going to be back to work soon.” Her, meaning Givanna’s “box”.

“My cookie got broken,” she continues. “I was doing a photo shoot and I was straddling this little end table that’s all wires. I sat down and my ring got caught in it. I pulled back up and it ripped. It’s healing good and everything’s going well. This happened a few days ago. Now I’ve got some free time on my hands.”

Otherwise, Givanna says she’s learned a lot from Sierra Sinn in the last couple of months.

“We grew up pretty much together as adults.”

“I’ve been on sets where she’s done some insane stuff,” I tell Givanna wondering whether she’s going to follow that pattern.

“I’m trying to be as wild and crazy as her,” says Givanna. “It’s going to take me a long time. She’s got a lot on me- a year and a half but she’s taught me a lot and has brought out the crazier side of me. I definitely found myself in porn. I didn’t know it was there in me.”

Givanna has yet to do anal and says she’s in the middle of working her anal issues out.

“I got an anal kit bought for me from a photographer,” she laughs. “I’m going to be practicing with my butt plugs for awhile but I’m going to hold off. I’m not going to jump into it. I’m still brand new- I don’t want to just get into porn and get out. This is really a passion of mine. I’m a passionate person and I want to go far in this business. And I want to eventually become a feature dancer.

“I’m a bouncing bubble people call me,” Givanna continues. “I’m a burst of energy. I’m Sicilian and Cherokee Indian. I’m full of fire. Positively. I think I can go far in this business if I just put my mind to it. And I did. I gave up everything to come out here and do this.”

Givanna’s passion extends to her growing up as well.

“I pretty much made an impression on everybody I met in my life,” she says. “I was tied down and engaged for a long time. I feel like I just left the nest and that’s where I am right now.” Givanna ended the engagement for reasons that she had been in relationships since she was 15.

“I never got to experience things- there was so much in life I haven’t experienced and not just on a sexual plane. It’s on ever level. I needed to find me and see what I was all about before I give myself to anybody else.”

Givanna admits that she was something of a handful growing up.

“I’m really into dance and my mom has an entire roomful of home videos of me dancing,” she goes on to say. “I’m Sicilian so I’m a big family person. I’m a big homebody. I love the big family dinners on Sunday and that was every Sunday with my family.” According to Givanni her immediate family – parents and sisters- know what she’s doing for a living.

“Anybody else in my family, no. In all reality my parents weren’t very shocked. My [older] sister – when I was 12 years old – went to my mom and said, ‘Your daughter’s going to grow up to be a stripper or a porn star.’ When I was almost 19 I became a stripper.”

Givanna’s sister lives in West Covina.

“When I hopped on a plane to become a porn star she was hysterical at first but said at least you’re coming. I said thanks. See you later.”

Givanna claims she’s always been a sexual person although she doesn’t think she had that many guys under her pre-porn belt.

“I was with ten people before I got into porn,” she says. “I guess these are like my college years.” Givanna was almost 15 when she first had sex.

“I was drunk- he was 19- that kind of thing,” she remembers. “It happened and it happened a couple of more times in a truck.”

One of the things she’s done in porn that Givanna finds interesting is a “pussy stack” that she performed with another girl and a guy.

“It was a content shoot and I had never done that before,” she explains. “I had never done that before and it was really fun. I’m addicted. We call it pussy stacking where a girl lays down on her back and a girl straddles on top of her and so her butt’s up and the guy comes in from behind; he does her doggie style and he does me missionary. it’s back and forth- in and out. It was pretty interesting.”

The girl Givanna met on that shoot was another new girl in the business from Gold Star, Kira Cums.

“She just came from Miami,” Givanna explains. “She is gorgeous. Me and her bonded. I found a new best friend in this business. She’s from Miami and I’m an east coast girl, though I’m originally from northern California. I’m like the western version and she’s the Miami version.”

I was curious how Givanna wound up in Pittsburgh of all places and she talks about her step father.

“When I was 4, my mom met my step dad and he ended up pretty much adopting me,” she says. “He’s been my dad my whole life and he’s originally from Pittsburgh. When I was about 14, he decided that we’re going to move. I was totally against that. I was a rebel. I was a bad girl but it turned out to be the best thing. I have no regrets in my life. Everything that’s happened to me I don’t regret for a second. For the most part everything that’s happened to me has taught me something more and I have no major complaints. I’m struggling here in LA. I’m still trying to get on my feet and I’m still very new. There have been some rough times but I’m still here.

“The easiest thing I could do is go home and give up,” Givanna concedes. “But I’m going to stick it through. It’s what I really want. When I left Pittsburgh everyone was, like, you’ll be back home real soon. They said you’re never going to do it. But I’m still rocking it out here.”

Givanna agrees that it’s not as easy as everyone thinks.

“It’s not easy to get on a plane and go 3,000 miles from everything you’ve ever known about yourself,” she says. “I’m okay and it’s made me grow up really fast. If I can make it through what I’ve made it through the past five months, believe me, I can do any thing.”

When she first moved out here, Givanni wound up living in a rented car with a girlfriend for two weeks.

“Then I found an agent- I signed with Exotic Star,” she says. “Summer Dawn was my first agent and that was good for about the first month or so. Exotic Star is an amazing agency but they couldn’t do it for me. It didn’t work out but Summer’s still amazing and I still love her. But, yeah, I was living in and out of hotel rooms and it was hard getting an apartment. We did move into a loft down town that was completely empty, but our money was running out. It was a mess and it didn’t have work for me.”

For the time being, Givanna’s living in one of the Gold Star houses.

“They’re amazing,” she says. “And there’s four of us girls that live in this one house- we pay rent and we take care of the house. This is fine for now but basically I’ve been living out of my suitcase since I got here.”

Givanna feels that once she starts making money steadily she can find her own place.

“And my parents are coming to see me next month,” she adds. “They know. It was hard to do what I did. I didn’t plan this. I only knew two days before I left Pittsburgh that I was going to make it to LA and do this.”



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