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Conversations with Hillary Scott-update

Porn Valley- I met Hillary Scott on a Skeeter Kerkove, shoot for Metro just before the AEE break. Scott who is with Fresh Talent Management, was telling me that she’s been in the business going on five months. The woman struck me as absolutely adorable and reminded me of a young Kelly Preston.

When she was younger, Scott says she fantasized about coming into the adult business. “I really liked porn a lot,” she said. “My parents for some reason let me have cable in my room. I was watching late night Cinemax- softcore porn movies. Then I was offered the opportunity and I just went for it. I’ve been having a lot of fun.”

I asked Scott if hers was the scenario of walking in a mall and being approached by some seedy creep. Not exactly, she laughs. “I’m from Chicago. I have a friend in Chicago- he’s somewhat involved in the business. He sent my pictures out. I was naked. They were your standard beautiful body pictures.” Prior to porn Scott worked in a bank.

“I was the cute little office girl.” Which prompted me to ask Scott how does the cute little office girl in a bank wind up taking naked pictures.

“I was the cute little office girl but I definitely wasn’t prim and proper,” she laughs. “First I wasn’t sure what there was for me to do. I wasn’t sure what I’d be paid. I didn’t know how it all worked. But it all sounded good and I knew I could work with the magazines.” When Scott arrived in L.A., she hooked up with her agency. “I started working right away – two weeks, every day. Then I went home to Chicago for a break and I decided to get all my stuff and move back to L.A.”

Scott’s first scene was a boy-boy-girl-girl anal. “It was for Mark Ashley’s Double Play 2, I think. It was a lot of fun and I think I did really well for my first scene. But I think I’ve grown a lot since that too.” Scott, who does anal in her private life, was informed that she shouldn’t do it right away in her porn career.

“But it’s hard for me to have sex and enjoy it without anal,” she says. “I really, really enjoy anal sex.” The first time she ever tried it. Scott did it with a boyfriend. “He was slow and gentle about it which I, personally, don’t like. It’s more painful for me if I do it really slow. But once you start pounding my ass that’s when it really feels good.”

Scott explained that she had been dating this guy for a year. “And we had already done everything else. One day he asked. He suggested we try anal sex, and he was really thrilled that we even discussed this. So he just put it in my ass. It was kind of awkward at first. Then he started fucking me harder and harder and it got to the point where it felt really, really good. Then I started rubbing my clit as he was fucking my ass and I had the most amazing orgasm I ever had.”

Scott was very shy in grade school. “Then I hit puberty,” she says. “And I got boobs. I wasn’t a trashy whore- I was popular and cute and stuff but still fucked a lot. But I wouldn’t say I was that wild. I didn’t do anything stupid. I wasn’t a drug addict. I didn’t get arrested for stupid stuff. I was pretty much well behaved though I never listened to my parents. I pretty much made my own choices. Which, most of the time, are pretty good choices. I was very mature at a young age. I knew that. My mom knew that. So when she would try to tell me to do anything, I would just say, NO! Just flat out no. I knew she couldn’t do anything bad to me if I went out that night. What is she going to do, yell at me?”

In the main, Scott says she has a beautiful relationship on the home front. “My mother knows I do porn and she’s glad that I’m happy doing it.”

It’s just recently that Scott’s family found out what she does. “My entire family found out,” she relates. “One of my mom’s friends saw me on some Internet thing I did. I knew it was bound to happen. I just can’t believe it happened so soon. So, for Christmas, I went home to have a talk with my mom. It wasn’t a serious talk. She was, like, I know what you’re doing. It’s not illegal. If you’re happy doing it, it’s fine. She was actually joking about it- ‘you know you always wanted to be in movies!’ And I had to tell my brother because he’s a porn freak and is going to find out.”

Having grown up in Chicago, Scott grew to hate the winters. “Everyone was miserable. I had no social life in the winter because I didn’t want to leave my house. I didn’t want to walk to the car it was so cold.” Her first sexual experience “with a cock” was when she was 16. “It was with a boy I really liked, and we were in the same bedroom that I had my first anal sex,” she laughs. “It was a lot of fun and, as I said, I was a pretty big porn fan.” Asked if her parents were out of the house for these occasions, Scott laughed to suggest, not always. “My bedroom was in the basement,” she said. “It was good- there was soundproof walls. You didn’t get to hear much.”

Scott describes her first encounter as ripe with sexual chemistry. “I remember starting it with a blowjob. I was always the more aggressive one. He was really shy and 16 year-old boys don’t know what to do so I kind of forced myself on him. I gave him a half blowjob because I didn’t want him to get too excited. I couldn’t let him cum yet. Then I tried to do what I saw in all these porn movies. So I started riding his cock. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long but I think the first experience was a lot better than most. I think it had largely to do with all the porn that I watched.”

Noting that she’s bisexual, Scott reports that her first girl-girl experience came at age 11. “That’s when I started watching porn and really got into experimenting with my body, discovering my clit and all of those fun things.” Scott also states that this was with her best friend.

“I think I pretty much fucked all my girl best friends from childhood,” she says. “We were at her her house in her brother’s bedroom while he was away on vacation. We were watching TV. There’s always been this weird chemistry between us- almost like if I wanted to kiss her I think she’d let me. So we’re laying in the bed together and I looked over and I just saw how good her tits looked with the tank top she was wearing. For some reason she really looked hot to me. I never really liked girls before. I never really thought about it, but she looked so sexy. I reached my hand over and started touching her butt. She let me. So I continued. I felt her up. I gave her a really gentle kiss and then I asked her to take her clothes off. I took off mine. Then we just lay in bed touching each other’s bodies and just really enjoying the warmth of a woman. It felt really good.”

With her sounding like the instructor in these scenarios, I asked Scott if anyone actually taught her some tricks. Scott didn’t think so- again porn movies being her basic text book. “I was always so eager to try new things, especially at an early age,” she says.

Scott would watch whatever porn her stepfather [her real father is older and not doing too well, health-wise] and brother kept around the house. “I liked a lot of the girl-girl stuff. I was really into that.” But after the first time she had sex with a boy is when Scott went “cock crazy,” according to her.

Her having worked in a bank, I asked Scoot if she ever managed a quickie in a vault or some place like that. She laughs. “The banks I worked at were very conservative,” she says. “It was suburban Chicago, typical midwestern people. Skirts to the knees, stuff like that. But there was this really hot guy and I had a huge crush on him. He was so fucking hot. I saw him for two fucking years and I just wanted to fuck him.” That being said, Scott said one day it got so overwhelming for her that she went into the bathroom to masturbate.

“People kept coming in and out and it was hard not to make a noise especially when I came, but I did it,” says Scott who sequestered herself in a bathroom stall. “I don’t think anybody knew about it.”

Scott says there was another girl who had an adjoining stall. “When I play with my pussy I get really, really wet,” she relates. “When I came, I had to bite on my fingers so I wouldn’t make a noise. But I’m sure a little squeal came out.”

Because she loves anal sex, Scott has also included fisting in her sexual regimen. “I’ve done it both for Skeeter and Bridgette. It’s a lot of fun.”

Scott goes on to tell me what a great guy Scoobie, who heads Fresh Talent Management, is. “He has a lot of cute girls like Sammie Rhodes and Mika Tan. A lot of cute girls.” Scott also plans on having a website. “There’s so many ideas about what I want to do with it.” So far, Scott’s been having a great time. “I’ve been having a lot of wonderful experiences so far.”

As if it’s even possible that she would have unfulfilled fantasies, Scott points out that every time she works with Skeeter Kerkove, he’s always having her attempt something new. “But I haven’t done gangbangs and I haven’ done D.P’s,” she says, surprisingly. “I’m sure when that happens it’s going to be fun.”

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